Updated Sofabaton U1 Universal Remote Control Review 2021


Are you still struggling to find a universal remote? That is compatible with your all devices? Well, I proudly say that your wait is over now. As you have landed on the right article where I have worked hard to bring forth the finest information that is credible and authentic.

Sofabaton U1 Universal remote was not easy to find when I stepped into the market of huge retailers and vendors. Every brand is selling their product with confidence that it will work perfectly with major brands but trust me that was not the case in most of the remotes. 

I have been receiving ample emails every day, and I was well aware of your struggle to know Sofabaton in detail so that you can go and buy it immediately without any fear.

Finally, I can provide you with firsthand knowledge about the best universal remote for your TV and other entertainment devices. Unfortunately, there is no detailed information guide provided online about Sofabaton Universal Remote Control, but now my article will definitely guide you regarding every possible detail you are longing for. 

Why I worked so hard? Yes, I did it for you guys, so that you get the right information, detailed knowledge. But to know the real details you have to read every line of the article, as I believe missing or skipping lines or paragraphs will lead you to end up with incomplete information. That will harm you later while shopping. 

My sole purpose is to provide information. So for this purpose, I have designed my articles and segmented them with different headings.

You will get quick pros/cons that help you get a good grip on major features of the remote. 

Not only can this for those who have a shortage of time and cannot go through the article completely gives a quick read to this segment to get good information.

The next segment is the comparison chart that will help you know how exactly Sofabaton is better than all other leading Universal remote brands in the market. 

Updated Sofabaton U1 Universal Remote Review

Now let’s come towards the most part of the article i.e. the Sofabaton universal remote review. 

Sofabaton is considered a top-notch variant in the market. The only reason for its fame is its diverse compatibility features. You will love its easy-to-use functions and quick compatibility, not only this all fancy, modern features are provided in easy to afford the price. These three features make it the leading and most selling brand in the market. 


I ordered the remote via Amazon, the link is provided at the end of the review.

The remote comes with 2 AA batteries that are original and run long, it’s been a year I have been using the remote and I never got it stuck even at once. 

The dimensions of the remote are ideal i.e. 8 x 2 x 1 inch, with this the remote is easy to handle and operate. Sofabaton is Mostly available in black colour the remote is ergonomically designed with finger grooves on the backside that helps get a firm hold and reduces the chances of slipping the remote. 

Starting from the top you have a bulged bulb that turns on red when the remote is functional, this IR light increases its distance of operation. After that the first button you will see is a dedicated power button at the left with a red marking on it, to differentiate it from the rest of the buttons. On the left side device, the power button can be seen.

In the middle stable, a scroll wheel is provided that helps scroll the channels and reduce the effort to click buttons. 

The second line consists of three important buttons like the menu button that helps customize the TV or any of the connected devices. To operate the volume triangular buttons are provided with a speaker that helps detect the right button, at the left channel buttons to operate the channels, and an OK button at the centre to select the menu. 

The mute and reverse channel button is provided separately at bottom of the channel and volume button, the manufacturers have systemically designed the button placement to help you guys while operating the remote. 

A group of four buttons provided at the bottom of the remote helps operate the movies, music, or any other entertainment device with a pause and play button at the centre. Whereas the reverse button is at the left and the forward button is at the right. 

Coloured four buttons help customize the remote and help connect it to multiple entertainment devices at once. This feature attracted me to this brand and trust me I feel fortunate to buy it. There is nothing better than customizing your own remote, you guys will love the feature. 

You will see a button panel at the end, it is additionally provided to help the user jump the channel he/she wishes for. No scrolling over many channels to reach the desired one. 

You will get two versions of this remote on the market one without LCD and one with LCD, the price difference exists. The LCD is a 1-1/4 inches x 5/8 inches screen. 

What’s in the Box?


To help clear your concerns, let’s now discuss what you will get along with the remote inbox.

The remote has simple yet highly safety-efficient packing and comes with a remote and two AA alkaline batteries. 

The remote operates with alkaline batteries so you will not see any recharging station in the box. For your better understating about remote operations a well scripted and understandable user guide is provided in the box in three languages. 

Updated Sofabaton U1 Universal Remote Specifications

Buyer’s Rating✰✰✰✰ out of 5 
Dimensions8.6 x 3.2 x 1.5 inches
Model8.6 x 3.2 x 1.5 inches
User Documentation Yes ✅
Battery2AA Alkaline
Multi-Device Controls Yes ✅
ColoursAvailable in 2 colours
Device limitFour
Backlit ButtonsYes ✅

System Requirements

The remote works with IR and Bluetooth technology that makes it perfect to operate systems behind the cabinets or across the walls. Unlike the fancy harmony remotes that have WiFi connectivity and RF technology. You will observe its compatibility with all major brands like Samsun, Sony, TCL, LG, and many more. 

In case you plan to support wireless devices like Roku Streaming Stick, Sonos, Fire TV stick, etc then unfortunately this one is not designed for you. As the remote is designed to use IR and Bluetooth technology whereas these devices require a remote that operates on RF technology. 

But do not worry because if you have fire TV-based television or Sonos technology the remote is going to work really well with them. Pairing is also quick, requires few seconds only. Pairing requires two simple steps, number one is taking code from the manual provided and the second one is the pairing procedure that takes hardly a few seconds. Once pairing is done you can use the remote easily with your TV. 


I want to clarify this to all of you reading the article that before you buy any remote, make sure the remote is compatible with your TV and other entertainment brands. This helps you decide that either the remote you have selected is the best option for you or it’s going to be a bad decision. 

However, in the case of Sofabaton, you do not need to worry as it works with all the major brands or I can even say it works with all brands out in the market.

You just have to put a little effort and figure out the right remote code from the manual provided. The best feature in Sofabaton is quick compatibility with TV, no extra effort, installations, etc required.

The remote is good to go with single-step code collaboration. I personally like gadgets that are easily compatible and do not require extra effort for a start-up. 

The real reason behind quick calibration is that most of the brands are already on the list of Sofabaton remote. The system is designed to connect instantly without any delay. I have observed that the company has incorporated various customer-friendly features that are why the remote is the best seller in the market. 

Sofabaton is able to deal with 4 devices majorly and 4 devices in addition. This definitely reduces the struggle of juggling so many remotes and also reduces your expense. 


The hardware is well sorted and built. I never had any complaint of any short circuit or delayed response, but if you consider the speed, range, and strength of its working. I will say it’s not that efficient because it uses IR technology and Bluetooth connectivity to operate connected devices. This limits its range and speed, whereas remotes that are operated via WiFi are powerful with unlimited range.

The Bluetooth connectivity makes it better and advances than typical IR technology remotes. So I would recommend it to all those who do not intend to operate remotely from a distance. 

The Bluetooth connectivity has added one big reason for you to buy it. In remotes that only operate on IR range is low that limits their functionally and no one would pick such remote. So fortunately Sofabaton has proved its worth by offering IR plus Bluetooth feature to its user. 

One of the best things about Sofabaton is the two versions of remotes it offers. LCD and non LCD remote, definitely price vary in both cases but at least you buyers have options. I have used both of them and I am completely satisfied with their performance. But I am still using the one with LCD as it offers better features and is quite easy to understand. 

But you have to keep the price tag in mind, LCD remote is expensive than the non LCD one, so now the ball is in your court. 



I have used remotes of almost all brands so I can say undoubtedly that Sofabaton has designed its remote with great effort. The ergonomically designed remote has a semi-oval shape with flat at the top and narrow at the bottom. The narrow bottom helps get a better grip in the palm whereas the straight tip helps the remote rest on fingers well, making the remote convenient to operate. 

Coming towards its button arrangement, I have already mentioned it earlier in detail; the buttons are arranged precisely and in an understandable manner. You cannot ignore the backlit feature that makes its operation easy in dark.

The remote is designed for all age groups from children to elder personnel. The ergonomically designed remote has military graded plastic that will not break ever; you can use it for years and years. 

I know all my lady’s readers are conscious about mating colours etc. I do understand your need so I have good news for you that the remote is available in 4 different colours. White, black, grey, and metallic grey. Now you can enjoy both comfort and esthetic beauty with Sofabaton, it’s a worth buying universal remote. 

Sofabaton Smartphone Application

Once you will insert the 2 AA battery, the first option you will see pooping out on LCD will be the ability to connect the remote with your smartphone. Sofabaton Smartphone app.

I Will guide you through all the steps once you install it in your smartphone, make sure your Bluetooth connection is functional, in case it’s not the option will pop out to remind you. To pair the Smartphone with a remote click the dash and E button simultaneously till the pairing option appears on the screen.

Preparing the remote for Sofabaton U1 is an easy step-by-step procedure that the application will guide you. In case of any connectivity issue, you can read easy to understand guide provided with the remote.


Sofabaton universal remote comes with a pair of AA alkaline batteries that last more than 6 to 7 months. The remote has the ability to accommodate rechargeable batteries, as I have tried it myself, they work perfectly with the remote.

But I have two good reasons to advise you not to use them. The one reason is they are expensive and require proper maintenance and the other one is that you have to buy a recharging station, both these will cost you a lot of fortune. 

So using pair of AA batteries is a better option. They will not cost a lot and will last longer if you use them wisely. By wisely I mean try to avoid turning on the backlit option in the day or in light. As backlit consume more battery so use it only when it’s dark and you want to use remote with convenience. 

Most of the brands do not provide a customized backlit button, but fortunately, Sofabaton has provided it and you can turn the backlit option on/off according to your need. So your AA batteries will last longer and will not drain with a month. 

Number of Devices Updated Sofabaton U1 Universal Remote Can control

The first question popping out in every buyer’s mind, including myself, while buying a universal remote is how many devices it’s going to operate. It’s a genuine question; obviously one is spending money again while having all the remotes at home with a purpose.

So here is good news for you, Sofabaton operates 6 devices at once. It can operate your streaming player, LG projector, Roku Ultra, Sony DVD, Samsung TV, and AV receiver. 

The remote can operate multiple 6 brands at the same time. This diversity makes it my favourite remote and will be your favourite once you buy it.

The remote does not have a customized button with a name on it, but you can customize them as you wish. In case the buttons are not responding to any brand then there must be two reasons that you have to figure out. One will be either the brand is not compatible or in such a case you have to search the code and do pairing. The other case can be button mishandling; yes you read it right the remote is delicate and mishandling will affect the functionality. 


  • Pocket-friendly remote.
  • Works with affordable long-lasting AA batteries. 
  • This remote can operate 6 devices. 
  • Bluetooth connectivity helps it operate from distance.
  • The remote is compatible with various brands with an intelligent code learning feature.
  • The remotes work perfectly with TV, DVD, firestick, and projectors. 
  • Backlit options are also provided.
  • The military-grade plastic and ergonomically designed remote is ideal to use.
  • The pairing process requires only a few seconds. 


  • It does not have a WiFi connectivity option.
  • Backlit features consume a greater battery.
  • The buttons are delicate. 


Sofabaton is offering the best price in comparison to all its competitor fancy brands i.e. harmony elite remote etc. I admit that manufacturers have worked hard to incorporate all the best features and provided them with a reasonable price tag.

I find two reasons why Sofabaton is termed as the best universal remote in the market, one is its extraordinary user-friendly features and the other is its affordable price. It’s a rare combination to find in the market but Sofabaton managed to provide it. 

In just a few bucks you get a remote that operate 6 devices at a time. I personally recommend Sofabaton to all of you. 


So this was all from today’s review. Hopefully, the review will help clear your doubts and provide you with good reasons why you should buy Sofabaton universal remote.

I literally fell in love after using it for a week. Its design, price, and features all are designed to help users and support the devices it connects to. 

I love watching movies at night, so its backlit features helped me operate remotely with good visibility. Its LCD and application both make it a fancy modern remote that helps take the remote to the extra length. 

The AA batteries are affordable and easily available. They last longer and make the remote cost-effective. To cut long story short, this one is my favourite remote and you should definitely buy it to enjoy advanced features and affordable prices at the same time. 

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