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Are you just tired of searching for the best Universal Remote for LG Smart TV? but till now you haven’t found any good remote yet? If so then you are lucky to come here as in this article we have come up with few best replacement remotes that will work for you like a charm.

Some remotes that are provided in this list are tested by our team members and listed them here. In this section, you will get working ones and the ones that are compatible with your TV. It is recommended to keep reading this article until the end so you don’t miss any useful information provided here.

Other than this we have also provided our opinion in the conclusion so if you don’t want to read the whole review just move to the bottom. But still, it is best if you read the review by yourself and get a suitable choice according to what you needed in a remote or how expensive you can afford.

Can You Use a Universal Remote on LG Smart TV?

LG is the leading electronic company throughout the world and their smart TV is also being used in various parts of the world. But despite using this TV many people are still asking the same question as if they can use a Universal remote on LG Smart TV or not? Well! the answer is Yes LG Smart TV supports the universal remotes and there are various 3rd-party brands available that offer LG compatible remotes.

Because of having too many options available it makes it hard to find the suitable and best universal remote for LG Smart TV. This is the reason why our team members have reviewed several remotes so we can provide you with the best option. Although not all of them are compatible with every TV.

This is why it is recommended to check out the supported model number of TV before you make a purchase. However, some remotes work with all TV models in which you don’t need to check out the model. To get these remotes just move to the below guide and get a suitable choice for you.

Best Universal Remote For LG Smart TV

After reading the above guide we learnt that LG comes with the compatibility of universal remote control. In this way, we are going to provide you with the best universal remote for LG Smart TV. However, the list starts from the expensive to the least expensive remote.

That means the first remote will gonna be expensive while the others will become cheap. Similarly, those will lack some advanced features from the first one and also model compatibility will be less. If you are willing to get the least expensive choice for you then just from the below.

Ok, enough talk let’s not waste further time and check out the list of best universal remote for LG Smart TV:

Logitech Harmony Elite


Logitech Harmony Elite is our first pick in the list of best universal remote for LG Smart TV. It is because this remote support all the LG models whether it is smart or the normal TV. This an awesome remote that supports around 5000+ brands and the best part is it has a database of thousands of TV brands.

Harmony Elite supports both Infrared connections as well as the Bluetooth connectivity depending on which LG TV you are using. Instead of this, it is used to manage up to 15 devices that means you can replace all these remotes with this single remote that works pretty fine on other brands.

Logitech Elite has the ability to pair any IR enabled remote automatically by searching the codes from its database. Other than this it can be used control Streaming Devices, Smart Home products and much more. It also supports the voice assistant like Alexa as well as the Google Assistant but requires Echo Dot or Google Home devices.

This remote also comes with the Harmony Hub that is used to control devices even if they are inside the cabinet. It has the rechargeable Lithium-Ion Polymer battery that provides the best battery life. Even if the remote is on charge you can use the mobile app on iOS or Android to operate devices.


  • This remote support all LG Smart TV & Normal TVs.
  • All buttons are workable on LG Smart TVs.
  • Easy to pair Infrared enabled remote using an automatic system.
  • Thousands of codes help in pairing any remote instantly.
  • Works with more than 5000+ brands.
  • Can be used to manage 15 devices using a single remote.
  • Supports Alexa & Google Voice assistant features.
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Polymer battery provides longer life.
  • The app can be used to manage devices.
  • Touchscreen display helps to create an activity to toggle devices.


  • Harmony Elite is quite expensive that not all can afford.
  • Not good for single Smart TV users.

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Logitech Harmony Companion


In our today’s list, the second remote that we are going to talk about is the Logitech’s Harmony Companion. This is also the best universal remote for LG Smart TV. It works almost all the TV models without any issue and just like the Elite, it supports both IR connection as well as the Bluetooth connectivity.

This remote is quite amazing that can be paired with any IR enabled LG remotes automatically. However the automatic function is not good enough as the Elite but still, it is good. If the automatic pairing is not working then there is an option to pair the remote simply by placing them together and the rest instruction you get in the manual.

Harmony Companion also comes with the Harmony Hub that is used to control devices inside a cabinet or behind walls. You can also use any of these devices while you are away from Home. This works great with other Smart Home devices like Philips Hue Lights, Smart Bulb, Streaming Devices, and even with Satelite or Set-Top boxes.

Unlike Elite this remote comes with the support of around 8 devices that you can manage with this. It does support the Alexa voice assistant but similarly, it requires Echo Dot to make it useful. This is simply an awesome choice to those who are willing to manage multiple devices including LG Smart TV,


  • It is compatible with the LG Smart TV & Normal TV.
  • Automatic pair with LG remote controls.
  • Supports almost all latest and old LG models.
  • It has Bluetooth & IR connectivity
  • Power and Volume buttons are working fine.
  • Comes with Harmony Hub to operate devices behind walls.
  • It is less expensive from the Harmony Elite.
  • This can be used to manage Smart Home devices and supports 8 devices.
  • Works with the Firestick & other streaming devices.
  • Supports 5000+ brands and 270,000+ devices.


  • To use this remote WiFi is mandatory.
  • Not suitable for those who don’t own Smart Home devices.
  • The pairing might be difficult with some LG Smart TV models.
  • It could be still expensive for many people.
  • No Touchscreen LCD in the remote.

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LG Universal Remote for LG Smart TV


The next product that we are going to talk on the list of best universal remote for LG Smart TV is the LG Magic Remote. As the name suggests this remote is quite amazing and is compatible with various LG TVs. It doesn’t need to be paired with the old remote as it works out of the box.

LG Magic comes with the dedicated keys for Netflix and Amazon Prime video to launch them quickly. It also comes with the mic button to control the TV using voice commands. This remote supports two most popular voice assistant that is Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.

Instead of this, it has the unique and easy to carry design which makes it comfortable while using it. It also has the navigation keys quite alike Mouse and has the wheel in the centre. Using this is simply awesome and you can easily move from one program to another or scroll with that Wheel.

This remote is budget-friendly and the best choice to all who are looking for a unique and stylish design. Unfortunately, it only works with a single TV and you cannot use it with other devices just like the Harmony. Yes, it is the best option for those who want a replacement remote or simply wanted to avoid using the original one.


  • This remote works with all LG Smart TVs (latest & old).
  • It works out of the box no pairing is required.
  • Comes with dedicated keys for Netflix and Prime video to launch quickly.
  • Mic button is used for Alexa & Google Voice Assistant.
  • Mouse wheel helps to scroll pages comfortably.
  • It is a budget-friendly remote that anyone can purchase.
  • Made of the best plastic that lasts longer.
  • Easy to carry and operate due to its simple design.


  • Voice assistant might not work correctly for some users.
  • No multiple devices are supported.
  • The wheel is not working for a few people.

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Nettech LG Universal Remote Control


The next remote that we are going to talk about is manufactured by the Nettech who are known for providing universal remotes. Nettech is really an awesome product to all those who have lost the original remote or simply wanted to get a suitable and best replacement remote for LG Smart TV.

This works pretty fine with almost all the TV models including some Standard TVs whether they are old or the new. There is no need to pair it with around 99% TV models as it works out of the box. Although some TVs might require pairing with this new remote and it can be done just by pressing program buttons.

Despite this it works similar to the official LG remote that comes with Source button, Power, Volume and Channels as well. The build quality is also very good and is made of premium plastic. Even if your kids love to play with the remote and like to through them this remote will still work for you.

Nettech supports the Infrared connectivity and doesn’t offer Bluetooth so it is limited. Although the remote can be used from a distance of 10 meters straight. This remote doesn’t offer rechargeable batteries and requires to have 2 AAA size batteries in case you want to make it work.


  • Nettech is a good product for all LG Smart TV users.
  • This remote works out of the box no pairing required.
  • If a TV requires a pair it can be done by pressing channel buttons in a few seconds.
  • It supports Infrared connectivity to operate the TV.
  • All buttons work including Source, Power, Volume & Channels.
  • It can be used from a distance of 10 meters straight.
  • Made of premium plastic and is falling proof.
  • The pricing of this remote is also affordable.
  • Comes with 1 Year of brand warranty.


  • It doesn’t offer the voice command feature.
  • Cannot be used for multiple devices.
  • No rechargeable batteries (still it provides good battery life).
  • Some TVs might require pairing.
  • No shortcut keys for launching for programs.

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One For All LG TV Replacement Remote


Coming to the last and the best universal replacement remote for LG Smart TV users is the One for All remote. As the name suggests this single remote can be used with every LG Smart TV. There is no need to set up it in case you want to use it as it works out of the box.

Other than this some TVs might require pairing before using and it can be done instantly and the process is automatic. The remote is quite impressive as it works with LCD, LED and even for the Plasma TVs. This one for all LG replacement remote supports all common features like the guide, energy-saving, netcast and so on.

If you purchase this you won’t feel much difference in it as it works similar to the official one. This remote can also be used for learning in case you want to customize it. Using this remote is quite easy and won’t take much effort as if you are a newbie who didn’t use the replacement remotes before than you can still use it.

Despite this One For All made of premium plastic that is fall-proof as if your kids love to play with it. However this remote lacks the feature of voice command as it doesn’t have the mic. Even though this can be only used for the single device and you cannot operate multiple devices just like the rest.


  1. It works fine with all LG Smart TV models.
  2. One for All universal remote is good for LCD, LED & for Plasma TVs.
  3. It works out of the box no set up is required.
  4. All keys are working including menu, guide, energy-saving, netcast.
  5. This works the same as the official LG remote came with the TV.
  6. Learning feature to customize it accordingly.
  7. The price of this remote is also affordable.
  8. It has the best build quality that is fall-proof.
  9. Simple design easy to carry and use.


  • No Mic button for voice command feature.
  • It doesn’t offer shortcut keys for Hulu, Netflix or Prime Video.
  • This remote doesn’t support multiple devices.
  • No Rechargeable batteries as it requires 2 AA batteries.

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This is it for today’s article as our team has reviewed several replacement remotes but consider this list as the best universal remote for LG Smart TV. All the remotes that we have provided here work pretty fine with all the LG TVs no matter if you are using a Smart TV or a Standard TV this list are suitable for you.

We hope that after reading this whole article you get the suitable and workable remote for you. If not then it is best to go with the Logitech Harmony Elite as it offers various features like Voice Command and provide touch screen LCD. This single remote can be used to replace up to 15 remotes and manage all devices easily.

Although this might be expensive for many users and they couldn’t afford it. In this way alternatively, they should go with the LG Magic remote control that is way cheaper than Elite. It supports the voice command features like Alexa and the Google Voice assistant that works pretty fine.

Despite this, it has the shortcut keys for the Netflix and Prime Video to launch more quickly. It has a unique design with the Mouse wheel and the Mouse-like pointing. This remote supports all LG devices and works out of the box that doesn’t require pairing or any other set up process.

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