OMAIC Universal Smart TV Remote Review Guide 2023


Are you tired of juggling different remotes for every media device in your home? Have you ever wanted to have an advanced media system in your home? I bet, yes. Well, thus pandemic had us all. 

Therefore, you may have been thinking of upgrading your home theatre system during this pandemic. Since you’re gonna stay at home, you might as well have a killer TV setup.

With huge TV screens and immersive sounds, an army of remotes spoils the pleasure. I have been using Samsung Smart TV and a premium universal remote is a must-have for me.

Since OMIAC has been around for quite a while now, I decided to give it a try. OMAIC Universal Smart TV Remote brought a little more efficiency and peace to my device setup. This remote is a game-changer.

Above all, its “work out of the box” and “simple to use” features made it a quick seller. This remote is a great substitute for the remotes you keep on losing.

While being manufactured in the USA in 2020, OMAIC brings simplicity to another level. It is also implemented with long-distance control i.e. more than 25 ft. Hence, you will not have to change positions every time you press a button.

Made of sturdy material to give you a comfortable feel, OMAIC Universal Smart TV Remote is the ultimate choice of buyers.

Today, I’m going to let you guys go through the game-changing experience of this Smart TV Universal remote.

Make sure to read the complete article so you do not feel like putting all your eggs in one basket while purchasing it.


While looking for a universal remote, I always opt for a “one-for-all” qualitative solution to consolidate all the remotes in my drawer into one. And I considered the same while buying OMAIC. 

Hence, this brings us to the most important factor while purchasing a universal remote i.e. compatibility.

As the name suggests, OMAIC Universal Remote is a smart TV remote control compatible with all Samsung Smart TVs, HD TV, LED, LCD. SUHD and 3D 4K TV. The remote is also compatible with most of the other Samsung remotes as well since it functions universally.

So now you do not have to worry about searching for a compatible smart TV model for the remote as this is a perfect fit for all of the Samsung models. 

For other brands, you face a lot of confusion and problems whether the remote will support your smart TV or not. But OMAIC relieves you from the stress as its Universal Smart TV Remote is made exclusively for Samsung smart TVs. 

It does not matter if you’re using a Samsung 4K QN90A or a Samsung Neo QLED TV, this remote fits all.


The first thing I adored about this remote was the shape and feel of it which brings us to the hardware of this remote. It has a premium feel to it added by the unique and easy to handle shape.

OMAIC Universal Smart TV Remote comes in exceptional quality hardware with its box made of eco-friendly material. The remote itself is extremely durable and easy to use.

Moreover, this Universal Smart TV Remote does not need any programming. I was pretty amazed by this feature because I’d always mess up the commands and it took me hours setting up the remote for my TV.

The remote itself is made of recyclable ABS material which is non-toxic and durable. Hence, it will bring no harm to your health. And likewise, it imparts a significant role in environmental protection.


In order to buy a Universal Smart TV Remote, you may be thinking of spending your fortune. Don’t worry, the OMAIC Universal Smart TV Remote won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Since it is the best universal remote for the price, you won’t have to spend much more in order to avail yourself of its state-of-the-art specs. The price is pretty affordable as compared to others.

Usually, the remotes work well in the beginning but in the long run, they leave a bad taste in your mouth. Well, nothing will go down the drain with OMAIC.

The product itself has a global rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon. This shows its worth and calibre. You can view the customer reviews on it and see it for yourself.

The universal smart TV remote immediately recognized my TV and functioned as the other remote. The only minor whine I have is that the channel and volume buttons are stiff. But the benefits offset the cons.

The interface and the hardware are super user-friendly. OMAIC Universal Remote is a dandy option if you’re looking for a companion to last many years.

Pros and cons

The most common question asked by everyone is do the benefits outweigh the downsides of this device or not? Surely every device will provide you benefits and you’ll eventually find some downsides to it as well. Here are a few of the pros and cons to enlighten you with the remote’s functionality;


  • Functions similar to the original Samsung remote
  • Compatible with all the Samsung smart TVs launched so far
  • Does not need pairing with any device
  • Made of eco-friendly and best-in-class material
  • No delay with the functioning
  • Fastest response on keypress


  • May not be compatible with all the Smart TV models
  • Exclusive for Samsung Smart TV that restricts its use
  • So there are some cons to OMAIC Universal remote, the benefits exceed the expectations of users.


The OMAIC Remote has the most user-friendly interface because it works right out of the box. The interface is top on my pain point list while purchasing any device.

Operating the remote couldn’t be easier since it demands no programming or setup. All you have to do is to insert two 1.5V AA batteries. Now, you’re ready to upgrade the outdated remote setup thoroughly.

One of the prominent features is the guidance button that helps you learn more about the remote. Press the channel button to view the guide screen or move it up or down to change the channel. 

Moreover, there is another dual functioning button i.e. the volume button. It can either be used to adjust the volume or it can be pressed for more than 1 second to view accessibility shortcuts.

People like me consider this feature crucial while buying a remote. As it saved me from the trouble of programming and is extremely easy to use. 

Featuring some other buttons any remote will have, it is extremely lightweight with 1.58 ounces.

Similarly, the keypress response of OMAIC Universal Remote is the fastest among other remotes. This Smart TV Remote responds to your TV in not more than 0.3 seconds. Remarkable, right!

The buttons will give you a soft touch feel as they are made of silicone. Hence, they are anti-dusted as well. These buttons are also over 100,000 clicks test approved. It ensures quick access to the TV.

Customer Service

Customer service defines the reliability and standards of a brand. If you hear praises about a brand through word of mouth from your peers, it means the brand is providing excellent performance and customer service.

OMAIC has claimed to maintain a high standard quality of the Universal Smart TV Remote since its manufacturing in August 2020. Bringing you the excellence of services, the brand concerns your orders.

Thus in case you have any questions, feel free to contact the customer support service. Normally, they’ll get back to you within 12 business hours.

Above all, I’ve had really bad past experiences in terms of customer service with the past remote I’ve been using. But OMAIC is everything I’ve wanted for a second remote.

OMAIC focuses on customer satisfaction. So as a happy customer, I highly recommend the OMAIC Universal Remote.


After reading this complete review, you have now been enlightened with all the fundamental information about the OMAIC Universal Smart TV Remote. I would like to mention my past experience which was horrible because I had a really hard time programming the device. 

For the previous remotes, I’d always be worrying about my money going to waste. But this time I invested in the right device and I do not regret it.

The most prominent feature of this remote is that it works right out of the box i.e. everyone can use it. The fastest response at such a long distance is another feature that stood out to me. 

Now you know why OMAIC outweighs all the other universal remotes in the market. In short, it is the ultimate choice for Samsung Smart TV users. In my opinion, it is the most underrated universal remote. 

Well, rounding off my opinion, the OMAIC Universal Smart TV Remote will take care of your home theatre needs. So would you want to invest in the real Universal remote or regret having the wrong one?

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