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Are you tired of dealing with different remotes for every particular device? Are you sick of overseeing all your remote controls cluttered in the drawer?

Being a gadget lover, I have always wanted a terrific universal remote to make every situation better. While coming across many Universal Remotes for multiple devices, RCA RCRN04GBE 4-Device Universal Remote topped the list. 

Imagine having an excellent TV that works perfectly with the cable box, a streaming player, and a DVD/Blu-Ray component. Using a well-suited remote is like a cherry on top. 

Being manufactured by one of the oldest and well-known brands in the industry, RCRN04GBE substitutes today’s remotes. So you do not have to fear losing a bunch of remotes in the presence of this cool universal gadget.

I like using a universal remote as it is cost-effective. I spotted the RCA 4-Device remote on Amazon and was pretty amazed by the reviews. Since a good investment makes your life easier, you must not waste time on other remotes in the market.  RCRN-04GBE prevents you from the hassle of keeping track of each remote.

Moreover, using a new gadget needs patience. I failed the first try of programming this remote. But I did not worry about a thing as patience is the key. Following the simple steps in the RCA manual guide and code-list helped me in this regard.

Keep your calm because the time spent on programming the remote will ultimately save you from changing the controls of each device you own.

In addition, its easy to use and program feature makes it highly suitable for older people. Using this remote, you can manage up to 4-devices. The customer care helpline is always available for any queries. You can go through this review guide in case of any confusion.

What’s in the box

The unboxing of the RCRN04GBE Universal Remote is quite mediocre, to be honest. The packaging of the remote moves away from traditional blister packs.

Since they are to be sold as individual pieces, bulk packaging is unsuitable. Instead, clamshell packaging is done as they are placed on the store shelf.

Customised text and artwork are placed on the inside of the cardboard giving a brief product review. The remote is, then, inserted inside the clamshell.

Frankly speaking, the box and packaging of the RCRN04GBE Universal Remote are not so special. Unlike other high-end, expensive universal remotes, this one is quite simple in every way. But we are here for what’s in the packaging, not the packaging itself. 


Key Features Table

Being manufactured by one of the most sought-after brands, RCA 4-Device Universal Remote has no limits when it comes to features.

The ergonomic, thin design makes it easier to handle. I consider it an ultimate choice because it supports the most popular and significant device brands. You can use the remote in three modes;

  1. Enter any channels with number keys
  2. Surf channels with channels up and channels down key
  3. Preset favourite channels by switching them with number keys

Some other prominent features of the RCRN 04GBE Remote are given below:

Buyer’s ratings

4 out of 5 stars among 1,220 global ratings

Product dimensions

4.5 x 1.8 x 11 inches

Product weight

5.8 ounces




RCRN04GBE 4-Device Universal Remote

Device controls

Controls four devices with advanced cable and blu ray functions

Code search options

Automatic, direct, and manual code search 

Keypad design

Green backlit keypad

System Requirements

System requirement is the highlight while buying a universal remote. All your efforts go in vain if you buy a device that does not match the system requirements. We will discuss why is it crucial to have a device compatible with the system.

The most incredible possible convenience a person can look for is the number of devices and systems the remote operates. RCA provides a considerable margin in terms of the wide range of systems it controls. It can manage devices like TV, SAT, DVD, VCR, DTC and CBL.

Programming is also another convenience you get while investing in the RCRN04GBE remote. There are two ways to programme this RCA 4-device remote. You can either manually enter a code or you can search the code using the search code button.

In case, your device has a code search button, you can simply use the power button to scan the required code. When the control finds the code, press the stop button to lock the code and set up your device.

Hence, you will be able to programme your remote with each device in no time.


As mentioned earlier, RCA 4-Device Universal Remote is compatible with most of the major brands in the consumer electronics industry. I own an Apple TV and a Roku streaming device. So, all I had to do was programme the remote with the device.

In addition, it controls four devices and comes with a search code list as well. This means devices are compatible according to specific codes. You can find these codes on RCA Remote Code Finder and programme the device accordingly.


The RCA 4-Device Universal Remote comes with handy hardware. The streaming player and soundbar compatible remote are covered in simple packaging. The packaging is done according to its ergonomic design. The easy to handle design is explained below. 



If you look at RCA brand history, it is evident that they originated from a major electronics company (Radio Corporation of America). While the company made its progress in consumer electronics products, it has also focused on innovative designs. 

Unlike most remotes, this RCA universal remote has an ergonomic design with a perfect key setup. The sizeable key layout excludes all the non-functional keys to make things simple. The easy to handle design is ideal for those with dexterity problems. 

The strength of a brand not only depends on the functional but on the physical features as well. Being considerate about dexterity played a major role in the consumer marketplace of RCA remotes.


The RCA 4-Device Universal remote comes with 2 AAA batteries which are sold separately. All you have to do is to take off the backflip and put the batteries inside. The backlit feature consumes the battery a little, but that is not something to worry about. 

Besides, the sealed lead-acid batteries come with one year warranty. The battery life and remote efficiency depend on how you use it.

I’m always able to keep my batteries last longer because I use the remote sensibly and reasonably. The batteries work effortlessly in case you use them wisely. 

How Many Devices Can RCA RCRN04GBE Remote Control?

It controls four devices, including DVD, TV, VCR and SAT. You have to search codes for each of these devices from the search list and go on your favourite show hunt. In order to do that;

  • Press and hold the TV button while aiming the remote at the panel.
  • Now locate the button specified for your device. 
  • Type the device code while still pressing the device button. The power light will turn off.
  • Keep pressing the button until the power light turns back on.


  • Illuminates with green backlit keypad and easy to use buttons
  • Lack of extra settings in order to avoid confusion
  • Simple and easy to use while controlling either a cable converter box, a DVD player or just a TV
  • Surf all the channels by toggling between presets/direct channels
  • Easily programmed by simply following the instructions


  • The presets can not memorise three-digit subchannel, i.e. remembers digital channels having up to 99 subchannels.
  • The guide key does not work on Sony and Panasonic TVs


While RCA is manufacturing the most technologically advanced products, they offer valuable universal remotes for the money.  This remote offers a perfect deal in terms of both features and price.

A little pricier than a 3-device RCA universal remote for apparent reasons. The price is $21.44 as sold on Amazon, which is still affordable. Standard delivery charges may apply depending on your shipping address.


On this basis, we conclude that there are many good reasons to buy the RCRN04GBE Universal Remote. I personally recommend this RCA Universal Remote if you’re looking for one. The price tag and the features made me a lasting user of this remote. 

I am concluding the article with an optimistic approach that your entertainment time will be a lot more fun when you buy it. I wish I could say that these are all the properties of RCRN04GBE Remote, but they are not. The remote is packed with endless features with an ongoing list. 

Finding an electronic gadget that works best according to your budget is a dilemma. The above review was to help readers who do not like to wait and surf the internet all day long. 

So, just because choosing a gadget is a confusing mess does not mean you can lack behind the technology. So what changes are you making to the drawer keeping up all the spare remotes?

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