One For All URC7935 Universal Remote Control Review 2021


Do you remember when we used to have separate remotes for every media device in our home, and we had to juggle them together every time we sat down to watch something? 

What was that? Do you? 

Well, not anymore because today, here in this article, I will review one of the best remote controls you can get your hands on that will work with every single device that you own in your media centre. Get ready to throw away all those redundant remotes in your closets because the One For All URC7935 is designed to keep its universal abilities in mind. 

According to the company, with this single remote control, you can control every TV, SoundBar and other devices like Apple TV and Roku.

Now, this may be a huge claim, and companies often overhype their products to get more sales. I have taken the liberty of buying one for myself recently, and here in this article, I will state whether or not this remote control is as reasonable as One for All claims it is.

So get ready, get yourself a nice hot beverage as this will be a long one. However, if you need a “Too long: didn’t read” version of this entire review, I have summed up all of my thoughts in conclusion, where you will get a general idea of what I think about this remote control.

One For All URC7935 Universal Remote Review

Now that we have the introduction out of the way let us get into what I think about this remote control. However, let me first tell you why I am reviewing this One For All URC7935 remote control and what made me purchase the One for All URC7935 in the first place.

I am a huge tech geek and cable phone. I have this vast media setup in my house where I usually sit and relax by watching Netflix or playing video games from time to time.

I have way more devices than I admit to the extent that some people may even call it a problem, which is why I have a small drawer where I keep the remotes for every one of these devices. Keeping track of all these remotes gets convoluted and confusing at times. 

I knew Universal Remotes existed, and I have bought a few myself; however, they never seem to work very well, which is why I stopped bothering with them together. Surprisingly I discovered the One for All URC7935 when I stopped by my parent’s house one day, and my dad was controlling his Soundbar and his TV using the same remote, which kind of blew my mind. 

That is when I invested in the One for All URC7935 Universal Remote Control, and here we are now, after six months of use sharing my thoughts with you. 

The One for All URC7935 is a Universal Remote having a unibody design and a petite size. The remote is compact and feels good in the hand when you use it. There is not much going on when you look at the remote as it is missing the channel dials, which are common in many remotes.

The buttons on the remote are backlit and are visible in the dark. The keys are not squishy and do feel as if they are from a premium product. The signal strength of the remote is excellent, and it can control your devices from a long range.

The remote configuration was also straightforward, and to set it up, I followed the tutorial it had on their Amazon listing. This one single remote is now controlling all my devices and SoundBars.

There are also four programmable keys in this remote, which will allow you to map any four things to it. This feature will make it so that if you map a button to Netflix, that button will instantly start playing Netflix once you press it.

The One for All remote also features a backlit ring customized to light up in your favourite colours. You can choose to colour code all your devices, so when you control a machine with this remote, the ring light will change the device’s colour. 

The Learning feature on the One for all remote allows it to copy any part it does not have from other remotes. This feature will enable you to implement almost any feature from all your remotes which you cannot live without on this single remote.

All the advertised features worked flawlessly during my use, and I never had a problem with them. I thank my dad for telling me about this as the slogan of “One remote to replace them all” written on the box was true for me.

Now that we have our initial thoughts out of the way, let us see what we will find when the package containing the One for All URC7935 arrives at your doorstep.

What’s included in the box


The One for All URC7935 comes in a beautiful black and red box with all the features mentioned on it. The box has most of the features and information about the product on it.

Opening the box, we find the remote, which is placed neatly in the packaging. Setting that aside we find some documentation. One of those documents states how to set up the remote for the first time for almost every single device.

This pamphlet is translated into many languages. This document was convenient for me when I got my hands on the remote.

A small booklet was also with the box, which was surprisingly chunky and took most of the space inside the box. However, the booklet was included because it had all of the codes from most if not all of the TV manufacturers worldwide, which came in handy once it was time to set it up.

The box did not have any batteries included inside it, which is a shame; however, I can live with it. That is it for the unboxing of the remote. Now let us move onto the key feature table of the One for all URC7935.

Key Feature Table 

Buyer’s Rating4 out of 5 Stars
ManufacturerOne for All
Dimensions20.4 x 4.6 x 2 cm
User Documentation Yes
Battery4 AAA
Multi-Device Controls YES
Device LimitUnlimited


The Unique selling point of the One for All URC 7935 remote is its Universal connectivity. Why else would you buy a universal remote? 

The remote is compatible with all major brands, and you do not need to hustle much to get it working on your devices. After popping in those batteries, all you need to do is look up your device in the included manual and type it on the remote.

Once you are done with that, you can rest easy and start using the remote. You can also control devices other than your TV, like the soundbar and your Apple TV device.

If, for some reason, you cannot find the code for the device you are using, then go to the One for all website and look up the code over there. It truly is a hassle-free experience with the One for all remote control.

The colour coding on the ring will tell you which device you are controlling when using the remote, so do not worry about confusing yourself and your devices by the signals your remote emits. 


Moving on to the hardware for the One for All URC 7935, I must say, this might as well be the flagships of all the remotes I own. The buttons feel great and clicky. The backlights are bright and easy to see in the dark. 

The signal range of this remote is excellent, and no matter how far I am from my devices, I never have to click a single button twice to get the thing I want to be done. 

The technology on offer in this remote is something I had never seen before. An example of that is the learning feature of this remote, which can directly learn any feature from other remotes and map it directly onto any button.

The shortcut keys for Youtube, Amazon and Netflix are also huge time savers for me. I mapped the fourth button to my IPTV, which made it a one-stop shop for me. All in all, there is nothing else I could have ever asked for in a television remote.



Now the remote design at first glance may look cheap if you look at it from far away, just like the remote controls included in Android Media Boxes. However, once you hold it, that statement gets blown out immediately. 

The remote is small and feels great in hand. The unibody design makes it ergonomically friendly and easy to hold. One can very easily carry and use the remote in one hand. 

The keys look and feel great. The backlighting makes it so that the remote can be very easily used in the dark. The keys are also tactile and do not feel cheap when clicked.

Buying this remote will not make you think that you have bought yourself something cheap. Instead, it is going to give you the premium feel that you deserve. 


The One for all URC7935 needs four AAA batteries to run; however, they are not included inside the box. However, the question now arises how long is the battery going to last?

Well, the answer to that question lies in how much you are going to use this remote. If you are a couch potato and spend your whole day watching TV, then a conservative estimate is that the batteries will last you at least three months. 

You can always invest in rechargeable batteries and a charging station; however, it is a lot cheaper than you buy a new set every three months. 

I would like you to note that battery degradation is a real thing, and if you are someone who does not use their TV remote often, it is still wise that you change out your batteries every six to eight months for optimal use. The battery acids can also leak out from the battery cells, which can damage the point of contact for the remote and even brick your remote. So do be wise to this fact.

System Requirements

Now let us move on to the system requirements of the remote. By system requirements, I mean what the controlled device needs to be compatible with the One for All URC7935 remote control. 

So, the system requirements for the One for All URC7935 is that the controlled device needs to support Infrared technology. Most devices these days still support Infrared technology, so you do not have to worry when buying this remote about whether or not your television or soundbar will be supported. So go on, there is nothing to be worried about in the system requirements.

What Devices can One for all URC7935 Control?

So let us answer the question of which devices can provide the One for All URC7935 control, and the answer to that question is that it can control most of the devices in your media centre. 

Infrared technology in remotes has been used for decades now. No other connectivity has still reached its utility yet, which is why most televisions, soundbars and Media devices still use Infrared technology.

So all you need to do to configure your device is that you look up the code for it and type it in your remote control, and your device will start being controlled by the remote.


  • Great design
  • Works with all TV’s, Sound Bars and Media Boxes
  • Backlit buttons
  • Learning feature
  • Programmable buttons
  • Very easy to use
  • Small and ergonomically friendly
  • Ringlight shows which device is being controlled


  • Batteries not included
  • Dial is missing


I have said a lot about this remote in this entire article, and some of you readers might be heading to the amazon listing page right now to buy it.

However, what if it cost something like a hundred dollars and everything I said will go down the drain, leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

I’m pleased to state that the One for All URC7935 costs around 25 dollars which for the feature set it provides is an absolute bargain.

I never expected it to be so cheap when I first saw it in my parents’ house. However, it blew my mind when I saw the price on the listing because I was mentally ready to pay around 50 dollars for it. One for All is losing money on this; however, if they are not, then Kudos will make such an excellent product for such a low price.


Well, that wraps up my thoughts on the One For All URC7935 remote. When I first saw this remote, I became an instant fan, and when I saw its price, I started adoring it. I already had a trial when I bought this tiny little remote. However, for our readers, you can take my word for it and get it for your media setup. 

The remote is very easy to set up. All you need to do is look up the codes in the included booklet for your device, and you are done. Once you set up all your devices, the backlight around the ring will indicate which device you are currently controlling. This feature makes the experience with the remote very easy and hassle-free.

It is small ergonomic, and easy to hold design makes it a breeze to hold and use. Yes, there is a possibility that it can get lost in your couch because of its small size; however, the benefits highly outweigh the con for it.

The additional features on the remote are also a lot more than the price I paid for it. The learning feature of the remote was something that I never knew I needed until I had it. The shortcut buttons to all my favourite streaming sites save me a lot of time, which can be better used to watch my favourite series.

So, if you are in the market for a “Remote to replace all the remotes”, then the One for All URC 7935 is the remote control for you. 

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