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Are you looking for a single remote that could control all of your gear at a time? Are you struggling to find the best Universal Remote for yourself? If that’s the case then go no further. As I am here with some of the most reliable and well-researched information about your next Universal Remote.

Today I’m going to review Philips Universal Remote Control that works with all of your devices under a roof. As I used this device myself, I can confidently say that it is one of the few remote controls that are not only compatible with a large number of devices but also don’t compromise on reliability and compatibility.

While looking for a universal remote control for myself on the web, I realized that the market is crowded with sellers and brands which are selling their spammy and over-priced remote devices frequently. I also received a large number of emails asking me to do a detailed Philips Universal Remote Control Review.

To be honest, I utilised this remote device for over a month now and gathered all the important information, features as well as flaws. In addition, I also did my research and collected customer reviews on different platforms, and finally transformed all my knowledge into this specific article.

Now that you got a clue about the hard work and research I put into my work, I want you to read this article as a whole so that you don’t miss any of the important information. However, if you are running out of time or you are too lazy to do so, jump to the conclusion in order to get an overview of this universal remote.

Can’t wait for me to dissect it in order to let you know whether it is worth your money or not? Let’s get right into it.

Philips Universal Remote Control Review

The Philips Universal Remote Control is an incredible universal remote device that offers a lot more features than you might expect for less than 10 dollars. The pricing is unbelievable. Right?

Moreover, It runs on two AA batteries that are not included with the remote. While you are out shopping, make sure to add batteries to your cart. As you would have to buy batteries yourself,  the battery life mostly depends upon manufacturing rather than the remote control.

Philips Universal Remote operate up to 4 different audio and video components such as TVs, Blu-Ray/DVD Players, Cable/Satellite Receivers, Roku boxes, and other Streaming Media Players, Soundbars and More

Also, keep in mind that Philips Universal Remote Control is not going to work with Bluetooth devices. It is an infrared device which means that a button is needed to be pressed to carry out a certain function.

Philips Universal Remote Control is by far, pre-configured only for Samsung TV. However, if you don’t have a Samsung TV, you may need to reprogram it which is quite easy. It can be carried out by using instructions that come with the box. 

All you need to do is to write the specific codes which are mentioned on the user guide inside the box. Every TV device has its own specific codes. Once you program your remote according to your desired device, it will work without any flaws.

What’s in the Box


First thing first, Let’s unbox as well as talk about what comes with the Philips Universal Remote control. 

It comes with a simple but highly secure and safe packing, with a detailed user guide manual and instructions. As I mentioned earlier, the user guide contains codes to program for each and every device that it supports. 

In case you own any other device instead of a Samsung TV, you would definitely need that user guide in order to program your universal remote.


Now that you have read the detailed overview of the interface, let’s talk about the connectivity that Philips Universal Remote Control has to offer.  

Unfortunately, this universal remote control does not work with Bluetooth devices, Wi-fi devices, or RF devices. It is an Infrared(IR) remote which means that it only works when you press a button on it. In this way, it works best with Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic, and TCL TVs.

I know it might be disappointing for some of you but, to be honest, this Universal Remote Control works incredibly well with IR technology. So, if you are looking for a universal remote which works best with infrared technology, no other option is better than the Philips Universal Remote Control. It works very well and I can assure you that it will never be disappointing.

Battery Life

When it comes to a technology product, battery life is what makes it popular among the customers thus increasing its sales and helps a company to grow and prosper. 

As I mentioned earlier, Philips Universal Remote Control doesn’t come with its own battery. You would need to buy them on your own budget. Therefore, the battery life mostly depends upon the quality of the batteries that you buy. 

However, Philips Universal Remote Control doesn’t use its batteries at a high rate. Once you put a battery in it, it will last a long period of at least 6 to 7 months. In Fact, it delivers the best quality and user experience while using a minimum amount of electric energy.

Buying a bigger battery means minimizing the problems with performance and the phobia that comes with higher energy usage. Thus, I would recommend you to buy a battery with a bigger capacity that lasts longer and performs well.



Philips Universal Remote Control comes with an incredibly beautiful interface and design.  As I have used a large number of remotes myself so I can surely say that it’s the most simple and easy-to-use remote I have ever experienced at that low price.

It comes with a good quality plastic which pretty much drops resistant. During my usage, I dropped it several times but it didn’t make any difference at all, thanks to its reliable and strong design. Therefore,  It’s okay if your kids are using this remote control.

Let’s talk about the buttons that it has to offer to carry out the functions. The upper red button on the left corner is the “Power” button. While under the home button, 4 arrow keys can be seen. In the middle of these keys, there is a dedicated “Enter” button.

In addition, under the arrow keys, there are volume buttons and channel switching keys on the left and right corners of the remote. The “Mute” button can also be observed in the middle of these keys. The “switching” keys are also provided just under the mute key. At last, numeric keys are provided separately if we look at the bottom of the remote.

To be honest, Philips Universal Remote Control is one of the few simple and perfectly balanced remotes I have ever seen. The natural fit, balanced operation, and easy-to-use interface are what make it a perfect product. Moreover, they will provide you with a choice of four colours so that you can select your desired one.

How Many Devices Philips Can Control

The first thing that pops up in our mind when we think about buying a universal remote control is how many devices it controls. I can understand it as it is one of the most important qualities of remote control. Let me tell you guys that it works with a very large number of devices.

The best thing is that it works with 4 different sets of devices. You can replace with a handful of remotes Philips Universal Remote Control which works with TV devices, DVD Player and DVD Recorder, Satellite receiver, Cable Set-Top Box, or VCR ( VideoCassette Recorder). It doesn’t matter from which brand they belong.

Moreover, Philips Universal Remote Control is fully compatible with over 1000 brands including Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Toshiba, TCL, Skyworth, Sony, Hisense, and ROKU. Plus, keep in mind that Philips works with only Infrared ROKU devices and is not compatible with Bluetooth ones. 

Furthermore, this universal remote control needs to be programmed for any other device than a Samsung TV. As I mentioned earlier, there is a user guide that comes with the remote control that includes certain codes for each of the devices. Once programmed, you will be using this remote without any issue.

These are some key pros of Philips Universal Remote Control


  • One of the most affordable remotes in the market
  • Compatible with 4 categories of devices including TV, DVD, and VCR
  • Works well with over 1000 companies and brands
  • Comes with certain codes for each of the devices from different brands.
  • Automatic code learning feature to recognize devices of various brands
  • Works with a pair of two AA batteries
  • Comes with a protective rim that provides it with a firm grasp
  • Easy to set up in just three easy steps


  • Doesn’t come with batteries with the box
  • Philips Universal Remote is not compatible with Bluetooth, Wi-fi or IR devices.


Despite its amazing user experience, reliability, and quality, Philips universal remote control comes with incredible pricing. It costs only 10 dollars for each remote while providing access to some of the most amazing features and benefits.

Moreover, they are providing 24/7 support service via their Universal Remote Control (URC website). While in only 10 dollars, you can connect and use Philips with over 1000 different companies and brands. However, some of the old editions of Philips Remote Control have price tags lower than 10 dollars.

Philips Universal Remote VS Sofabaton U1


Now, if we look at Philips Universal Remote Control and Updated Sofabaton U1, both of them are topping the charts of the market. First of all, let’s talk about the pricing that both of them have to offer. 

Philips costs a total of 10 dollars or less than that. As I have told you guys earlier, some of the old editions of Philips remote come in less than 10 dollars. While on the other hand, Sofabaton U1 costs a total of 12 dollars for each remote. Therefore, Philips Universal Remote wins when it comes to pricing.

However, if we talk about connectivity, Sofabaton U1 owns the upper hand at it. In addition to infrared, it is also equipped with Bluetooth technology which allows users to utilize this remote with Bluetooth devices.

While on the other hand, Philips Universal Remote control owns only Infrared (IR) technology. It means that you won’t be able to use it with devices that require Bluetooth, HR, or Wi-fi technologies.

Moreover, if we look at the performance and user experience that these devices offer, Philips Universal Remote is better than Sofabaton. It works with over 1000 devices from different brands and companies.  Not to forget, all of these features come in less than 10 dollars which is way cheaper than the Sofabaton.

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It is by far, one of the most detailed articles I have ever written about universal remotes where I have added all the important information, my own personal experience as well as its Pros and Cons.

To be honest, I planned to give this remote a try for just a week but I suddenly fell in love with it after experiencing its performance and reliability.

Therefore, I would strongly recommend you to give this remote a try. It Philips Universal Remote only costs a total of 10 dollars which is not a big deal. More than that, you will be getting way more features and services compared to other remote brands. 

Despite the fact that Philips Universal remote doesn’t contain batteries with its packing, and you would have to buy it on your own budget, those AA batteries can be bought easily from any of your desired online or offline stores. Just make sure that you buy good-quality batteries that last longer.

However, if you have already purchased Philips universal remote or using any other, then do not forget to tell me in the comments below.

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