Logitech Harmony 650 Vs 665 Comparison & Review [2021]


Have you been looking for the universal remote for your multiple devices but didn’t know which to buy? If so then in this article we have compared Logitech harmony 650 vs 665. These both are the well-known products manufactured by the Logitech that is quite affordable and works with various devices.

But the problem is each one of these remotes comes with its own benefits as well as the disadvantages. This is why when we saw many people were having a discussion over this topic on which one is the best. Then our team though to make a complete comparison between them to help others in finding the right solution.

In this way, if you are also wondering which one could win this battle or want to find the right choice for you. Then make sure to keep reading this article until the end so you don’t miss any helpful information. Because here we are going to provide some advanced information and compare these two models.

We are sure when you read the whole article the results will be completely surprising for you that you haven’t thought before. This is why reading this article is helpful and this will be used to get you the best of the best choice to manage various devices. Also, at the end of this guide, we are going to announce the winner basis on the price, features and compatibility.

Logitech Harmony 650 Vs 665 Quick Comparison


Now before we move towards the complete comparison on Logitech Harmony 650 vs 665 let’s have a look at the quick comparison. This is just for an idea to learn what you are going to get with these two best universal remotes of all the time. By looking at this chart you will understand some simple things.

However, this is not recommended to read as you just want a whole comparison then check out below section instead. As this is only to those who want to learn the quick comparison. Because we will learn some simple information like the costs, devices support, active status etc.

Ok, so here is the quick comparison chart of Logitech Harmony 650 Vs 665:

Harmony 650 VS 665Harmony 650Harmony 665
Weight174 g174 g
Batteries2 AA batteries2 AA batteries
Device Control Limit810
Backlit ButtonsAvailableAvailable
Connector TypeInfraredInfrared
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Logitech Harmony 650 Vs 665

Once looking at the quick comparison most of you surely understand the difference between these two universal remotes. But don’t worry we are now moving towards the detailed guide. In this section, we will review different features that come with Logitech Harmony 650 or 665.

Instead of this, we are also going to share with you some pros and cons of both remote controls. There is no doubt that everything has its own benefits as well as disadvantages. This is why we are going to learn about these two things as well so when you purchase any remote you already get an idea.

However, it is just recommended to read the whole review of both remote controls because with this it will be easier to find the difference. Even though this will be helpful in getting the right choice for you as you know everything about the product that you will purchase.

So, without wasting any further time let’s begin our today’s battle on Logitech Harmony 650 Vs 665:

Logitech Harmony 650 Review


First, we are going to talk about the 650 that is an older model than the 665 as most people already know because of the numbers in the name. Although this remote support the Infrared connectivity and using this single remote a user can replace up to 8 different remotes at his/her house.

Instead of this Logitech Harmony 650 comes with the coloured Display that is used to manage devices or operate the activity easily. This LCD makes it easy to use the remote while at night and even though it also comes with the Backlit supports to find keys in the dark places.

This remote is quite impressive when it comes to the support of devices so this remote is compatible with around 225,000+ devices. Despite this, you can use it with around 5000+ different devices whether it is a Soundbar, Speakers, Satellites, Streaming Devices, or TVs.

Although if we talk about the pairing then the Harmony 650 offers IR learning feature and you can connect various devices using the code. Other than this it also supports the automatic pairing and you can even connect it with PC and use the Harmony software to connect devices easily.

The build quality of this remote is not good enough but it is still considered as Ok and that could last for 2 to 3 years. Although the buttons are quite smaller that could be hard to use especially at nights. This remote only supports the Infrared connection that makes it limited.

That means this cannot be used with the Smart Home devices neither with the Streaming Sticks. Because these supports Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity which this remote doesn’t offer. Additionally this remote is now discontinued by the manufacture and that’s why only a few products are left on the Amazon.


  • Harmony 665 is the budget-friendly universal remote control.
  • Works with almost 225,000+ devices and around 5000+ different brands.
  • It can be used to control 8 different devices at your Home.
  • Fast and easy IR learning to pair different devices.
  • Easy to pair using the Harmony software on Windows or Mac.
  • Supports customization of 23 channels to launch quickly.
  • The remote can be used from a distance of 50 feet.
  • This remote comes with the coloured LCD and backlit support.
  • Easily create activity and it will turn on different devices like Speakers, TV and open particular channel or app.


  • There is no support for Alexa or Google Voice Assistant.
  • It doesn’t support Smart Home devices (because of IR connection only).
  • Pairing is not 100% accurate even with the Software.
  • No support for the Android app to manage devices while on the Go.
  • Too much battery drain because of the coloured LCD.
  • It doesn’t offer control from behind the walls or inside the cabinet.

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Logitech Harmony 665 Review


Now let’s talk about our today’s second competitor that is known as the Logitech Harmony 665. This remote is quite awesome and no doubt this was released after the 650 then it comes with some improvement. Well! just like the old version this remote still supports the Infrared Technology.

That means there is no compatibility with the RF or WiFi/Bluetooth based devices. Despite this, the number of supported devices is increased from the 8 to the 10. Now Harmony 665 is being used to control a total of ten devices at your home but all of them should be IR enabled.

Additionally, this remote also comes with the Bright coloured screen that is used to manage your devices. Even though it also comes with the support of Backlit to find keys at night easily. But the problem is 665 also comes with the smaller buttons that could be hard to use even with the backlit.

Furthermore, many customers have suggested that the buttons located above are quite hard and require some force to make it work. This issue is faced by many customers and that makes it hard to use for elders or kids at your home and in this way, the lifespan of this remote reduces as well.

Other than this it also supports 5000+ different brands and has the compatibility of over 2,70,000+ deices including Satellites, Set-top boxes, Dish TV, Soundbars, Speakers and much more. The remote offers the automatic pairing feature that can be used to connect your devices instantly.

Even though you can use the Harmony Software on your machine to find and pair your devices much easier than before. But the problem is software isn’t as good as they say there could be mistakes while pairing. Overall the remote is made of good material is improved quite a lot than the old one.

Additionally, they changed the colour of the remotes as well because the 650 was only available in Grey while the 665 is only available in black. This is quite good for many people as they like the Black colour over the grey or they changed colour just to identify two different remotes because the design and functions are quite similar.


  • Logitech Harmony 665 is the latest model and they are still manufacturing it.
  • The number of supported devices is increased from 8 to 10.
  • It supports one-click activities to watch Movie, Sleep timer and so on.
  • Harmony 665 comes with the black colour that I personally love.
  • This remote also offers coloured display and backlit support to use at night.
  • The number of supported devices and brands are the same and will increase in future.
  • Automatic IR pairing makes it easy to pair with other remotes.
  • Harmony Software can be used to find and pair devices easily.
  • Works fine with Soundbars, Dish TV, & other IR enabled devices.
  • Just like other remote it also comes with the affordable price.


  • The buttons located above screen are quite hard to press and you need to force it.
  • Software is not good enough some devices need to be paired manually.
  • Consumes battery faster because of the coloured LCD.
  • No Android app is available to manage or operate devices.

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What is Similar & Difference between Logitech Harmony 650 & 665

Once you have read the review you might be confused about which product to buy. Because when we read the features and compatibility we didn’t see much difference in these two remotes. In this way, we thought to make a quick overview of the similarities and difference of Harmony 650 & 665.

In case you are confused even after reading the reading and finding which one to choose then this will help you with it. As it shows some differences that other remotes won’t provide. This will clear all the confusions and will help you in finding the right choice or else you can check the winner section instead.

Similarities in Logitech Harmony 650 Vs 665

  • These both remote controls support the Infrared connectivity.
  • Both are used to control 5000+ brands and 2,70,000+ devices.
  • Use to create a one-click activity to watch TV or Sleep.
  • Coloured Display is available on both remote controls.
  • Backlit is also supported by these two remotes.
  • Both remotes come with the 2 AA size batteries (you can use rechargeable batteries as well).
  • Two of these remotes supports Harmony Software to pair devices.

Differences in Logitech Harmony 650 Vs 665

  • Harmony 650 comes with Grey colour while 665 comes with Black colour.
  • 650 supports 8 devices while the 665 supports 10 devices.
  • 665 is active in the market while the 650 is not but is still available by 3rd-party sellers.

Which One You Should Buy Logitech Harmony 650 OR Harmony 665?

This is the short battle between Logitech Harmony 650 vs 665 in which we learnt different features, compatibility and much more. Now it is a little bit difficult to announce the winner of today’s battle because both remotes are good in their own way but still, there could be one winner.

So, after reviewing these two amazing universal remote controls we have collected differentiate features of these two remotes. On the basis of this, we have chosen the winner of today’s battle between 650 vs 665 and announce the Harmony 665 as the winner.

Now don’t worry there are reasons why we selected this as the first and the common reason is the 665 is still manufactured by the Logitech. While on the other hand 650 is discontinued but is still getting support but we don’t know when they stop supporting it in the future.

Other than this is the device support because 665 is used to manage ten devices while the 650 is only for 8 devices. This makes it easy to replace two more remote controls at our home. Also, the battery is a little bit improved and provide some extra hours/days depending on the usage.

These are a few things that we have checked on these two remotes and then announce this as the winner. Despite this both are the same and if you don’t care about these things. Then you should probably go with the 650 instead because it is also quite good and provides almost the same features.

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