Best Universal Remote Control For Air Conditioner 2021 – Review


In today’s review, I will answer the burning question about which remotes can be considered as the best universal remote control for air conditioner.

I have received ample emails lately all asking for the same question. So here I have worked tirelessly to provide you with the best brands, products in the market. 

It will help you gain productive and to the point information about your product. I recommend all of you guys to read the article in detail and do not miss any section as it may turn out harmful for them. 

But in case any of you are in hurry and want to know about the Best Air Conditioner Remotes, then do give a read to my conclusion section of the review.

There I have pinpointed three of the top-ranked universal remotes with their prominent features. It will help you make a wise decision. All I want is to help you guys get the best products from the market and spend your money on the right remote. 

 Best Universal Remote Control for Air Conditioner Review

Known fact- universal remotes have transformed the user’s life, they can have fun without stressing about anything. Known fact- if you prefer touch screen universal remotes, then you will observe a clear uplift in your living standards. 

This pandemic has locked us in our homes. We can’t go out to stay away from the coming hot weathers, no travelling anything. So the only thing that will keep our body and our tempers calm is our air conditioners.

 I understand your anxiety for always searching for the right remote, ten adjusting its temperature repeatedly. You must always be thinking about your rising electricity bills, but your worry is over now. As I have brought the solution to all your problems. 

You must have heard of universal remotes, didn’t you? If you have but do not know what exactly are they then here I can help you. Universal remotes are a thoughtful innovation that has the ability to operate many devices simultaneously. It’s a cool thing to know that they have the ability to control all of your devices with a single click. 

Apart from this, it offers so many features, that you can’t find in any regular remote. These are more precise, efficient and full of modern features.

Universal remotes for air Conditioner are designed to comfort the users with features like a backlit button, touch screen, haptic touch, customized buttons, temperatures sensors and much more. Yes, you are right universal remotes offer touch screen panel that makes your lives better and simpler. 

Pressing buttons can be stressful at times, as they can lead to accidental wrong button clicks. But in the case of touch screen clicking button I easier and simpler. Buttons do get old and damaged and in few cases, the buttons can go missing if child interaction is greater. So using a touch screen remote can reduce these issues and your remote will work longer and better. 

So, here I reviewed five of the best universal air conditioner remotes for you. I guarantee these remotes will make your busy life simpler and easier. As I always keep my review transparent so I have provided in-depth pro/cons of each remote, this will help you access the degree of benefits over the down step of that particular remote. 

So what are you waiting for, lets dive into the reviews of every article and grab some important information today? 

Quick Comparison Table Between Best Air Conditioner Remotes

I have provided a link to every product that will teleport you to the leading online store for purchase for your convenience. Here is a comparison table for you, to get a quick review of the product.

RemotesCielo Breez PlusSensibo Sky, Smart Air Conditioner RemoteUniversal Remote Control for Air ConditionerHQRP Universal A/C Remote ControlAnyCommand ACR-01 Universal AC Remote Control
Remote On/OffYes ✔Yes ✔Yes ✔Yes ✔Yes ✔
Temperature Display on UnitYes ✔No ❌No ❌Yes ✔Yes ✔
GeoFencingYes ✔Yes ✔Yes ✔Yes ✔Yes ✔
AssistantsAlexa & Google Alexa, Google and SiriAlexa, Google and SiriAlexa & GoogleAlexa, Google and Siri
Weekly SchedulesYes ✔Yes ✔Yes ✔Yes ✔Yes ✔
Auto Adjusts Based on Room TemperatureYes ✔Yes ✔Yes ✔Yes ✔Yes ✔
On-Board ControlsYes ✔No ❌No ❌Yes ✔Yes ✔

1. Cielo Breez Plus


I have been trying many remotes to comfortably operate my air conditioner but trust me nothing meets the features of cielo breez plus, you can confidently tag it as one of the best on the market. I am impressed by its extraordinary features and its wide range of compatibility with multiple brands.

The company offers a CD having detailed videos about how to use remote to get 100% outcome. 

The remote will offer you the freedom to control any stand-alone AC even you will be able to operate window, portable and small/mini-split air conditioners.

The only thing Breez asks for is the availability of an existing AC’s IR (Infrared Red) remote control and last but not least another vital facility to connect the AC and remote will be a Wi-Fi connection, so you should have one functional W-Fi router initially that will help in pairing. 

It has a thermostat like smart, intelligent control to operate your AC and sense its temperature. You can control your air conditioner from anywhere at your own time table. Don’t panic!!! You can operate remotely even without WiFi with the help of local control on the remote. The remote can be operated with ten local controls on the remote. 

At the base on right, you get a power switch to turn your AC On/OFF. At the middle temperature control buttons are provided with a “V” shape indicating temperature rise and fall, at the extreme left, you will find a menu button to customize your AC, or change settings accordingly. 

Cielo Breez Plus also indicates room humidity and room temperature. This helps regulate the room environment quickly. Fan speed can also be adjusted conveniently with the help of the fan speed button, now you can save your electricity bill by regulating fan speed. 

Multiple AC modes are offered in the remote i.e. cold, hot, dry, damp etc. you can choose the one you want by clicking the AC mode button. It is provided parallel to the fan speed button. If you are not happy with targeted AC air then get it to swing and let it cool down your whole room from roof to floor with the help of a swing button on left. 

At extreme right on the top WiFi, the signal button is provided that converts your remote to a smart remote. And now you can operate remotely from anywhere you want.  One prominent digit you will observe at the centre is setpoint temperature. It is displayed on the remote continuously and helps you detect the room temperature every minute.   


  • On-device control, in case of no WiFi
  • You can set a weekly schedule conveniently
  • Air conditioning conditions can be monitored by the application
  • Once setup is complete, the remote can be operated even without WiFi
  • Energy-saving option provided
  • Customized remote


  • An original existing IR AC remote is required of the setup initially
  • Set up process takes time and of course mandatory WiFi connection. 

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2. Sensibo Sky, Smart Air Conditioner Remote


I personally love this Sensibo Sky universal remote as its features are so on-point and convenient that even my ten years old brother can operate it. It has multiple child lock options, on many of the remote buttons and a fine touch screen with a big display. It is designed to support the operation of a mini ductless split AC. 

The remote is connected to Wi-Fi so you can operate it from anywhere your office, school etc. it can be controlled by iOS, Android phone or any applications that support this remote. Just place its white-coloured portable sensor near you or mount it on the wall with the clips provided. 

It supports both Alexa and Google home. You can operate your AC via Alexa or Google home once you have paired the remote with them. I have been using it and trust me it made my life way easier than it was. I do not have to get up in the middle of the night to turn off the AC because it’s too cold, instead, I just ask Alexa to turn off my AC and sleep. Isn’t it freedom, I know you guys can feel how relaxing this sounds.

Another feature that I loved about it is the 7-day scheduling options; all I have to do is just set the timers and forget, the rest will be handled by the smart remote. These but two additional features that made me fall in love with this remote are climates react smart trigger and timers.

In short, you just have to do a little effort over the weekend and then enjoy the rest of the week, as you will relax and the remote will work. 

Have you ever heard about Geofencing location-based control??? No, right. So here is another remarkable feature that Sensibo offers, now your AC will automatically turn On/OFF according to the environmental conditions. Yes, the feature surprised me too, but the company has brainstormed a lot to offer top-notch features to the users. 

Sensibo can be installed as quickly as 60 seconds, you can operate your AC compete with the help of your smartphone.

The sensor comes with a power plug, a Sensibo Sky and a micro USB cable. You can save 40% energy with Sensibo, and I am an alive user that admits that the company claim is 100% true. 


  • You can control AC from anywhere
  • Ideal 7-day scheduling feature with timing set facility
  • It comes with a Geofencing location-based On/OFF feature
  • Smart feature Climate React
  • Help save 40% energy
  • Have the ability to monitor humidity and temperate 
  • Compatible with Google and Alexa
  • Supports a vast variety of brands  


  • Do not support Apple Home Kit
  • Installation is sometimes delayed 

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3. Universal Remote Control for Air Conditioner


I have a unique experience when I used this universal remote. It is a convenient and simple design, with no complicated features. I must say it’s ideal for the elderly who have less knowledge about today’s smart applications and gadgets.

You will see a simple remote with a rubber button and backlit panel. It is a classic designed remote with updated, modern features that make it ideal for multiple brands. 

The LCD screen is easy to operate with a night illumination feature. No setting or installations are required to set up LCD it works perfectly. The remote can be operated at a distance of 10 meters. Now you don’t need to get up and go closer to the AC to operate it. It has the ability to be compatible with a wide variety of brands and models of various AC. You can easily operate more than 1000 brands with the help of this simple remote. 

The remote posses a clock that turns ON/OFF automatically. You can set up the timer as per your requirement making the remote customized.

The timer makes the daily use easy and organized. You will find a digital automatic code searching function in the remote. The remote has a great capacity to work with precise and efficient results.

You will not find any touch panel, a manual button panel is provided, having different colours. The different colours help detect the buttons easily and operate them with great care. The top two buttons are coloured with big yellow buttons that are power buttons. These help the remote switch ON/OFF. The SET buttons are used to refresh the remote in case of any error or any electrical issues. 

A group of five buttons can be seen in the middle of the remote. The centre triangular button is used to operating temperature. If you click its top side the temperature will be increased, on the other hand, if you will click on the lower side it will reduce the temperature. The other four buttons are mode, lock, wind and clock.

 These four buttons help regulate the AC functioning. For example, mode helps set either you want AC to be used for cooling, heating, or increasing the room moisture. On the other hand wind and clock button help adjust fan speed and set timer respectively. The lock button is used to guard the usage of the button, it acts like a child lock. 

Another set of four buttons that you will see on the remote are the auto swing button, manual swing button. Both these buttons aid to set swing mode as you wish. A turbo button is used to speed up the throw of the AC, a timer button is used to set the timer as explained earlier. 


  • It is a simple to use classic remote with multiple features
  • It has an LCD screen display feature
  • The remote control can be operated with 10 meters of distance
  • Remotes timer helps control AC On/OFF options
  • Automatic code searching function
  • Available in two colours. Black and White.
  • Light in weight and compact design
  • Affordable price 


  • Cannot be operated with WiFi
  • No smart features or LCD screen, a simple classic remote 

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4. HQRP Universal A/C Remote Control


Another remarkable universal remote with basic but useful features. If you are not interested in spending a fortune and just want a well functional universal remote for your air conditioner. Then HQRP is best for you.

I have been using it for several years and found it most durable and reliable. In fact, the reality is fancy remote has some degree of limitations but in the case of a full manual remote, you will never face any signal or attachment malfunctioning. 

The button panel have a total of fourteen buttons. All of the buttons have their designated tasks that make working easier and simpler. The manufacturers were thoughtful and segmented the remote buttons based on colours. The light green button indicates the power button and used to switch On/OFF the AC. 

The yellow button indicates light, you can turn the AC light panel on with this button and even of. The same button is used to operate the backlit option. This button increases the power saving option and reduces the number of figures in your monthly electricity bill. The remote comes with a pair of AAA batteries. These last for a year or even more if the backlit option is not used frequently. 

The backlit option must only be used in case you want to operate the Ac button at night or in any dark room. Otherwise, I will prefer you not to use it. The large LCD is used to display the functions you are operating and the errors etc if the remote is showing any.

You will get a lot of features in this simple looking remote that is a built-in clock that operates the timing, the digital automatic code searching feature and yes! The most important fast searching code option. 

Celsius and Fahrenheit both degrees are displayed on the screen for your better understanding. It is compatible with the following brands.


And many more branded are supported but this HQRP Universal A/C Remote Control


  • The remote is simple, compact and easy to use
  • Large LCD screen, display all functions
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Comes with pair of AA alkaline batteries that last long
  • The remote can be customized 
  • No previous remote is required to operate the universal remote
  • Compatible with various brands
  • The remote is cost-effective 


  • The remote does not have smart features
  • The design is classic 

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5. AnyCommand ACR-01 Universal AC Remote Control


Coming towards last but not the least AnyCommand ACR-01 universal remote controller for your Ac. You must be wondering why I listed it at 5th; well I can give you a good reason for why I did this. The only reason this one is at 5th is its simplicity. Otherwise, it is one of the best remotes that can make your life easier and simpler. Now you don’t have to leave your couch to turn your AC On/OFF. 

I actually enjoyed its simplicity and that why I placed it here on the list. I must say it is one of the most reliable and durable remotes I ever bought. My kids are naughty and keep on juggling with the remote, but I don’t get panic now as the remote is sturdy and durable. 

Coming towards its features, well it is one fine piece that has an organized button panel. The rubber buttons glow in dark and also have an additional backlit option. The button panel is grey in colour to keep buttons visible and prominent over black or white contrast. The first button at the top is the SETUP button that is accompanied by an IR bulb to control the AC power. 

You will get a round button group, that have two volume button in a semi-circle shape and a small round button at the middle that is power button used to turn the AC On/OFF. Here are the rectangular shaped ten buttons each one dedicated for its specific function.

The top three are mode, fan and auto button. Used to regulate fan speed, the mode button helps adjust the action required by the AC i.e. either cold, warm, damp etc. auto button provides extra ease as it takes control and adjust temperature and turning the power off with the help of AC sensors. 

The second row has three more cylindrical buttons that indicate slow, medium and fast buttons. All of the buttons are equally important to manage the fan speed and eventually governs the AC cooling level. The third row respectably has sleep, timer and saver buttons. All three buttons control the duration for AC to function. 

The last single button at the base is the cancel button that is used to undo any operation, once it’s started. This is a useful button especially in the case when any harmful button is accidentally pressed. 

I must say if you have an elder individual at your home or office this remote is definitely for them. As it’s not complicated at all and the buttons are convenient to read. 


  • The remote is light in weight and easy to operate
  • The buttons are readable with an organized pattern
  • Customized buttons are provided to adjust AC as per your demand
  • Ideal for elderly or children
  • Compatible with all major brands
  • No efforts for pairing, you can use it straight out of the box
  • Affordable and pocket friendly


  • It’s a classic remote with simple features
  • Do not pair with Google Home or Alexa 

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What’s The Best Universal Remote Control For Air Conditioner

It’s a known fact that out of all these best remotes on market only a few will satisfy your needs. Among all those, I have shortlisted 5 of the top-notch remotes that according to me have everything one wishes for. They are affordable, convenient to use and smart. As mentioned earlier every remote comes with its pros and cons, well it’s a pack and parcel of every gadget.

But in case you are in hurry and do not have any time to give a complete read to the article. Then here are two of my personal favourite remotes. Cielo Breez Plus and Sensibo Sky, Smart Air Conditioner Remote. 

Cielo Breez is ideal for the individual that is busy in their lives, as it offers weekly setup feature, you can operate it from anywhere with a WiFi connection. In short, it’s a smart remote that is even compatible with Google Home and Alexa.

Sensibo Sky is famous for its energy-saving feature, it saves up to 40% of energy and reduces your monthly electricity bill. Geofencing is one of the unique features that you will not find in any other remote. It’s an ideal remote and highly recommended. 

Do let me know how my article helped you. As your feedback helps me work harder and better. 

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