Best Universal Garage Door Opener Remote Control 2021 | Review

The garage is a vital barrier that keeps intruders away from your space and vehicles. There is no hesitation to admit that the garage secures one’s vehicles and home. Manual operation of garage is tiring especially for elder individuals or incase of commercials settings.

My garage is my second home as I have settled all the extra activities there and to operate its door I personally prefer using universal remotes, as it takes responsibility for all the activities I wish to do. 

I was at ultimate ease after purchasing a Best Universal Garage Door Opener Remote Control as now I don’t need two remotes to open and close my two-door garage gate.

There was a time my car console was loaded with four remotes and I was absolutely devastated with the situation, but now I have a single compact easy to use remote that I keep in my dashboard.

Throughout my search, the only concern I had was features and compact remote, because all of you were asking about these features a lot in your daily emails. 

I have been reading your emails over the weekend and that what motivated me to bring forward the most asked article of the month, indeed a universal garage door remote is vital for every office, house, or commercial setting. You don’t want to get out of the car every time you reach the garage.

Finding the best remotes in the market was a real hassle; I went through 100 brands and then figured out the best 5 out of them. There was a lot on the checklist that I was searching for within a single remote. I can’t say that all 5 remotes mentioned here have all the features, but yes I guarantee that these fulfil vital necessities for which you are in search of a universal garage remote. 

I recommend you to read every review below, as it will help you differentiate between all 5, and also you will be able to rule out the one you were longing for. Skipping any review may result in less information that can lead to buy a remote that won’t full fill your demands.

Apart from this entire if you want to have a quick review due to any good reason then give a quick read to the pro/cons section I have given under each review.

It will help you get a bird’s eye view that may help you to much extend. I make sure to help you, readers, as much as I can so even after all my effort you are double-minded or have ambiguity than do read the conclusion carefully as I have recommended you best of best universal Garage Door Opener Remotes with their respective features. 

Best Universal Garage Door Opener Remote Control

Before moving to the main section of my review article, I would like to answer a few frequently asked questions from all of you guys as, how to figure out the best universal remote? The answer lies in my review, yes you will get 5 of the best remotes on market here but the one that fits your frame will be your pick. 

Getting the best universal garage remote is not that easy as it seems, getting the one that fits all brands is indeed a hard nut to crack. But the best thing about the remotes I reviewed here is that you do not need any installation or compatibility formalities to get them going.

A single setting and you are good to operate your garage door. Before starting the operation with the remote you have to make sure the electric supply is perfect, in case it’s not then you may find difficulty using the remote. 

Let’s not wait any more, and start the review that you all have been waiting for:

Chamberlain Hub Garage Door Opener


Turn your garage into a modern robotic one with the help of a chamberlain hi-tech universal remote. No chance of missing any parcel now or receiving a soggy parcel as you can set the time and date when your garage will open automatically with the help of the MyQ account in the Key application.

No worries about getting home in time or waiting for the rider to reach you before you leave for an important meeting as the fancy Chamberlain will take all your duties and will full fill them in time. 

My life has literally changed after I got this remote, a friend of mine recommend it while I was in a hurry to go back home from an important meeting as my rider was waiting with my wife’s wedding gift outside my home.

Trust me that day and today you cannot imagine how my tensions have flown away. I do not have to worry about not forgetting the remote in the car etc, as now I can operate the garage with the help of my smartphone, by just installing myQ application.

It comes with all standard safety standards and is compatible with all major brands in the market. 

When I unboxed the parcel it came with a Wi-Fi hub, which is a square device to keep the garage door connected to my mobile.

A small square-shaped door sensor with fastening strips, power adapter, mounting bracket, and all hardware required to fit the gadgets in place.

To start its operation I only required 2.4 GHz frequency Wi-Fi and 8.02 B/G/N and 50 feet of myQ smart garage hub. 

The real-time notification option helped me access the citation at my home every minute. As I live with my five and grandmother so I have shared access to this application with them as well. They can now operate it as well.

So no more worries at the workplace. I would recommend you to also try this and I guarantee you will fell in love with it.

Here are the quick pros/cons of the remote that will help you get a quick sneak peek in case you have missed any important point. 


  • Smartphone operated application myQ.
  • No hectic or long installation required.
  • Satisfy all safety concerns.
  • The box comes with all the required accessories.


  • Not cost-effective, expensive device. 

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Skylink MK-1 Universal Garage Door Remote 


Now coming towards my second favourite Skylink MK garage remote. It is as good as the first one but the only reason I kept it second because it requires a remote to operate. Otherwise, I did not find even a single reason to put it second to chamberlain.

I personally loved its features and other aspects. As it’s easy to use, simple in design and requires only one installation step. You will not have to go through a thick guidebook with confusing codes to start the remote. 

It comes with a simple sensor button that I mounted on the wall inside my garage. The sensor consists of a white compact board with a square-shaped small green button, used to start the system and connect the remote and the sensor. Once the sensor is functional a small red IR light will turn on. This indicated the sensor is in working condition. 

The kit is compatible with all leading brands’ garage openers. You just have to place the sensor close to the garage opener to ensure continuous signals and fewer chances of interruptions. Once the fixing is complete you can use the remote to check either it’s working or not. 

The remote comes with a hook to side it with a car key; I did it because I am a compulsive forgetter. This helped me keep the remote and key in place and reduces the chances of any inconvenience. The black compact palm-sized remote comes with only 3 buttons.

The buttons are actually transmitters that are able to operate three garage doors; this makes it a multi-functional remote. The additional GB-318 smart button is optional, but I added that to my remote.

The GB-318 smart button is sold separately and I bought it, in case you can’t afford it then it’s totally ok as the remotes work equally well even without it. This button helps add extra features to the remote like connecting it to the smartphone. This helps operate the garage opener with a smartphone. 

The additional option of passcode protection was really thoughtful. I personally admire this idea as it helps add extra security to your garage.

You can set a password before operating the remote, this will secure your garage in case you lost the remote or keys. The GB-318 enables the remote to operate large numbers of remotes i.e. 13. The battery comes with long life, it’s a lithium battery. 

The company introduced customer-friendly features among them the best one I liked is the long warranty. It comes with a 1-year warranty and exchange policy. 


  • Compact and easy to operate the universal remote.
  • GB-318 Smart Button technology enables its diverse use.
  • The remote can be operating 3 garage openers with the help of three buttons.
  • The key chain is provided with the remote.
  • The remote is cost-effective.


  • GB-318 Smart button is not provided in the kit. 

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XIHADA Universal Garage Door Remote


A remote that is compact, handy, and smaller than a business card. Ideal for use with its extraordinary intelligent technology, compatible with most of the major brands.

My experience with XIHADA was satisfactory and highly recommended. If you are the type of person who likes easy-going gadgets then this is a must-buy remote for you. 

The remote is available in five basic colours like yellow, green, purple, light brown, and blue. You can fit it in your key chain ring effortlessly.

The best remote I have used so far. One of another reason why I highly recommend this remote is its cost-effectiveness, the company made sure to provide all fancy features at an affordable price, and I know most of you are looking for the very combination. 

The remote is sophisticated with white margins and four buttons. All 4 buttons can operate different garage openers at a time. You can program the buttons as you wish, the remote is highly customized. You can read the detailed instruction book to know how to program the buttons. Let me give you quick information, every garage door opener has a specific code.

You need two things to program XIHADA remotes. One is the original remote of the garage opener and the other is the original code of the garage opener. Without these two you cannot operate XIHADA or customize it at all. 

The remotes work with all category remotes i.e. fixed code remotes, dip switch remotes, and rolling code remotes. In short, it is compatible with both modern and old types of remotes. The ideal frequency that this remote requires to operate is 220MHz-330MHz, 380MHz-440MHz, and 867MHz-868MHz.

the battery is not included with the package, so I used the CR2023 Lithium battery and it is working perfectly. 

The LED of universal remotes helps detect it in case you lost it or misplaced it somewhere. To turn on the LED light press hold button number 1 and press button number 2 four times then release both buttons LED will turn on and will flashlight after every 2 seconds.

To start the remote place the original remote of the garage opener in front of the universal remote at a 3 cm distance till the LED turns on, once it considers the remote working. 


  • The remote is compact in size and easy to handle.
  • LED flashes every 2 min, helps find in case you misplaced the remote.
  • It comes with a key chainring.
  • The remote is highly compatible with major brands.
  • Cost-effective and fits everyone’s pocket.


  • Do not start operation if the original remote is not available. 

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Genie Single Button Garage Door Opener Remote


I was surprised when I used this remote. The manufactures have thoughtfully placed so many features in this tiny-looking device that it surpasses many elite brands with its cost-effective price.

When I initially started using this brand I was a little confused with its compatibility issues, but with time I rely on it, it is compatible with many brands but you need a little effort to match the codes. Then you are good to go. 

I gifted this to my mother and she has become its fan now, it’s easy to use buttons, customizing features and long-life battery is a cherry on the top.

The remote operates with the help of Intellicode that connects immediately when paired with garage openers. The remote has auto-seeking dual-frequency features that enable it to pick the nearby 390MHz-315MHZ frequency from any device.

Genie Single Button Garage Door Opener Remote has a single large button that opens/closes the garage with a single click. 

The button comprises three protruded lines that give a good grip. I like the shape, it’s ergonomically designed with a broad front that fits in hands, narrow at the middle that helps get a comfortable grip.

The tale is broad that prevents slipping of the remote. Its IR light helps detect the remote is ON and working. You can either put it with keys with the hook provided or otherwise a clip holder is provided that can be mounted on the wall and you can fix your remote in that to prevent misplacement. 

I have a few tips for you if you plan to buy the respective remote. The first and most important tip is always using it with a 10m range otherwise it will not function well.

The second important point is that the battery lasts longer only if you turn off the remote once you have used it, otherwise prolong exposure will drain the battery leaving it useless soon.

Last but not the least, the third point is that if you want to operate remotely with other brands then read the manual in detail to know how to pair it with few brands with which it’s compatible. 


  • The remote is compact and ergonomically designed.
  • The battery lasts long.
  • Auto – frequency detector with Intellicode.
  • Pocket is friendly. 


  • It pairs with genie products frequently. 

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Chamberlain Group MC100-P


Here we come towards our last review of this article. I must admit that I had no good reason why I placed Chamberlain Group MC100-P at 5th position, as it’s equally good like all four mentioned earlier. But the only reason I find to place it here is its low range of operation.

You cannot operate it from a distance of more than 5m, otherwise, it’s one of the finest remotes that is thoughtfully, ergonomically designed by professionals. 

It is an eye-catching small remote with around on the head and slightly oval at the base with silver lining that makes it look attractive and easy to handle. Two buttons are provided that can operate multiple garage openers, the buttons are placed in a vertical parallel manner that accommodates the user’s whole thumb.

The button used to open the garage has a protruded square and the one used to close the garage has a depression. Both these buttons are made up of plastic and function on slight touch. 

The base of the remote has a key chain option that helps keep you on the go; you can attach it with a dog sling, backpacks, car keys, and where ever you want it to hang. The outer shell is scratch-resistant with military-grade plastic used.

The security is unmatched with so many codes that it does not open the garage openers at any cost. It is only available in black colour and I think almost everyone likes it anyway.

Yes!!! The battery is too good, I mean I never had to click the button a second time to open the garage it works with a single click. The battery works lifetime and you do not have to replace it anywhere in the middle. 

The company owns the product and offers customer-friendly packages that include 1-year warranty and lifetime repair policy. Now coming towards a quick pros/cons section:


  • Compact design and small size.
  • The military graded plastic is ideal for rough use.
  • The key chain is provided at the back to hook with any place you wish for.
  • The long-running lithium battery.
  • It connects with all major brands. 
  • The remote is cost-effective.


  • Low range operation. 

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So here we conclude today’s article with a positive note that I finally succeeded in bringing forth the best universal garage opener remotes for all of you. All the brands jotted down above are compatible with all major brands.

Now you do not have to hassle opening the garage door every time you reach your car porch. 

As I have already mentioned above I do read every line of the article to get in-depth knowledge, but for those who have a time shortage and still can’t manage to give a detailed read.

Here are two of the best of best universal garage door openers for you. 

I personally had an unbelievably ideal experience with Chamberlain Hub Garage Door Opener and XIHADA Universal Garage Door Remote.

Chamberlain Hub Garage Door Opener is best of all because it can be operated with a smartphone from anywhere, this helps set time to open/close the door, and also the users can be shared. All these prime features make it a top-notch variant in the market and ideal for use.

XIHADA Universal Garage Door Remote is also an ideal remote as the battery runs lifetime, LED flash that blinks every 2 minutes and turns on and off giving multiple functional signs. 

Signing out, I have searched every nook and corner of world markets to provide you genuine and authentic review. Now give it a read and let me know how much my review helped you.

As your response boosts my morale to work even harder next time and come up with new reviews that you guys always wait for. 

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