Logitech Harmony 665 Advanced Universal Remote Review 2023


Here I am to help you upgrade, promote and modernize your entertainment system by introducing you to the need for modern time Logitech Harmony 665 universal remote. This review will change your entertainment time to 360 degrees.

Yes!! I am not over exaggerating about the remote at all; you will fall in love with its extraordinary and unique features.

I have put together my best information regarding the remote to help you make a wise decision. The Logitech Harmony 665 universal remote comes with unlimited features and facilities that will change your perspective towards entertainment and TV. 

Like every gadget, Logitech Harmony 665 universal remote comes with its pros and cons. I won’t claim this remote is the best of best in the market and is flawless, but I can confidently prove with my experience that it evinces utilitarian and quiet consideration to me.

Must be wondering, what the review is about to bring for you? Well, I have jotted down uber useful information, just to make sure the article proves a worth read and not just a mere waste of time.

You will encounter a detailed comparison chart of Logitech Harmony 665 universal remote with the market’s top-notch remote. Not only is this but a detailed review of every major part of the remote reviewed in-depth.

After all the effort, if you still feel double-minded and have ambiguities, then do give a read to the conclusion at the end article. I hope it will answer all your questions and you will be able to make a wise decision. 

Let’s dig into the next section of the article that I have segmented to help you get a better understanding of the remote.

Logitech Harmony 665 Universal Remote Review

Let’s get started with an overview about the remote, that how you can maximize its use and how you can know more about its features. Initially, the only thing I want you to know is that Logitech is compatible with a wide variety of brands. This information will increase your horizon and now you can consider buying it.

You must have heard about many universal remotes malfunctioning when used with multiple connections, but Logitech doesn’t show any hindrance during multi uses. 

It’s not a new remote in the market but an advanced feature of Harmony 650. So it has already marked its name in the market with fine features and durability. Only some minor changes are done but even those changes have increased its market value.

Logitech 655 has all the basic functions that you expect from harmony, it supports a wide range of brands as mentioned earlier in the article. But the important part is why Logitech stands unique? The answer is its top-notch features. 

You must be wondering, what makes Logitech 655 different from hundreds of universal remotes in the market? So, let’s find it out. 

From its convenient to use design to its ergonomic grip, every feature is distinctive in its own way. The remote functions perfect with all technologies i.e. WiFi, Bluetooth and IR. What else you need?

You can operate all entertainment devices, it’s the best remote for Home Theater System. Talking about its range, that is phenomenally long. You can operate your devices effortlessly behind the walls or in the cabinets. 

I use to operate Samsung HDTV, Dish TV Joey, and Apple TV without any time-consuming procedures, not only this but I was able to operate smart speakers. Together the remote turned my difficulties into enjoyment. Now I come home and enjoy my time by just commanding what to do. 

In the later phase of the article, I am going to segment all the prime details of the remote and will discuss them in-depth. There is no doubt that all the information is legit as it comes from a firsthand user that is of course me.

So after a thorough read, the ball will be in your court. I will equip you with a weapon of knowledge, then you have to decide where to use it and how to make the right decision. 

What’s Included in Harmony 665 Advanced Remote Box?

Like every customer, I am also always excited about what I will receive in the box. Yes!! The Harmony will never put you down at any point. As the company have customer-friendly policies. So here is what I got, and yes, you will get the same.

A card box with Logitech Harmony 655 motioned in bold on the front side, with orange background. 

Detailed technical information is provided on both sides of the box. The most important product number is provided at the bottom on the front side. Series of brands are mentioned o the front of the box that helps you know your remote compatibility immediately. 

Once you open the box, you will get your new anatomically designed Logitech 655 remote. Well placed in thermopile sheets to avoid any damage during shipment or travelling. Additional plastic covering is provided on the box to protect the product from any moisture damage.

Apart from remote, here are the accessories you will receive:

  • Type A, USB cable.
  • 2 AA alkaline batteries.
  • User Guide. 
  • Warranty Card.

The additional warranty card is provided by the company that claims 1-year hardware warranty. It will be packed in laminated plastic and will be placed at the bottom of the box, to ensure safety. 

Key Features Table


Buyer’s Rating 

4.9 out of 5




8.82 x2.3 x 1.83 inches 



User Documentation 





2 AA provided 

Multi Device Controls 



Black only 

Device limit 




System Requirements

System requirement plays a governing role when buying a universal remote. If the requirement does not match your demand then chances are high that you have made a wrong decision and have wasted your money.

The basic technology that Logitech 655 works on is IR, but wait!! Do not panic, you can also convert it into WiFi technology and Bluetooth technology remote by downloading the Harmony application. It is available on the Google play store and can be installed within seconds. 

While buying a universal remote, one thing that hammers your head is utmost convenience. It’s useless to buy a universal remote that can operate many devices but is slow. So speed is the key feature, which needs your attention. 

Once you install the batteries, the first step is to choose the language and then the computer is required for further pairing. Now here Harmony has laid back, as finding a computer in this time is a hard nut to crack. In the case of the top-notch harmony variant, a HUB resolves all the problems and you can do a pairing with your smartphone. But in the case of Logitech harmony 665 there is no HUB, the only option left behind is connecting USB with the computer and proceed with pairing procedures. 

The remote support 10 devices at a time, and here is its upgrading from the previous Harmony 650. You will find your brand easily as it covers 270,000 devices. In rare cases, you may find difficulty.

In case you can find the codes in the manual then Google the code on the Harmony website and you will get the code in no time. 

The remote comes with an LCD that clears the function details further. Making use easier especially for elder operates. Here are a few of the most important system requirements that you need to know:

  • Windows 8 are required or later versions.
  • macOS 10.10 required at least.
  • USB port – Type-A port required.
  • WiFi availability is a must.

If you went short on any of the above-mentioned requirements, installing the remote will be troublesome for you. 


I keep on pointing o the importance of compatibility in my article so that your memories the most important point. You can say compatibility is the key to find that perfect remote that you have been searching for. The remote is compatible with over 270k devices that make it compatible with a wide variety of brands, thus making pairing a quick and effortless process.

Logitech harmony 665 has a well-maintained website through which you can read a detailed list of its compatibility options, not only compatibility but those brands are also mentioned which are not compatible. This makes buying an easy process as you can decide either the remote is ideal for you or not. 

Harmony has made sure to go to extra length for sake of customer convenience, so in case you can’t find the code for pairing, just click on the website enter the product number and you will get your job done in seconds.

The remote is also compatible with smart home devices as well, like Alexa and Google Home. Just command the smart speakers to turn on the TV and play your favourite movie. Then relax on your sofa as all your work will be handled by smart devices. 

All in all, the remote works perfectly with a variety of devices with claimed speed and efficiency. 


The hardware professionally designed to offer precision. The remote worked perfectly till now, but I do have some complaints about its durability, as my remote got cracks after it fell on the floor. Yes, I know it’s an exterior fault but it hurt me to the core, as I have paid a lot for this. So I suggest harmony to put a little attention on the plastic quality and durability. 

If I compare Logitech harmony 665 with top variants of harmony then I find few flaws one of the most prominent be compromised efficiency because it uses IR technology and Bluetooth connectivity to operate connected devices. This limits its range and speed, whereas remotes that are operated via WiFi are powerful with unlimited range.

The Bluetooth connectivity makes it better and advances than typical IR technology remotes. So I would recommend it to all those who do not intend to operate remote from a distance. 

The Bluetooth connectivity has added one big reason for you to buy it. In remotes that only operate on IR range are low, limiting their functionally and no one would pick such remote. So fortunately Sofabaton has proved its worth by offering IR plus Bluetooth feature to its user. 

One of the best things about Logitech harmony 665 universal remote is the two versions of remotes it offers. An LCD and a without LCD remote, definitely price vary in both cases but at least you buyers have options. I have used both of them and I am completely satisfied with their performance. But I am still using the one with LCD as it offers better features and is quite easy to understand. 

But apart from the minor shortcomings, I am facing, the remote is an ideal deal for customers with a limited budget. 

Smartphone Application

Harmony is well known for its smartphone applications. A well build and managed website is available for guidelines and information regarding compatibilities, how to use guide and other concerning problems that you may encounter while using the remote.

Apart from the website, a well-maintained application is available on the Google play store that is free of cost and readily available for harmony users. 

It allows one-touch activity with your smartphone by either using Harmony Software or Harmony mobile application for iOS or Android phones. You can even connect your tablet and make it a smart remote. 

This helps connect devices via WiFi and Bluetooth enabling you to operate your TV, DVD, AVR etc from anywhere. Logitech 665 covers functions of almost 10 remotes, so say goodbye to those un-numbered remotes on your coffee tables. 


If you have luckily used the previous version of Logitech, then you will realize what advancement has been done in Logitech harmony 665 remotes so far. Now the possible question that you may be wondering is, which one is better? Well according to my experience both work equally good, and I was even happy with 650 functionality, but like we all say upgrading never hurt anyone ever. 

You will get a difference in 665 and 650 colours that can apparently help you differentiate between the two. The harmony 665 is available in matte black whereas the harmony 650 are available in grey colour. But I loved matte black as it gives that elite feeling. 

A full-coloured small LCD screen is added In 665, to add a better understanding for the users. Don’t expect LCD as a touch screen as its harmony has not provided this feature.

You can only use LCD with the help of four buttons around the screen. I was annoyed by the buttons and wished the LCD was touch. But when you see the price tag then it’s understandable that touch screens can’t come under such low price tags. 

The backlit feature is the best, I must admit. And it’s optional as well like you can switch it On/OFF as per your need. For instance, if you are watching a movie at night it will help you use the remote well, and you can turn the backlit off in the day it saves battery. 

Naturally the remote is fully loaded with lots of buttons, as it’s a universal remote. So you can understand buttons are its prerequisite.

The remote is ergonomically designed with anatomical fitting but still, it’s not a small remote. You will need both hands to operate it as few far buttons need that extra support. 

The button layout is done in a logical pattern. The remote is grossly divided into three sections. Above the LCD you will find an activity key used to operate DVD, AVR to watch the movie and listen to music etc. power and activity buttons are also provided above the LCD.

In the third sections, numerical buttons are provided, at the bottom of the remote, why? Because numerical buttons are not required a lot many times while you watch TV or listen to music etc. 

Below the screen navigation buttons and smart selection buttons are provided. The buttons are made up of rubber, they are soft to touch and sensitive but show a delayed action if pressed in a hurry.

I have a little complaint about the rubber button as they get damaged with time or in case of kid’s interaction. Harmony should now shift to metal buttons. 


The remote comes with 2AA batteries. Just remove the back battery case and insert the two batteries in the remote. I know what you are thinking at the moment, yes!! The batteries last longer than you expect. 

It all depends on how you use the remote. If you occasionally use the backlit option then the battery will last for a year or more, as the backlit option consumes a lot of energy and will drain your battery quickly. 

In case you don’t want to replace your battery often; rechargeable batteries can also be used with harmony. But that’s totally your choice. I didn’t opt for this option as I find it a little expensive. You will have to buy a rechargeable station along with the batteries. But yes, it’s a good step. 


  • The remote is an upgraded version of harmony 650.
  • In-expensive.
  • Comes with a bulk of modern features.
  • Compatible with 10 devices including smart speakers.
  • Sturdy design with LCD features.
  • Light in weight and easy to understand.


  • The remote is long with a lot of buttons.
  • The LCD is not touched to operate.
  • Customization takes Good time.
  • Batteries are not rechargeable.

How Many Devices Can Harmony 665 Remote Control?

The harmony 665 remote control is a merge of 10 remote controls. It can control your players, TVs, disc players, sound systems, media streamers, game consoles, Alexa and Google Home smart speakers. 

 Forget about un-numbered remotes on your bedside and enjoy this upgraded, intelligent universal remote with smart futures. Harmony is famous for operating many devices at once, and Logitech is not letting anything down.

It can cover 15 devices at once including the smart speakers. You can operate Apple TV, Smart TV, FireTV, NETFLIX, Sound systems and soundbars, Gaming console and smart speakers.   


Among the Harmony range of universal remote Logitech harmony 665 gives the best price. It is affordable yet full of intelligent and smart features. Finding a combo of price and quality in the market is a hard nut to crack, but Logitech harmony 665 is offering all you need.

I personally find this remote a perfect deal if you talk about both features and quality both.  


Coming towards the summary of what I reviewed for you today. The Logitech Harmony 665 universal remote is offering both quality and features.

The remote has its ups and downs like every other gadget in the market. So you do not need to panic if at some point things don’t go in your favour. Other than its size and slow customization problem I personally didn’t encounter any other issue so far. 

I can give it 4.8 out of 5 if you rank the remote based on features and durability. It is compatible with smart Sonos speakers and has reliable smartphone applications that increase its horizon of use. 

Signing off, that’s all from me for Logitech Harmony 665 universal remote. Hopefully, the information will be sufficient for you to make a final decision to purchase it. 

Do leave your suggestions and feedback in the comment section below as it helps me improve my efforts and come back to you in an improved way. 

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