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Holaa readers! I know you guys are eyeing a universal remote that supports a wide range of features and comes with great quality. Umm, I know what you are thinking. You guys are confused between Sofabaton and Logitech Harmony remotes.

Both are well-known brands in the universal remote market. Both are well versed with a wide range of functionalities and top-notch quality. Of course, none of the remotes has all the same features and we all knew this. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

Here, I have reviewed both the brands and compared them for easy understanding. I have eve included similar as well as different features of these brands Sofabaton and Logitech Harmony.

You will be enlightened with more than enough information that can get your hands on a suitable remote for your system. So, without any further ado, let’s get into the review  

Things To Know Before Choosing Universal Remote

I know you guys are all filled with many questions. I have collected all your questions on Sofabaton and Harmony remotes and will be covering all of them in the current review. Here are a few common questions that have been shared via email.

  • How many devices is the remote compatible with?
  • Does it work with major brands?
  • Will the remote work with the device I own?
  • What’s the technology the remote supports?
  • Comes with an LCD/touch screen?
  • Does it come with voice support with Alexa?
  • Support Smart remote app?
  • How much is the remote cost?
  • Is it affordable?



In today’s Tried and Tested review, I’m going to clear all your queries and explain every little detail of the universal remote without missing any. I’m going to cover all the features a remote offers.

However, I’m going to compare Sofabaton and Logitech Harmony remotes with a comparison table for an easy view. Moreover, do check out the entire review for a better understanding.

If you are in a rush then jump to the conclusion of the review to know my recommendation but I advise you to go through the entire review before you get your hands on it.

Sofabaton U1 Versus Logitech Harmony Remotes Comparison Table

Product NameSofabaton U1Logitech Harmony EliteLogitech Harmony 665Harmony Companion
TechnologyIR and BluetoothWi-Fi, IR, and BluetoothInfraredWi-Fi, IR, and Bluetooth
Replaces multiple remotes1515108
Compatible with a number of devices500,000275,000275,000275,000
LCD / touch screen YesYesYesNo ❌
Physical buttonsYes ✔️Yes ✔️Yes ✔️ Yes ✔️
Voice control with AlexaNo ❌YesNo ❌Yes ✔️
Backlit featureYesYes ✔️Some are backlitNo ❌
Batteries2xAA Alkaline BatteriesLithium-Ionm Rechargeable2 AAReplaceable Coin Cell Battery
Battery Life6+ months3-7 days2-3 Month1 Year

SofaBaton Universal Remote


Updated Sofabaton U1 is one of the best budget-friendly universal remotes which supports a wide range of features and comes with top-notch quality. The remote is compatible with more than 500,000 devices from 6000+ brands.

It can replace 15 remotes and eliminate clutter on your coffee table. The devices that this remote can control are TV, AV receiver, STB, Projector, DVD, Streaming player such as Roku, Apple TV, Xbox One, Kodi, and so on. 

It supports IR as well as Bluetooth devices.

The ever-growing database of Sofabaton gets updated with all the newly added remotes in the market too. Moreover, it also comes with a cool OLED display that displays the live status of the device the remote is connected to. Additionally, the remote also comes with a special wheel design that helps to switch between different devices simply by scrolling it.

Sofabaton also supports a macro feature by which you will be able to activate multiple devices with a single button push. It also comes with a Motion-activated feature that can adjust the brightness of the display screen and saves battery.

All you need is a simple Sofabaton app for remote setup. It requires 2 AA batteries and the batteries are included in the kit.

Key Features

  • Sofabaton is compatible with 500,000+ devices coming from more than 6000 brands.
  • Operate up to 15 devices which indicate it can replace 15 remotes.
  • Works with IR and Bluetooth devices.
  • Supports an OLED display that displays the current status of the currently operating devices.
  • Supports single-button push macros.
  • Button customization is supported.
  • Comes with a Motion-activated feature that can adjust brightness in turn saves battery.
  • You can switch between different devices with the simple scroll of provided wheel design.


  • No backlighting buttons support that help to locate buttons in the dark.
  • No voice control support.
  • Does not support Wireless devices

Best Logitech Harmony Alternative Remote Controls


I am going to compare and write about all top-rated Logitech Universal Remotes and will let you know in last which is the best universal remote to buy as because Updated Sofabaton U1 is going to damage the Logitech remotes.

Logitech Harmony Elite


Stop wrestling with multiple remotes ad just invest in Logitech Harmony Elite that can make your lives simpler. It can replace up to 15 different Entertainmet ad smart home devices ranging from TV, SOundbars, DVD to Streaming devices such as Roku to Smart Home devices such as Philips Hue lights. 

As the remote supports IR, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi technology, it pretty much controls every device we use. Moreover, the hub helps to operate the devices through walls ad closed cabinets too. Moreover, it comes with an LCD touch screen by which you can control the devices with a simple swipe and tap.

Harmony Elite also comes with an additional backlit feature that helps you to locate buttons in the dark. It also offers voice support via Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. The remotes offer One-touch activity support such as “Watch Netflix”, “Play Game” and many more.

It also offers button customization.

All you need to do is to download the “Harmony app” for remote setup. It comes with 1 Lithium Polymer battery and the batteries are included in the box.

Key Features

  • Logitech Harmony Elite is compatible with 270,000 devices.
  • Replace up to 15 different remotes of Home Entertainment devices and Smart Home Devices.
  • Comes with an LCD touch screen.
  • Offers Motion-activated backlit feature.
  • Also Supports One-touch activities such as “Play Game”, “Watch Netflix”.
  • Offers voice control support with Alexa, Google Assistant.
  • Supports Harmony app.
  • Harmony hub can control devices in the closed cabinets too.


  • Expensive.
  • Beginning UI may confuse you as it’s not a traditional remote interface.

Logitech Harmony 665

You can never go wrong with Logitech Harmony 665 universal remote. It can replace 10 remotes and eliminate clutter on your coffee table.

Companion is compatible with 270,000 devices from 5000 devices. The gadgets it supports include Roku, TV, Soundbar, and many other devices. The technology the remote uses to control devices is Infrared.

It also comes with a mini-colour display screen with the physical buttons support. The remote also offers the backlit buttons feature that helps you to find the buttons in the dark.

Moreover, it also offers one-touch activity support such as “Tune Roku to Netflix”, “Turn on the TV”, and many more. 

It requires 2 AA batteries and the batteries are included in the kit.

Key Features

  • Affordable remote
  • Supports over 270,000 devices from 5000 brands.
  • Compatible with 10 devices.
  • Offers Mini coloured display screen.
  • Supports custom activities such as “Tune Roku to Netflix” and more that activates all the required home theatre components for that activity.
  • Backlit buttons feature that helps to locate buttons in the dark.
  • Provided help buttons figure it out when something goes wrong.


  • Does not support voice control such as Alexa.
  • Does not support Smart Home Devices.
  • Batteries run down easily.
  • Controls mostly single room and offer finite control over cabinet devices.

Logitech Harmony Companion

All you need is a single Logitech Harmony Companion remote to control various devices. It can replace 8 remotes of various Entertainment devices and Smart Home components.

It is compatible with 270,000 devices from 5000 devices. The provided hub works using WI-Fi, Bluetooth, and IR technology. So, it can control the devices through closed cabinets too.

Moreover, it has voice control with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. By voice control, you can pretty much turn on and off, volume up or down any device from anywhere.

Logitech Harmony Companion also supports activities such as “Watch Netflix”, “Play Game”, etc. It also offers button customization. All you need to do is to download the Harmony app to create custom activities as well as button customization.

Moreover, it requires 1 Lithium Metal battery.

Key Features

  • Compatible with 270,000 devices from 5000 devices.
  • Can control up to 8 Entertainment devices and Smart Home components.
  • Supports One Touch control of entertainment systems as well as Home automation devices.
  • Programmable 50 favourites.
  • Supports Voice control Alexa and Google Home
  • Included Harmony hub can control the hidden device behind cabinet doors, walls, game consoles, and many more.


  • Remote comes with only physical buttons and does not offer LCD screen support.
  • No Backlighting buttons support that help you find buttons in the dark.

Comparison Between SOFABATON and HARMONY

For a detailed review here I am going to compare the functionalities of a specific product from each brand that is compatible with most of the devices and comes with top-notch quality. 

Here I have chosen Updated Sofabaton U1 from SOFABATON REMOTES as Logitech Harmony Elite from LOGITECH HARMONY REMOTES.

Without any ado let’s get into the detailed comparison.

Updated Sofabaton U1 Universal Remote Control



Sofabaton U1 comes with a cool OLED display screen that displays the live status of the device it is connected with. This bright screen makes it easy for switching between different devices. This OLED display comes with an auto sleep and wake-up feature to save battery.

I must say this is one of the best automatic ways that saves your battery and for me, it is a tech +1 feature. Moreover, it makes your Movie Night or Date Night easy. 

It also comes with another cool highlight, “wheel scroll design” which allows you to simply scroll between various devices instead of tapping on the devices you want. I must say, this makes every device simpler to use. Apart from these design features, it comes with large physical buttons. It is easy to hold and lightweight.


Sofabaton is compatible with 500,000 devices from more than 6000 brands. These brands include major brands too. Comparison check, U1 is more compatible when compared to Logitech Harmony remotes. Moreover, it is more affordable than Logitech remotes. 

The ever-growing database is always be updated with the newly launched devices in the market. So, you don’t need to worry when you buy new devices because of the remotes ever-growing database.

Moreover, with library search capability, you can search for any device code in the database and if the device code is not added to the database you can use learning capability to program the device which is not in the database.

However, the remote works with IR and Bluetooth technology, it can operate every device you own. This is all about the compatibility of U1.

Number of Devices

This convenient remote can replace up to 15 different audio and video devices.  Its compatibility ranges from TV, DVD, DVR, Blu-ray player, cable, Soundbars, audio, to streaming media players like Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV. Which indicates that it will support almost every device that you own.

As this all-in-one device can control multiple devices, it also has a macros feature available with the remote. This macro feature helps to activate multiple devices with a single button push. That’s how you can save your time and effort to switch on each device for a specific activity. Note that the U1 is much more affordable than Logitech remotes.

Devices Sofatbaton U1 can control

U1 can control devices from more than 6000 brands which indicates it also supports major brands. It can operate devices ranging from audio to video components. This says that it will support almost every household smart gadget which we use in our daily lives.

This remote can operate devices such as TV, AV receiver, Projector, DVD, STB, Streaming player such as Ruku, Xbox one, Kodi, Apple TV, and so on. It supports famous brands such as Apple TV, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, and many other brands. As its connectivity technology is Bluetooth and IR, it can pretty much work with every device you have.

Sofabaton U1 Smartphone Application

A simple “Sofabaton app” setup is required in your smartphone in order to operate devices. This app is supported in Android as well as iOS. All you need to do is visit “Google Play” or “App Store” then search for the Sofabaton app. After you found the app just download it. Moreover, the setup takes only a few minutes to complete. 

After downloading the app, for setup just choose “IR Matching Mode” then enter your TV brand and that’s a wrap, your setup is completed. The smart app is also used for macro programming. Moreover, you can customize every button o the remote using the app. How cool and useful is that!

Battery Life

Sofabaton U1 requires 2 AA batteries. These batteries are already included in the purchase with the remote. However, as the remote has an OLED display, it of course uses more battery compared with normal remotes. 

This con can be controlled. Yes, it can be because the remote’s Moto activated the feature. This feature will automatically adjust the remote’s brightness and controls it. This is how it saves energy in turn to gain longer battery life. However, these batteries last for at least 6 months with daily usage. If you are a person who doesn’t watch or use the remote much then it can last for several months. So it is a Win-Win feature.

Logitech Harmony Elite



Elite’s sleeky design one of the added highlights. However, it comes with a colour touchscreen with motion-sensing backlight keys. You can control everything by pretty much swiping and tapping on the activities you want at that moment. How cool is that! The remote also comes with any physical buttons which include Play, Pause, Fast Forward, Reverse, Stop, and Record buttons.

Moreover, its motion-sensing backlit keys help you to locate the keys in the dark. This in turn makes your Movie Night or Date Night or Game Night go smoothly. Because of this whole design, the remote looks smart and classy. The remote is 19.2 cm in height, 5.4 cm in width, and weighs about 163.8 g. It is pretty handy to hold. It can fit in your hand perfectly but as the remove has a smooth finish, it may slip out of your hand. So, this sums up the whole design part of Harmony Elite.


Elite is compatible with over 270,000 devices from more than 5000 brands. These brands include all the major brands such as Panasonic, Apple TV, Sonos, LG, Sony, Vizio, Sharp, Samsung, many other latest audio and video components. Moreover, Elite does not only operate Entertainment devices as it can also control Smart Home components such as Smart lights and many more.

However, its database is ever growing so, the remote will be compatible with the newly launched devices in the market too. It can easily control all the devices which we use in our daily lives. As it works using WiFi, IR, and Bluetooth technology, it can pretty much control every smart device or gadget you own. So, this is all about Harmony Elite’s compatibility.

Number of Devices

As the remote works on Wi-Fi, IR, and Bluetooth technology to operate the devices, it supports almost every device we use in our daily life. But at once it can operate up to 15 devices which means it can replace up to 15 remotes of Entertainment as well as Smart Home devices. So, it can control your TV, Speakers, Smart lights, and many other devices with just a swipe and tap on its screen.

This can eliminate all the clutter on your coffee table. Moreover, it even saves up your time and money. Instead of hassling between multiple remotes for various devices you use in your daily lives just invest and shift to a universal remote and make your life easy. Less confusion, Happy life and that’s the goal of a Universal remote. 

Devices Logitech Harmony Elite can control

It can control devices from more than 5000 brands and even major brands are included. This remote can control audio as well as video components. On whole, it can control your entertainment system as well as Smart Home components. This indicates it can support almost every household smart devices which we use in our daily lives.

This remote can control devices ranges from TV, Soundbar to Smart Lights, and streaming devices. It supports famous brands such as Panasonic, Apple TV, Samsung, Philips, and many more. As its connectivity technology is WiFi, Bluetooth, and IR, it will control pretty every device you hold.

Moreover, the harmony hub lets you control the devices even through closed cabinets and walls. Point to remember – when you are using Elite to control your devices it is better you don’t use other remotes or buttons on the devices to operate the devices, this may end up confusing Elite. So, do use Elite to control every device.

Smartphone Application

The remote supports a smart app called Harmony App which is available on iOS and Android. With this, the remote setup is done by plugging the provided USB into the Elite’s micro-USB port ad connect it to the computer. This is how the remote setup is done with a USB ad a smart app.

All you have to do is download the app ad create a free account after downloading is done. Moreover, you can create custom one-touch activities such as “Play Game”, “Watch Netflix” by grouping different devices in a specific activity. After activity creation is done you just need to use your remote and tap on the activity you need then all the grouped devices of that specific activity get activated. 

Moreover, button customization can be done using this smart app. You can also use this app to control your devices as it works similar to Elite.

Battery Life

Here comes the con of this remote. Elite is included with rechargeable batteries and the features of Li-ion battery and charging stand. Because of its colour touch screen and backlit buttons, most of its battery gets consumed. At the top of the remote, a battery indicator is inserted and this is how you can check the remote charging.

Moreover, it lasts for four to five days before it needs to be charged. You need a charging stand to recharge your batteries. You can always check your battery percentage of your remote and do remember that it needs to be charged every few days. So, always recharge them so that you never run into issues with the battery. 

The Winner Between Sofabaton U1 & Logitech Harmony

Updated Sofabaton U1 Universal remote control is the winner in today’s Tried and Tested review. This is because of its compatibility with various devices as well as it is much more affordable when you compare its cost with other Harmony remotes.

The important point which every reader needs to remember is Logitech harmony remoted manufacture has been ceased by the company which means there will be no manufacturing of Harmony remotes in the future but the remaining remotes can be sold and customers can buy the remaining remotes. The customer support of Harmony remotes will be continued as long as users use the remotes. 

I know that Harmony and Sofabato are great universal remotes but due to the cease of Logitech, it would be better if you go with Sofabaton.

You never know when the support will be stopped. That’s a risky choice. So, it would be wise to go with Sofabaton universal remotes as it is not ceased and will be in the market for years.

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