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Neeo remotes have come back with an impact, new, improved and upgraded model. Logitech dominated the market for years, but Neeo is bucking the trend and emerging as one of the finest brands. Neeo claimed it as thinking remote, on basis of its smart intelligent features.

If you are a budget-conscious customer then Neeo is your ideal choice. The features, material and speed you get from Neeo are exceptional. It’s a revolutionary remote with an unsound simple setup for your modern smart home theater. Have a grip on your TV, lights, musical system and much more with upgraded Neeo. 

The remote is segmented into two sections, the brain and the remote. The brain is intelligent; commanding your gadgets and devices wisely, meanwhile the remote is revolutionized increasing the authority to control multiple devices and smart speakers. 

After getting a bird’s eye view you must be wondering what I am about to reveal about Neeo in the later section. Well, I have made sure to anticipate in-depth information for your better understating.

My article is crystal clear with pinpoint pros/cons. Apart from pros/cons, you will also encounter a comparison chart, specification chart and segmented information, that will help you dig into information in a better and understandable way. 

All in all, if you still feel double-minded and have ambiguities, then do give a read to my conclusion. I hope it will answer all your questions and you will be able to make a wise decision. Neeo is otherwise an ideal remote according to my experience. 

Let’s start the next section of the article that I have broken down to help you better understand the remote.

Pro – tip: always buy a remote compatible with your devices, otherwise you will waste money. No one wants to waste a fortune. 

Control4 Neeo Universal Remote Review

Coming towards the review section, I have bought Neeo upgraded remote, and I love its features overall. Yes, there are few downsides of the remote that needs to be corrected but as a whole, the remote is recommended.

You will find an ultra-sensitive response from Neeo; this feature was previously available only by Harmony remotes. But now at a low budget, I found new even better and smarter than harmony elite remote. From its ultra-luxurious remote to a highly responsive brain, everything is synchronized with a wide variety of brands. 

Neeo is not new to the market, but this upgraded version has created mayhem in the remote world. Getting the best universal remote is not that easy as it seems, getting the one that fits all brands is indeed a hard nut to crack.

But the best thing about the remotes I reviewed here is that you do not need any installation or compatibility formalities to get them going.

A single setting and you are good to operate your entertainment devices. Before starting the operation with the remote you have to make sure connections are in place perfect, in case it’s not then you may find difficulty operating the remote. 

Neeo ultimately operates almost everything electronic in my home, office. I operate my home theater system, lights, music and even my security system.

Neeo has made my life simpler and easier by controlling all my home electronics, life is simpler and tension free with Neeo. 

What makes Neeo stand out in the market? Literally, I personally felt that Neeo have features almost the same as Logitech remotes, in many ways I felt like I am using Logitech.

This is one of the reasons buyers prefer Neeo over harmony. Isn’t it in favor of a customer to get a remote of the highest price at an average price tag? So price is the pinpoint where Neeo stands out in the market. 

Neeo is compatible with all home entertainment and smart devices. In case you find any difficulty pairing the remote, just click on the Neeo official website and enter the model number and brand of your entertainment device, immediately a code will appear on the screen that will allow your device and remote to pair immediately. 

Let’s dig into the segmented portion of the article; here I have separately discussed every feature of the remote in-depth for your good understanding. 

What’s in Neeo Remote Box?


Un-boxing of Neeo is a raving experience. I think they have done a better job than apple box. The box is elegant with all safety features kept in consideration, to keep remote and brain safe.

The glazed thin box is moisture resistant, additional plastic coating is done to further save the gadgets from damage. Once you open the box you will find gadgets fix in place within card separators that have air cushion to avoid any damage. 

Silver engraved Neeo is written on the front of the box, with detailed information on both sides of the box. The model number is separately stamped at the base of the box. Series of brands are mentioned o the front of the box that helps you know your remote compatibility immediately. 

Apart from remote, here are the accessories you will receive:

  • Round Compact Brain
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Cables required
  • Warranty Card
  • User Guide

The additional warranty card is provided by the company that claims a 1-year hardware warranty. It will be packed in laminated plastic and will be placed at the bottom of the box, to ensure safety. 

Key Features Table


Buyer’s Rating 

4.9 out of 5




8.58 x 6.69 x 3.9 inches



User Documentation 



Brain, Neeo Application 


Rechargeable batteries. 

Multi-Device Controls 



Black, silver only 

Device limit 



3.75 pound  

System Requirements

It is the key feature you have to keep in limelight before purchasing any universal remote. Why it’s important? Because if the system requirement doesn’t match your devices then you will end up losing money for a worthless remote. Even the top-notch remote can be useless if the system requirement has clashes.  

In the case of Neeo, there is a huge margin of mental relaxation. As the Neeo has a wide range of systems, it can operate devices ranging from simple classic IR, Bluetooth to advance WiFi that makes every device smart. Then you can use your electronics from anywhere. 

While purchasing a universal remote only thing that hammers your head is the utmost convenience. It’s useless to buy a universal remote that can operate many devices but is slow. So speed is the key feature, which needs your attention. 

The remote support 15 devices at a time and here it’s the same as Harmony remotes. You will find your brand easily as it covers 270,000 devices.

In rare cases, you may find difficulty. In case you can find the codes in the manual then Google the code on the Neeo website and you will get the code in no time. 

Its HD full-colour screen offers a bright wide 291-pixel inch. It gives a crispy image that improves the quality of use. The solid aluminium composition makes it light in weight and convenient in use. 

Here is few systems requirement:

  • Control4 OS 3.1.0 or newer.
  • WiFi (802.11b/g/n) 2.4 GHz wireless networks.
  • 10/100BASE-T Ethernet network for initial setup.
  • Min. iOS 8 or Android 4.4 for the NEEO App.
  • 1 or more NEEO Brains.
  • NEEO Account.

The entire above requirement is essential to use the Neeo remote, falling short may result in difficult pairing. 


The prime feature I always observe before buying any universal remote is its compatibility. The better compatibility better will be its result.

The remote is compatible with over 60k devices that make it compatible with a wide variety of brands, thus making pairing a quick and effortless process.

Neeo website provides a detailed list of brands, to check its compatibility. There is no major brand with whom Neeo is not compatible. But few new brands may show compatibility issues. A list of un-compatible brands is stated that helps you make a better, wise decision even before you buy a remote.

Here are devices with which Neeo works perfectly, TVs, Cable boxes, Soundbars, Game consoles, Music systems, Smart lights (Philips HUE, LIFX, IKEA TRÅDFRI etc.), Entertainment products like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chrome cast, Sony, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One, Smart home sensors & devices on Z-Wave, Wifi and many others as-well. 

The Neeo remote is perfectly compatible with smart home speakers i.e. Alexa and Google Home. All you need to do is command via remote and all your work be done, without moving from sofa set.

Feel free to use a single universal remote for all most all activities, no more remote cluttering your coffee table, making operation difficult. 

Comparison chart between Neeo Universal remote and Harmony remote

Neeo Universal Remote Control  

Logitech Harmony Remote


7.1 x 9.1 inches

6 x 2 x 6 inches 


3.75 pound 

12 pound 

Number of devices 



WiFi, Bluetooth, Z-Waves, IR blaster 



Control home electronics 



Touch Screen 

291 pp colour


One-touch activity 



Charging station 



Battery life 

2 – 4 weeks 

1 – 2 weeks 


The Neeo comes with a pair of hardware i.e. a sleek, stylish metallic remote with HD quality LCD, and an intelligent, modern Brain. Remote and brain work together to provide desired features. The brain is the main reason Neeo is named as thinking remote. Here are in-depth details about remote and brain, based on my personal experience.


The Remote is slim, elegant and has a luxurious feel. It comes with 3 inches LED display that has 291 pixels per inch, making a solid crispy display. If I compare it with Apple’s iPad Retina standard, Neeo is better. I am not exaggerating, but it’s a fact. 

You will get only a few hard buttons designated for volume, mute and changing channels. In addition to important volume and channel buttons, back, menu and even home buttons are provided. Home buttons enable the user to immediately open the main page. No backlit button panel provided, ensures battery saving. 

Wise parental control provided, with the help of a palm sensor. Making it an ideal remote in a kid’s house. The sensor helps block kids making TV controls limited to kids. It also has active WiFi and 802.15.4 radio for your 6LoWPAN. Radio only increases the connections of Neeo hubs, but it’s expected in the future Neeo will stand alone to operate the radio.

The charger is included in the package, due to no backlit option and other energy-saving feature battery lasts for months. The remote has no IR system, as it’s operated with a brain only. Overall the remote is good; I will give 3 stars out of 5 on its functioning and outlook. 


The brain operates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4 and an additional Z-Wave. Apart from all 360 degrees IR blaster is also included attached with IR extended as an output. Neeo broadcast at 360 angles to give a complete view. You will also get an IR receiver to learn and memorize codes for the future. 

Proprietary helps the remote to communicate to the brains. In case the brain is at distance from the remote, it automatically converts to WiFi for remote operation, but this way more energy is consumed and the battery get exhausted quickly. 

For CEC control an HDMI port is provided on the brain, it will be used for future operation but Neeo is already activating its CEC control. Neeo is compatible with 60k devices and that is vast and huge.  

The remote comes with an LCD only, it makes the remote pricey but not if you compare it with Harmony Logitech remotes. But apart from the minor shortcomings, I am facing, the remote is an ideal deal for customers with a limited budget. 



The Neeo has worked really hard and creative to design an ideal lightweight, sleek design remote. There is no difference between market top-notch brand harmony and Neeo. Design is unique, classy and of high quality. Esthetically designed remote and brain increases the beauty of the room, giving it a professional look.

Only two colours are available, silver and metallic black. I am using silver colour remote, enjoying the original colour that does not leak or fade with time. I have been using Neeo for a year and it still looks fresh and new. 

No backlit feature provided, and I feel it’s a wise decision. The company claims that if a user requires watching buttons while using a remote, then they have failed in design an ideal remote. You can use the remote easily even when watching a movie at night. Energy saving is high that is why the remote battery does not require recharging even after months. 

The remote is loaded with a handful of buttons, although it’s a universal remote. Buttons are designed anatomical and do not require a second look to use them.

The remote is ergonomically designed with easy hand fitting but still, it’s not a small remote. You will need both hands to operate it as few far buttons need that extra support. 

Coming towards the small compact brain, that is round in size with a sleek design. The brain has no buttons; only sensors are provided with 2 USB ports. Three led lights are at the front that indicates the working and response of the brain. 


The remote comes with a rechargeable battery that comes with a charger. Take off the backflip and put the batteries inside the remote. Initially charge the remote for 24 hours before using the remote, once the remote is fully charged and the red bulb turns green the remote is ready to use. 

The batteries last longer in Neeo remotes because it has no backlit option. In case of excessive use, if the battery gets exhausted quickly, the company provides additional batteries free of cost that are original. 

The HD quality LCD consumes a lot of energy, so it’s better to use the LCD remote with the LCD off when not in use. This increases the battery life and increases the remote efficiency.

I never replaced the battery because I carefully use the remote, and the first time I charged the remote was after a year, why? I used the remote wisely and carefully. 

How Many Devices Can Neeo Remote Control?

The remote is compatible with 60k. Neeo works perfectly, TVs, Cable boxes, Soundbars, Game consoles, Music systems, Smart lights (Philips HUE, LIFX, IKEA TRÅDFRI etc.), Entertainment products like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chrome cast, Sony, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One, Smart home sensors & devices on Z-Wave, Wifi and many others as-well. 

You can also operate Alexa, and Google Home smart speakers with Neeo remote, in future it will also get grip on radio transmissions. 


  • Stylish, attractive interface, just like your mobile phone.
  • Small in size, lightweight and sleek design makes it easy to use.
  • Once setup is done no application is required.
  • Ergonomically designed button panel with an HD quality touch screen.
  • No backlit option saves energy.
  • The battery lasts longer, almost 3 to 4 months. 
  • Perfect un-boxing.   


  • Few major bugs were detected.
  • The power button has no backlit option.
  • Compatibility is not good with Chinese brands. 


The remotes are highly affordable with so many features. After Neeo has upgraded it’s remote, harmony has sidelined to much extent. The reason harmony is sidelined is only its expensive price.

 Neeo has increased its value to much extent with its extraordinary features and affordable price tag. I personally find this remote a perfect deal if you talk about both features and quality both.  


Winding up today’s article with a positive feeling that this review will help you. I have put forward as many details as possible to ensure you get enough knowledge about the remote you are about to buy.

I must say after reading the review you will have many good reasons to buy Neeo universal remote. The rechargeable battery and brain is the main part of the remote. Rechargeable batteries make life easier and simpler.

I personally fell in love after using this world’s best thinking remote. It made my entertainment time even better and more enjoyable with wise and excellent working fast remote. Apart from all its extraordinary features, the price tags will win your hearts in their own way. 

Finding a combination of reasonable price and best features is a hard nut to crack, but Neeo remote has made this dream a reality. Now you can enjoy modern and intelligent universal remote at an affordable price. 

Signing off, do let me know how much my review helped you as your comments boost my morale to work harder and better. 

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