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Having a remote without customization options is considered obsolete these days. As the gadget industry has brought many innovations just to facilitate its users. Well I enjoy the fact that I can customize my remote completely, it works on my command and that makes me happy from the inside. Just imagine in this competitive world you have a remote that doesn’t listen to you, yes it should be thrown away now. 

The Sevenhugs has taken over control over the market with its intricate features and intelligent universal properties. Once Harmony was the king of the market but now Sevenhugs is buzzing around the market.

I have reviewed Sevenhugs smart remote X as I was receiving many emails and you guys were desperately demanding for its detailed review. Here I have mentioned every bit you need to know about the very remote.

I have added a comparison and specification chart to help you understand the market value of Sevenhugs in-depth. Keeping my article transparent I have added detailed pros and cons for you, so that you may know both the good and bad sides of the product. 

Sevenhugs Smart Remote X Review


Coming towards the high in demand part of the article i.e. review section. 

The company has recently announced its expanded universal remote range and Sevenhugs smart remote X is considered inequality to the top-notch variant of Harmony remotes. The remote is well built and looks like a smart screen just like the Nest thermostat with its elegant detailing. 

The elegantly designed LCD display pair immediately with the device you want to use it for, and then offer you everything you wish for, i.e. custom controls, multiple devices controlling at a time. 

You must be wondering what Sevenhugs remote can control. Well, I have a detailed answer for your better understating, it can operate 650,000 devices. The remote works on both modern and classic technologies both. 

You can use all Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and IR technology to operate your TV and other entertainment devices in a customized way. Here is a list of category I can mention that the remote can operate. It can be used for smart lights, TVs, media players, speakers, smart plugs, game consoles, cable boxes and Alexa. 

The remote is the easiest and simplest one, I have never used such an intelligent remote before. It has a feature to automatically switch to the device you intend to use. This helps the easy operation of the remote and device, no chance of confusion regarding buttons etc. over everything no hustle of 10 remotes cluttering the table and arising anxiety.

 To operate with the respective device all you have to do is tap on the device displayed on the screen and you will be teleport to that device functions isn’t this an easy way to operate any device. I can’t tell you what a relief this is, just imagine you don’t even have to hustle at any point with anything. 

And I believe this is the sole purpose to spend a fortune and buy the universal remote. To explain you a little better just take an example that you want to play music, just tap on the music system and the Sevenhugs remote will teleport you to browse the playlist.  

You can operate the remote with smart mobile applications that can be found conveniently from iOS and Android. This application enables you to customize the smart remote control and use it in your unique way. I personally enjoy this feature the most and trust me this is one driving feature that made me write this review for you guys. 

What’s in the Box

The universal remotes come in draw sized hard card box with each box containing 2 clear touch anti-glare screen protectors ideal for your smartphone, an applicator card and a high-quality microfiber cleaning cloth for cleaning. A well-scripted guide book is also provided to help the user. Last but not least a warranty card from the company is also provided in the box. 

Do not expect any charging station or rechargeable batteries, as you will have to buy them separately. But yes 6 AA batteries are included in the box. 

Sevenhugs Smart Remote X Specifications Table.

Buyer’s Rating 4.8 out of 5 
Dimensions5.4 x 1.7 x 0.5 inches
ConnectivityIR, WiFi , Bluetooth 
Battery6AA Alkaline 
Multi Device Controls Yes 
ColorsBlack Only
Device limit 6
LCD screenYes



Sevenhugs is a touch screen smartphone that comprises a customizable interface. It also offers wide device control; the LCD screen is sensitive to touch and has the ability to display individual device features that are meant to be used at that moment.  You can set the buttons you use most on the first click and vice versa. 

It brings your entire home on a single screen, just click on one button and you can watch your home transform immediately. The screen has few fixed touch buttons that are the power button, which appears in red colour. 

The volume buttons and channel buttons. These will not change with the device switch as they are constant. When I started using the remote initially I was not impressed by its interface, in fact, it seemed confusing to me. But then I figured out the correct and easy way to operate it. Now I can’t use any remote other than this one, as it is indeed the world’s easiest remote. 

You do not have to pick out the right button or have accidents clicking the wrong one. It totally changes its interface once the device is changed, and this feature made me fall in love with this extraordinary remote. Once the interface is changed you can freely use the remote as you want for that specific device. I have never seen such an extraordinary and highly customizable interface in any remote. 


The remote works with wise connectivity technology i.e. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and IR technology. All these connectivity options combined makes a remote ideal to use with a wide range of brands. Due to the Wi-Fi connectivity facility, the remote can be used from anywhere.

 The range of remote also increases making it perfect to be used from a distance. You will not be bound to sit in front of the TV or device to operate them. So if you ask me, I will give it 5 out of 5 for its connectivity. 

I have experimented with this remote in many ways to check its connectivity efficiency and I was impressed every time. You can use it with devices behind the cabinets as the Wi-Fi technology can penetrate every barrier likewise the remote works perfect even behind the walls or in case you are in the kitchen and bored of the song and wants to change it. It will work from anywhere. This diversity in connectivity makes it super useful and an ideal universal remote to buy. 

Battery Life

Sevenhugs smart universal remote comes with 6 AA alkaline batteries that last more than a year. As the touch panels require light and totally operates on the light so the battery consumption is great.

But the company has added a feature with the name ‘power saving’ that you can turn on in case the remote shows slow functioning that can be caused due to a low battery. Once you have selected this option the saving mode will be switched on and will save the battery for a longer time. 

The company has also provided the option to use a rechargeable battery, but you will have to suffer financially in that case. How? Well here is the answer, first you have to buy a rechargeable battery that will definitely cost a fortune as it does not come with the remote.

Once you have bought the battery the next struggle will be buying a charging station. Although you might perceive it as a one-time investment but trust me that is not the case. Both rechargeable gadgets are quite expensive, it’s better to use AA alkaline batteries instead. Well, this is what I feel personal but you definitely have both choices to choose from. 

I always prefer to keep my reviews transparent. So to serve the purpose I have mentioned both plus and minus points, that I have experienced so far, below. 


  • Instantly control your TV and other entertainment devices.
  • It is claimed as the world’s smartest and easiest to us universal remote. 
  • Modern connectivity using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and IR technology.
  • It has compatibility with a wide range of brands and devices i.e. over 65000.
  • Comes with three sensors.
  • Touch screen LCD panel.
  • Has the ability to control multiple actions at once.
  • Lost and found button included.
  • Highly customized remote control.
  • Budget-friendly, affordable smart remote.
  • Can be operated via smartphone with the help of an application easily available in Android or iPhone. 
  • Easily operates with 6 AA batteries.


  • Does not support Google Home, Amazon etc.
  • Limited smart thermostat control.
  • Can’t be used by multiple family members.
  • In the case of a rechargeable battery, only lasts for 2 days.
  • Single room device control.
  • In few cases, screen shift takes a little time.
  • The remote is delicate to use due to LCD and needs continuous cleaning.

Compatibility Of Devices With Sevenhugs Smart Remote X

I know this is the first question that pops out in everyone’s mind once they purchase a Smart remote. Well, I have good news for you that Sevenhugs has provided a list of brands on its website that are compatible with the remote.

And here are the brand’s Amazon Fire TV, Yamaha, Roku, Pioneer, Apple TV, Spotify Connect, LIFX, Philips, Panasonic, pioneer, sharp, Sony, Optoma, Philips, Oppo, Nest, Samsung, Microsoft Xbox, Belkin Wemo, Kodi, Tivo, Spectrum, Onkyo, Optoma, Harman/Kardon, TP-Link, AT&T U-verse, Marantz, DirectTV.


Coming towards the most critical factor that decides how customers are going to react towards a product. Well, I confidently assure you, readers, that this remote is priced in the most reasonable way. No additional fancy price tags, the remote has all the features you can find in an Elite harmony remote. But the price tag has a huge difference. 

This difference is the core reason why customers flow has increased towards Sevenhugs smart remote. I must admit the fact that I didn’t observe even a single difference while using both remotes, so getting all features at a much lesser price is a treat for you buyers. I loved the price and feature, as it was the best combination to find in the market. 

How Sevenhugs Smart Remote X can change your lives?

Choosing the right remote can definitely improve the quality of life or I must say can improve your quality time. On the contrary, using the wrong remote can end up in frustration and anxiety. I don’t want my readers to suffer any loss in any way. So I confidentially recommend you Sevenhugs universal remote if you are searching for both entertainment and low price. 

This remote is termed the world smartest remote and yes the claim is true. After buying Sevenhugs I have observed my life has improved, I do not have to worry about how to operate the TV while kids are teaching ad I am in my office or away from home, as I can use it through my smartphone from anywhere. 

I felt much better when I see a single esthetically designed remote on my table, instead of a clutter of remotes making my table look like a workshop. 

Sevenhugs X vs U Smart Remote

While there is apparently no difference between the two, but technically I have observed many differences and I want to share them with you. This will help you analyze how much the company has improved its remotes now.

FeaturesSevenhugs X Smart RemoteSevenhugs U Smart Remote
Contextual awareness Contextually Aware ✔Contextually Aware ✔
Device limit 650,000 devices  plus Same ✔
Controlling range TVs, streaming devices and smart light/plugs TVs, streaming devices and smart light/plugs
ConnectivityWiFi, Bluetooth and IRWiFi, Bluetooth and IR
Device limit  20 IR, total of 80 20 IR, total of 80 
USB-CYes ✔Yes ✔
LCD Screen Yes ✔Yes ✔
SensorsYes ✔No ❌
Dimensions5.4 x 1.7 x 0.5 inches Same ✔


Winding up today’s article with a positive feeling that this review will help you. I have put forward as many details as possible to ensure you get enough knowledge about the remote you are about to buy. I must say after reading the review you will have many good reasons to buy Sevenhugs smart remote X.

 I personally fell in love after using this world’s smartest remote. It made my entertainment time even better and more enjoyable. 

With its 6 AA batteries and customizable interface, you can enjoy unending entertainment in your own way. Watching movies late at night is my favourite thing and a bright easy to visualize touch screen makes it even better. Light in weight and compatible with a wide range of brands makes Sevenhugs smart remote X the best universal remote on the market. 

Apart from all its extraordinary features, the price tags will win your hearts in their own way. Finding a combination of reasonable price and best features is a hard nut to crack, but Sevenhugs has made this dream a reality. Now you can enjoy modern and intelligent universal remote at an affordable price. 

Signing off, do let me know how much my review helped you as your comments boost my morale to work harder and better. 

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