Sevenhugs Smart Remote U – Black Complete Review 2023

Having a remote that can easily support all your Entertainment devices as well as Smart Home gadgets is a boon these days. Because of this quarantine, we all are again into binge-watching and dealing with multiple devices that make us feel comfortable.

As said, every device comes with a specific device remote. Most of the time we will be confused about which remote is for which device. Sometimes the remote which we need gets misplaced. 

To checkmate all these drawbacks and make your coffee table clutter-free, universal remotes were introduced. As their name says, these remotes support almost all daily life devices and are compatible with major brands around the world.

Some support only Entertainment devices while others support Entertainment as well as Smart Home gadgets such as smart lights.

These are known for their simplicity and comfort. Moreover, they support a wide range of features which we will be discussing in the article. With the wide range of features, they also come with Top-notch quality.

In Today’s article, I have reviewed Sevenhugs Smart Remote U, I love this remote and I have been using them for almost a year now.

I have explained each and every feature with its pros and cons. So, to get a better view of the smart remote, do check out the entire review without missing a line.

I have even added two comparison tables to make it easy for you, do check them out. Without any ado, let’s get into the sevenhugs smart remote u review.

Sevenhugs Smart Remote U Review

You can checkmate all the remotes for various devices by replacing them with Sevenhugs Smart Remote. Firstly, let me give a brief about this remote. The founder of Sevenhugs said that his main focus is to help customers and this the remote which was developed with the help of customers’ recommendations.

Moreover, Sevenhugs comes with two remotes, Sevenhugs Smart Remote X and Sevenhugs Smart Remote U.

These remotes are compatible with 650,000 devices and services ranging from TV to Lights. They cover Smart Entertainment devices as well as Home Theater System. However, they claim that they can replace 80 remotes in that 20 can be IR devices.

You can control almost every device present in your house because they use WiFi, Bluetooth as well as IR as connectivity technology. They can operate the TV, Amazon Fire, Spotify, Smart plugs, Media plugs, Speakers, Smart Lights, Cable boxes, Game consoles, and many more.

Sevenhugs also comes with an LCD touch screen using which you can easily navigate through the devices. Moreover, Sevenhugs X has an auto-adaptive screen feature by which it can instantly adapt the information of the device you point it at but this feature is not present with Sevenhugs U. For Smart remote U, you need to navigate through the devices on the screen to control them. 

Moreover, Sevenhugs is rewarded with more than 21 awards including the Red Dot Design and IF design because of its hardware and software design. Because of their slim design and ergonomic contours, the remotes feel effortless when you hold them.

You can create custom scenes by grouping different devices to work together for specific activities. These activities include Game Day, Dance Party, Date Night, Arts and crafts, and many more. You just need to tap on the activity you need and the remote takes care of the devices it needs to activate or turn off for that specific activity.

Even the setup is easy with the help of Smart Remote’s companion app. With this, you can create a fully customized display screen for a personalized experience.

For customer support, you can check out community forums, emails, and device and service requests on their website.

For an easy view, you can check out the below table on remote features. Moreover, do check out the entire article for an easy understanding of each and everything of Sevenhugs U.

Let’s jump into the review.

Quick View Of Sevenhugs U Smart Remote

Compatible devices650,000 devices
No. of devices80 devices in that 20 can be IR devices.
Connectivity technologyWiFi, Bluetooth, IR
ColourOnly Black
Smart Home Control Yes ✔️
Control Entertainment devicesSmart TVs, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, & many more
LCD touch screen✔️
SensorsAccelerometer, Compass, Infrared transceiver and receiver.
buttons❌ No physical buttons
Control ExperiencesCarousel browsing, Innovative Point mode.
Batteries 6 AA

What’s in the Box?


In the kit of Sevenhugs Smart remote U, you will be getting the remote ( with rechargeable battery ), of course, What’s the point of buying a remote anyways. You will be also provided with a charging base with which you can charge your remote by attaching a power adapter to it. By the way, the power adapter is also included in the box.

With them, you will also get 3 Room Sensors with AA batteries included. With these sensors, the remote learn which device is located in which place and this helps the remote to fetch the device data easily when you point it to your devices.’

Such a cool feature right,

I haven’t come across this wonderful feature on any smart remote yet. To mount these room sensors onto your walls, you will be getting Velcro Strips too. Besides these components, the Installation manual is also included in the kit.

Moreover, every above component excluding the 3 Room sensors is included in the box of the Sevenhugs Smart Remote U. Yeah, the cool feature is missing in Smart remote U but that’s not a big deal as it almost has every feature of Smart remote X. So, Chill!


For gadgets control, Sevenhugs uses its WiFi, Bluetooth as well as IF connectivity technology. The main reason behind its ever-growing database and its 650,000 device compatibility is its connectivity technology. WThesechnologies can support almost every device you use in your daily life from Entertainment to Smart Home gadgets.

You can be in your kitchen and turn on your TV, select the channel as well as set the volume from the Kitchen itself. In fact, you can control devices through walls and closed cabinets too. 

It makes your movie night easier by turning on and off required devices based on the custom scene we have created earlier during setup with its technology.

Not only Movie Night, but you can also pretty much create any custom scene such as Game Night, Date Night, Arts and crafts, Dance Party, and make them work with a single tap. Voila, its technology does wonders.

Moreover, it gave tough competition to Logitech Harmony remotes and due to the Logitech manufacture ban,

I would say it’s better to swift to this remote as this is the latest remote and the database of this remote grows as long as it is in the market. Of course, you can easily say that the remote came into the market to stay with its features. 



The cool touch screen feature is an added highlight to Sevenhugs. The interface is of a glass screen and looks classy with its sleek design. Point to be remembered that it doesn’t offer tactile feedback but with the included LCD screen, it makes it easy to operate in low light. 

With this cool feature, a Smart remote X is also included with the adaptive screen feature, The info of your LCD screen changes based on the device you use. As mentioned above, you will be getting 3 Room sensors in the kit which makes your contextual adaptive screen work. All you need to do is point your smart remote to the device you want to control and the remote innovative point mode takes care of changing the information on the LCD screen. 

As I already mentioned, the Sevenhugs Smart remote U doesn’t come with the sensors so the remote does not possess contextual adaptive feature. But you can navigate and control any device using the LCD touch screen. 

I know this remote feels like a techie gadget but look at its features and quality guys. It pretty much controls everything from the volume of the devices to channels to the Smart Home controls with just a tap on the screen. In fact, you may feel confused at first but soon enough when you figure out its control, it feels like a saviour.

Moreover, it felt effortless when I held it. Got to know that this is because of its ergonomic contours and slim design. This is a reason why Sevenhugs Smart remotes are rewarded with more than 21 awards.

Battery Life

Sevenhugs comes with the 6 AA batteries in the kit.  All you need to do is to insert them into the remote’s battery compartment. Voila, the remote is all set to work. But you may think as the remote has an LCD touch screen feature, will the batteries get drained?

Not because the remote offers a highlight called “Power Saving Mode” which is used to save your battery by dimming the light whenever the remote is not in use. Moreover, these batteries do not drain easily and are long-lasting.

The remote also offers rechargeable batteries which can be refilled if you have a charging station. Moreover, reusable batteries can hold energy for a longer period and save a good amount of money.

Replacements batteries need to always get replaced with new ones as they are not durable, work only for single-use, and disposable. My suggestion for you would be if you want to use the remotes for a longer period and don’t want to always rush to shops to buy batteries then invest in a charging station and go with the rechargeable batteries.

If you are comfortable with replacement batteries and don’t want to use the remote for a longer time then just get your hands on replacement batteries. 

I have given my views and it’s all your choice.


  • The remote alone can control up to 80 devices where up to 20 devices can be IR devices.
  • Compatible with 650,000 Entertainment devices and Smart home devices.
  • Uses WiFi, Bluetooth, and IR as connectivity technology.
  • Cool LCD touch screen.
  • The LCD can be auto-adaptable to the information of the device you point it at and this feature is only available in Sevenhugs smart remote X but not in U.
  • Ergonomic contours and its slim design make you feel effortless when you hold it.
  • The remote can be customized.
  • Supports creation of custom scenes by you such as Date Night, Game Night, Arts and crafts, or Dance Party.
  • Supports the Lost and Found feature.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Has a smartphone application that will be available on Android as well as iPhone.


  • Comes under the expensive side but worth the pay.
  • Does not have tactile feedback which makes you a little confused during controlling the remote in the dark.


The remote contains all the features that a traditional and a smart remote has. So the wide range features of course with a price. I would say that the remote is worth buying because of its wide range of functionalities as well as its top-notch quality.

Sevenhugs gives tough competition to the big brand in the market to Caavo Control Center Universal Remote as well as Logitech Harmony with its features.

Moreover, as Logitech Harmony remotes are ceased, if you want to buy a remote that comes with all the features offered by Harmony remotes then just with Sevenhugs.

Moreover, when it comes to price point, only buy the remote if you feel and you will be using all the features of this remote but if you think you don’t use much of its features then just go with the traditional remotes.

I have reviewed various traditional universal remotes on this site. Check them out.

Coming to my opinion, I love to explore features and I have various smart gadgets in my house So, this remote, of course, comes into use as I get to cover almost every feature offered by Sevenhugs. 

Note: Sevenhugs Smart Remote U and X come under different price points.  As you don’t get 3 sensors in the kit, U is much more affordable than X.



Coming directly to the point as to the individuals who do love to have the touch of physical buttons with LCD screen then they need to go with Logitech Harmony Elite as Sevenhugs offer a pure LCD touch screen with no physical buttons.

But for the users who are tired of using a broken button remote and want a great alternative that does not support physical buttons then just get your hands on Sevenhugs X or U.

Voice control is the feature that is an added advantage to Harmony Elite as Sevenhugs, for now, does not offer voice control but they are working on it and it may be available anytime soon. 

However, they both are similar in many ways. They both have LCD touch screen interface and both use WiFi, Bluetooth as well as IR as connectivity technology.

They allow you to create custom scenes and activities that can be triggered with just one touch. Elite and Sevenhugs also allow you to control Entertainment as well as Smart Home gadgets.

With that said, I need to point out as a reviewer that Harmony remotes have been ceased which means in the future there will be no manufacturing of these remotes but the available remotes in the market can be sold and the Harmony support team assists you as long as you use the remote.

In my opinion, as you are searching for a new remote with these features it is better to go with Sevenhugs as it was launched recently and works great.

Let’s keep my opinion aside for a minute but with the reviews on the Sevenhugs, you can easily predict this remote is a top-notch remote and not going to fade anytime soon because of its popularity. 

Still waiting! Just go with the remote you love.

Comparison Table Between Sevenhugs Remote X, U, & Logitech Harmony Elite

Device NameSevenhugs Smart Remote XSevenhugs Smart Remote ULogitech Harmony Elite
Compatible devices650,000 devices650,000 devices275,000 devices
Number of devices80 devices in that 20 can be IR devices.80 devices in that 20 can be IR devices.15 devices
Connectivity technologyWiFi, Bluetooth, IRWiFi, Bluetooth, IRWiFi, Bluetooth, IR
ColourWhite and BlackOnly BlackGlossy black
Smart Home Control Yes ✔️Yes ✔️Yes ✔️
LCD Touch ScreenYes ✔️Yes ✔️Yes ✔️
Auto-adaptive screenYes ✔️No ❌No ❌
Backlight buttonsNo physical buttons ❌ No physical buttons ❌ Yes ✔️
SetupDone via appDone via appDone via Harmony app or computer.
Batteries6 AA6 AA1 Lithium Polymer battery


Summing up today’s Tried and Tested review on Sevenhugs Smart Remote U, I have mentioned all its features with pros and cons. The entire article gives you a whole idea of how it works and is it feasible to buy.

In my opinion, I would say this is a great smart remote which was precisely designed based on Users request. As the remote is custom-made by the suggestions/requests of users,  for me, it always has a special place.

The LCD touch screen feature is a rare as well as a must-needed feature Moreover, the LCD screen allows you to find the options and functionalities easily in the dark.

However, its ever-growing database is all worth buying this remote as it is compatible with all the major brands available in the world.

When it comes to its design, as I already mentioned that the remotes were awarded prestigious rewards because of their slim and ergonomic contours. Because of this sleek design, it almost feels effortless when you hold it.

With that said, I will be transparent here and suggest you go with traditional universal remotes if you love the touch of physical remotes but if you are someone like me who are fed up with the broken physicals buttons then just get your hands on Sevenhugs Smart Remote X or U based on what you prefer.

Thank you for always trusting our Tried and Tested reviews and lets us know which from the above remotes which remote you prefer the most. With that said, you are always welcome to ask your queries via mails. We will be glad to reply to you guys.

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