Logitech Harmony Elite Universal Remote Control Review [2021]


Do you have a lot of smart home devices and you get confused over having too many remotes at your house? In that case, you should read this Logitech Harmony Elite universal remote control review. This is not any ordinary universal remote but is way better than any other available in the market.

When I am at home I love to watch my favourite movies and TV shows but sometimes it feels really annoying to find another remote for my Soundbar. It goes for few years and then I thought to buy a remote that operates all my devices so I don’t need to use several remotes for each device I own.

After searching on the internet there was only one product that was mentioned in every article that is Harmony Elite. So, then I thought to give it a shot as many people were talking about it. I then purchase that remote and used it for a month and now I am here to provide my users with my review to let them know if this is worth the money or not.

This article will be quite long because I don’t want to miss anything here as this is quite an expensive remote so I want to clear everything here. In case if you don’t want to read this whole review but want my opinion then you should scroll at the bottom and read the conclusion directly.

Logitech Harmony Elite Universal Remote Control Review

Before we dig into the explanation guide first let’s have an overview of this so you get an idea of how useful this remote could be. Harmony Elite is an advanced universal remote that is way better than any other available on the market. It is because this remote could be used to control 15 devices.

This is the latest and the upgraded version of Harmony Ultimate with some advanced features and some new changes as well. It can be used to support all sorts of devices including TV, Blu-Ray, Soundbars, Speakers, FireTV Stick, Roku Stick, Smart Home devices and the list goes on.

There are several other benefits of having this remote which I am going to describe briefly so you can understand how useful this remote could be. It surely makes our life a lot easier because we sometimes get confused over remotes and even though sometimes we just lost one of these remotes.

Logitech Harmony Elite What’s In the Box


After looking at the price tag of a Logitech Harmony Elite universal remote the first question that arises in your mind is surely what you are going to get in the box? Well! in that case, let me tell you what Logitech’s will offer to their customer when they purchase Harmony Elite for their homes.

This universal remote has a simple box that shows the image of the remote and also the user interface of their mobile application and Harmony wrote on the side. After opening the box you will get Harmony Elite remote control (Batteries included), 2 IR mini-blaster, Harmony Hub, Charging Station, 2 AC Adapters, A USB Cable and user documentation.

These are the things that Harmony will provide you within the box and they are providing 2 AC adapters in case if the one stopped working. Even though IR mini-blasters can be used to control Infrared devices that you need to set them up before using them and the instructions can be found on the user documentation.

System Requirements

Whenever we purchase a universal there is one thing that we take care of the most is the system requirements. It is because many devices use different sort of technology to operate with. For instance, a FireTV Stick or Roku Stick uses the Bluetooth connection whereas a normal TV uses Infrared.

But in the case of a Logitech Harmony Elite then this remote supports both Bluetooth as well as Infrared technology that is enough to handle all devices at your home. It comes with two IR mini-blaster that you can connect with the Harmony Hub to make it useful.

Other than this the Bluetooth setup is also easy as you don’t need to perform any different can pair it with the device just like you did with the old one. This is simply an amazing remote as I have been using it with my FireTV Stick, Soundbar and even with Amazon Echo dot without any problem.


Whenever we buy any universal remote there is only one thing that we take care of the most is if this remote is compatible with the TV or the device that I own? In that case, you don’t need to worry a bit about it because Logitech is compatible with all famous brands and even with some local brands too.

Even though Harmony Elite has the ability to control both Bluetooth as well as Infrared devices that mean you can control almost every device with this remote. The best thing that I like about it is that the Logitech has a pairing code of thousands of brands that are used to set up device instantly without taking much effort.

Even if you are unable to pair with a device that is not popular or the code is not available in the database then you can also set up it instantly using a mobile app. You will find the compatibility list in the user documentation that shows ready use the device and the device that you need to set up manually by following the guide provided there.


Coming to the Hardware then until now I haven’t faced any sort of issue with this remote as it is working pretty fine just they claim to be. You won’t notice any delay issue with any device that you are controlling as I have used my Soundbar, TV and also control the bulbs without any problem.

This remote offers the connectivity of Infrared, WiFi and even Bluetooth that makes it a powerful remote. It is because Bluetooth and WiFi technology helps you to control the device from a far distance which was not possible with the IR. Furthermore, it offers Harmony Hub that is used to control IR based devices from behind the walls or closet.

Harmony Elite is also offering a touchscreen display which is way better than any other remote that can be used to create activity and also toggle between different devices. This display can also be used as a backlit so you can find the keys in the dark but this will consume a lot of battery that’s why to make sure to charge the remote when not in use.


Logitch-Hormny Design

Design-wise I just love this remote because it has a rectangular shape that is easy to carry and all the keys are placed in a decent way that is easy to access. This remote has a soft-touch finish at the bottom which makes it comfortable and it also avoids slipping from the hand which I like more.

Harmony Elite is a completely new redesigned remote because they have just moved some keys from the above that we see in Harmony Ultimate. With this, we can access the power button and some other useful buttons way easier than we used to do with the Ultimate which is also a good chance.

Another change that I notice is the addition of new buttons for Bulbs such as Philips Hue Lights and for the Switches. In the older models, you can turn on/off or dim the lights by going to a touchscreen display that also consumes some of your precious time but now it is just a click away from you.


Unlike various remotes Harmony Elite doesn’t use AA or AAA size batteries but instead, this remote uses the Lithium-Ion Polymer batteries that are included in the box. Even though in case if the batteries are damaged then you can also change it by yourself which is a very good option.

You are provided with a charging station out of the box that helps you to keep your remote charged while you are not using it or it ran out of energy. Talking about the battery life than with a single charge you can only use this remote for a few days which is not good but it is still Ok.

The reason behind this battery life is the coloured touchscreen display as it can be used to create an activity or simply toggle between devices and provides lights in the dark places. The Charging Station has a fast-charging ability and within 3 hours the battery will be fully charged so the battery life won’t bother you anymore.

Number of Devices Universal Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Can Control

This is the fact that whenever we try to purchase our universal remote control the only question that pops in our mind is how many devices can that remote control? Just like you, I also think the same thing because since we are going to spend money that’s why we should understand about that product more.

However, in the case of Logitech Harmony Elite, you will be able to control over 15 devices at your home. This is a pretty big number because not most of the products support that number of devices. Even though the best part is you can control WiFi, Bluetooth and even IR-enabled devices.

Since I have already reviewed the SofaBaton remote that can control 8 devices but unfortunately these numbers are just for IR devices which I don’t like. Now with the help of Harmony Elite, you can control everything like your FireTV Stick, Smart Home devices, DVD Players, Blu-Rays and so on.

Logitech Harmony Elite Warranty

Since we are spending a huge amount of money on a universal remote then there is no doubt that we also wanted to know about the warranty of this product. So, the Logitech Harmony Elite also offering the users a 1 Year of Limited Hardware warranty in case if the remote stop working.

However, you should keep in mind that they are not going to cover the warranty for a broken remote or the broken touchscreen display because it is considered your own fault. But in case if there is an issue with the hardware like the keys are not working or facing delays issue then you can claim your warranty from them.

Claiming the warranty is way easier than most of the products out there as you just need to provide them with a receipt from a retailer or provide an email in case purchasing from their website to reclaim the remote. Also, if you are living in Europe then you will get 2 years of warranty while others getting only 1 Year.

Note: Logitech has recently announced to discontinue their most selling Harmony remotes including Harmony Elite. But don’t worry if you are purchasing it or have already purchased then they are still going to cover the warranty.


  • Logitech Harmony Elite can control over 15 devices.
  • Works with both Bluetooth and Ir devices.
  • It supports Alexa and Google Voice Assistant.
  • The setup process is easy because it has a database of thousands of products.
  • A touchscreen display to create activities or switch device.
  • It has a completely new design which is very comfortable than the previous one.
  • Smart Home buttons are added for Lights and Switches.
  • Changing the batteries is also possible and way easier.
  • The app is available to set up the device or to control them.


  • The price is quite expensive for many individuals.
  • Sometimes application feels laggy.
  • The battery only lasts for few days (because of the touchscreen display).

Smartphone Application


There is no doubt that the remote control is pretty amazing and there are various changes that you notice if you already use any of the older products before. Despite this, they have also changed the layout of their mobile application which is pretty good and is now easier to use.

Harmony application is available for both Android and as well as iOS devices that you can download from Playstore or Apple App Store. After this, you just need to set up Hub by following the documentation provided and then you just need to add all the devices that you are willing to use with this remote.

When everything is done you will then notice a simple layout having two different options like Devices and Activities so you can access both options easily. By going to Activities you can manage activities that you set already or you will be asked to create a new one while the Device will be used for toggle or to add additional devices.


Since the Harmony Elite is an advanced remote with the compatibility of thousands of brands and can control 15 devices that’s why this remote is quite expensive. This remote comes with a price tag of $349.99 which is fair because you are getting advanced features like touchscreen display, compatibility and so on.

I bought this remote a few months ago and I just love to use it because it has a decent design and can control all my devices including Firestick and Roku Stick. In this way, if you are also willing to avoid the hassle of various remotes then just click on the link below and buy this amazing universal remote for yourself.

Check Price

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have you complete reading Logitech Harmony Elite Universal remote review but you still have some questions or doubts that you are willing to ask? If so then don’t worry as I have listed some of the most asked questions from different forums that will surely help you in clearing all the doubts.

However, if you are unable to get the right answer or you are still confused then you can simply ask anything in the comment section below. I will be very glad to hear from you and will try my best to answer the question or solve any sort of problem that you are facing.

Can you use Logitech Harmony Elite without a Hub?

Of course, you can use Logitech Harmony Elite universal remote without a Hub as your TV already has an IR blaster. But with that, you won’t be able to control devices behind the wall or cabinet and even this won’t work with Bluetooth devices like your Firestick, Roku Stick and others. In short, it is recommended to use the Hub or else this remote will be limited and you may not be able to use some advanced features.

Does Logitech Harmony Elite work with Google Home?

Yes, since the Logitech Harmony Elite supports Google Voice Assistant that means you can also use it with your Google Home device to make your work a lot easier. All you need to do is open the Google Home app and then select Add button and tap on Setup device and then select Works with Google and after that select Harmony.

Does Logitech Harmony Elite work with Alexa?

Yes, this universal remote does support Alexa Voice Assistant you can use it directly with remote or simply connect Amazon Echo to get more features. With the help of Alexa, you can perform various commands like Turn on or off your TV, control volume, change the channel and various other commands are supported.


There is no doubt that Logitech is offering us one of the best Universal remotes from many years. Similarly, in this article, I wrote the Logitech Harmony Elite Universal Remote Control Review. I have mentioned everything that a user needs to know before purchasing this remote and I hope you understand how worthy is this.

If I talk about my opinion then I would simply prefer you to buy this remote because this will make your life a lot easier. I know this is quite expensive but it solves all the confusions of the remote and you can replace it with 15 remote controls. It is best suitable for both IR and even for the Bluetooth connection that most devices are using now.

Instead of this the remote has quite a decent look and feels comfortable to carry which means operating it will be very easy. It also has a touchscreen LCD display that helps in creating activity or toggling the devices. The setup process is also easy as most of the famous brands are ready to use without programming.

In case you like this remote but don’t have enough money to buy it and want a cheap alternative to Harmony Elite. Then for this, I would prefer to go with SofaBaton which I also reviewed on my website. Make sure to read the whole article and I am sure that you are definitely going to love this product.

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