Best Universal Remote That Works With Firestick [2021]


Is your Fire TV remote broken and now looking for a replacement but facing problem to find it? Then you are in the right place as today we are going to talk about the best Universal remote that works with Firestick. It is because I saw several people were searching for this on the internet.

That’s why we thought to make a complete review on it and tried different remotes with FireTV device. After trying different remotes we finally choose a few of them that works pretty fine. In this guide, I am going to review about them so if you are having an issue with the old one or it is broken just read this article.

To get the best and suitable choice it is recommended to read the whole article and understand each remote. If you skip it then you might not be able to get the suitable choice for you. Or else you simply read the conclusion where I am going to share my opinion on which one you should go with.

Is There a Universal Remote For Amazon Fire Stick?

Most people are confused if there is a universal remote for Amazon Firestick available or not. So, the answer is Yes there are many universal remotes available for FireTV Stick device. Because this device uses the Bluetooth for pairing remote and this feature is available in may universal remote controls out there.

Other than this Amazon’s streaming devices can also be used with any IR remote which is a pretty good feature provides by them. To use this a user simply need to turn on the HDMI CEC feature on the TV and then they can use the normal TV remote to operate Fire TV device.

It is quite easier than expected but the problem is it lacks various features from the Fire TV device. The most common and advanced feature is Alexa compatibility. Since normal TV remote doesn’t offer voice command feature that’s why if you use any of these remotes you have to say goodbye to the Alexa.

But if you are a user of Alexa then you should probably keep reading this article to get the best replacement remote for Fire TV devices. The remotes that are listed in this article will work for the Fire TV Stick 4k, Fire TV Cube, Fire Stick 2nd, 3rd Generation and even on the Fire Stick Lite.

Best Universal Remote That Works With Firestick

Now once you understand that Firestick supports universal remotes you surely want to grab one for you. If so then don’t worry about it anymore because now we are going to move towards the list of best universal remote that works with Firestick. Most of them are simple while some of them are advanced.

Each remote comes with its own capability so please don’t forget to read the features of each provided here. This will help you in finding the right choice for you in no time. Also, with this, you will understand how useful could be the universal remote as some of them support multiple devices.

Ok, so here is the list of our picked top best universal remote that works with Firestick:

Logitech Harmony Elite


The first and the best universal remote that works with Firestick is the Logitech’s Harmony Elite. This is the latest and updates universal remote control made by Logitech. Harmony Elite supports around 5000+ brands and it has the ability to find the device automatically that saves quite a lot of time.

It works pretty fine with almost all Fire TV devices including Fire TV stick 4K, 2nd, 3rd Generation and on a Fire TV Cube as well. This remote provides the fast key response to open or close any program or application much faster as we compare it with the old remote control that we get with the device.

Despite this Harmony, Elite supports the Alexa voice command feature to search shows, open, close apps and much more. It can be also used to control over 15 devices at the same time. Harmony Elite comes with the Hub that is used to control devices away from Home.

Even though Logitech Harmony Elite comes with the rechargeable batteries and with the single charge it can be used for a couple of weeks. Although when using too many devices with this remote you may face response delay which some people have reported as well.


  • It supports all Fire TV devices including Firestick 4K and Fire TV Cube.
  • This remote support the Alexa voice command to Open app or search for a show.
  • You can use it to replace 15 remotes with the Harmony Elite.
  • The remote supports Smart Home devices including Echo Dot & Google Home.
  • It has a remote application to control FireTV using your phone.
  • Create an activity with this and choose which app you want to use.
  • Set up is quite easier and requires only a few minutes.
  • Touchscreen display to toggle between devices.
  • Supports Bluetooth & IR (infrared) connectivity.
  • The battery can be recharged and lasts longer.


  • This is quite expensive for many people.
  • Some people notice delayed response (because they connected too many devices).

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Alexa Enabled Firestick Replacement Remote


The next remote that we are going to talk about in today’s best universal remotes that work with Firestick is Alexa Voice Remote. This is the official replacement remote that is manufactured by the Amazon Corporation. It is the latest 2nd Generation remote that comes with additional keys like Power, Volume and Mute.

Since this is the official replacement remote for FireTV there is no doubt it will work fine with all Fire TV devices. Although this is not supported by Firestick & Fire TV Cube 1st Generation. So, if you have these devices then, unfortunately, it won’t work as it is only suitable for newer models.

In older remote that comes with FireTV doesn’t contain a Power button or a Volume key but with this remote, you will get these keys as well. The power button is not for the showcase only as it is used to turn TV On & Off but it requires to have an HDMI-CEC enabled to make it usable.

Similarly, Volume buttons are also working and using this you can Lower or Up the volume or simply Turn off using Mute button. Just like the power it also requires to have an HDMI-CEC enabled otherwise this feature won’t work. Also, it has a mic button to use Alexa voice assistant to search TV Show or open any app from there.


  • Supports all Fire TV devices including Fire TV Cube.
  • It comes with the Volume control keys.
  • The power button is used to turn off the TV.
  • Mic button to use Alexa voice assistant.
  • Pairing is quite easier and took only a few seconds.
  • All keys are working fine just like the normal remote.
  • Made of good material that is unbreakable even after falling.
  • Key response is faster and open programs instantly.
  • The price is impressive and affordable.


  • This remote doesn’t support multiple devices.
  • Voice commands sometimes feel laggy.
  • No rechargeable battery as it comes with 2 AAA batteries.
  • Works only with FireTV cannot be used on different devices.
  • No Shortcut keys for Netflix or other apps.

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Caavo Control Center


The next product that we talk about is the Caavo Control Center which is completely different from the ones we talked earlier. It is basically a box that is used to connect different devices to manage them at once. Caavo centre can be used to manage 4 different devices at the same time including Firestick or Fire TV Cube.

Despite this, you can connect Soundbars, Speakers, Satelite, DVR, DVD and other home devices with it. The setup process is quite easy and took only 10 minutes to get all your devices ready to be used. This universal remote control device can be used to operate other devices like Nvidia Shield, Roku, Apple TV etc.

Furthermore, it supports the integration of the Alexa and the Google Voice Assistant for voice commands. That means if you love Alexa then you are getting it with the Caavo Control Center. Using this device is really easy and a user can instantly toggle from one device to another and control them simultaneously.

The best thing about Caavo Control Center is you can search for any TV Show or a Movie on your device and it shows suggestions from various apps you are subscribed to. It shows results on HBO Max, Hulu, Showtime, iTunes Movies and much more. This is simply an awesome device that everyone should have if they don’t want to use multiple remote to manage different devices.


  • Caavo Control Center works pretty fine with Firestick and Fire TV Cube.
  • This is used to control 4 devices at the same time.
  • It supports DVR and Satelite devices without issues.
  • There is no response delay while using FireTV.
  • Supports Alexa & Google Assistant to search for content using voice.
  • Set up process is easy and will take only 10 minutes.
  • Voice command used to search from HBO Max, Hulu, Showtime and YouTube as well.
  • Can be used to create Plex server from Computer to watch movies.
  • You can use this device for Nvidia Shield, Apple TV or Roku.


  • This is a very expensive but yet most useful device.
  • Continuous toggling devices may slow down response for a few seconds.
  • Some people are facing colour issue with the TV.
  • Dolby Vision is not working properly.

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SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote


SofaBaton is our next best universal remote that works with Firestick and for the FireTV Cube. This remote is completely different from the ones that I have provided above. Similar to the Harmony Elite you can use this remote to control up to 15 devices at your home simultaneously.

However, it doesn’t have a Touchscreen display but it has an OLED screen to show which device you are using now. It also has the wheel button to toggle between devices that you want to use. SofaBaton supports the Bluetooth connectivity as well as the IR (infrared) connectivity.

It comes with the database of thousands of codes to pair any Smart TV (IR based) remote easily. You can either use the automatic feature or the manual to pair it with the old remote. This remote doesn’t offer the Alexa or Google Assistant that most of you might not like.

Despite this SofaBaton offers an application that can be used to operate devices, connect with other devices and much more. It is available for the Android and iOS device users that can be downloaded free of cost. Although to use the app you will be asked to type the manufacture name and model to pair it.


  • SofaBaton works fine with the Firestick and Fire TV Cube.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity to easily pair with Firestick.
  • The OLED display is used to toggle between devices.
  • It is used to operate up to 15 devices.
  • Supports around 6000+ brands.
  • It has the database of thousands of IR codes.
  • The app is used to pair remotes much faster.
  • Auto-Sleep and Wake feature provides longer battery life.
  • Edit macro buttons and make any activity to launch instantly by pressing it.


  • It doesn’t support the Alexa voice assistant feature.
  • The wheel is breakable if it falls from the heights.
  • It is a little bit expensive for some users.
  • No backlit support that makes hard to use in the darkroom.
  • Some TV models codes are not available in the Dabatase.

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Logitech Harmony Companion


The last remote that we are going to discuss in today’s best universal remote that works with Firestick article is the Logitech Harmony Companion. This remote is quite alike the Harmony Elite but it lacks various features like there is no touchscreen display and the device usage is limited as well.

Overall this is quite amazing and works pretty good with the Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube. The response time is great and you won’t face any sort of lag while opening a program. Despite this, it also supports the Alexa voice command features but for this, you are required to use the Amazon Echo Dot.

This remote is simply awesome as you can manage up to 8 devices with this single remote and perform a different task. It can be used to dim lights, used for the Philips Hue lights and even used for learning Thermocast. Even though Harmony Companion controls the hidden devices using the Harmony Hub that comes with this remote.

It supports around 270,000+ devices that includes Fire TV, Apple TV, Nvidia Shield TV, Philips light and much more. You can do a lot of stuff with this remote and even it supports app. Although, you can just download the app on your iOS or Android phone and manage all connected device using your mobile phone instead of the remote.


  • Supports Fire TV Stick & Fire TV Cube all Generations (except 1st).
  • It works with the Alexa (requires Echo Dot).
  • Can be used to manage multiple devices at home.
  • Used to dim lights, learning Thermocast etc.
  • It supports around 270,000+ Smart Home devices.
  • Easy to use and Set up in under 5 minutes.
  • Harmony Companion Hub used to operate devices locked in a cabinet.
  • Application is used to manage devices using mobile.
  • It also works with IR enabled devices.
  • Price is also good and is affordable.


  • There is no Touchscreen display like Harmony Elite.
  • To use Alexa you need to purchase Echo Dot.
  • No option for quick launch an app.
  • Some keys are not working with the Firestick.

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That’s it for today’s article as I have covered some of the best Universal remote that works with Firestick & Fire TV Cube. All of them are compatible with all FireTV devices so make sure to read the features of each. It is because some remotes come with advanced features that an ordinary one doesn’t provide.

However, talking about our team’s suggestions that we simply recommend going with the Harmony Elite. Because it supports 15 devices at the same time and works with Alexa as well. Other than this it provides Harmony Hub to operate devices that are locked in the cabinet or even use them while away from Home.

But this could be expensive for regular users who only have FireTV at home. That’s why for those it is better to buy Original Alexa Enable FireTV replacement remote Because it is the same product as it is manufactured by the Amazon that offers same features including Power, Volume and Mute button.

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