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It is quite a difficult task to find a suitable universal remote because there are thousands of options are available out there. However, in this article, I am going to review GE Universal remote control that is quite an amazing and budget-friendly remote that you should consider.

So, if you also heard about this name before or just want to learn more about it then make sure to stick with this article until the end. It is because I am about to discuss everything about this remote like what you get inside the box, some of the useful features, compatibility, design and many more.

I received several emails regarding people asking for a detailed review of the GE remote control and after this I purchased it. I then start using this remote for a week and then gathered all the information so I can share everything that one needs to know about this product.

If you are lazy enough to read the whole article then you scroll down at the conclusion where I shared my opinion. I conclude everything there and will also tell whether you should buy it or not.

GE Universal Remote Control Review

Before I dig into a detailed review first, let’s have an overview of it basically GE is a well-known brand that manufactures affordable but quality universal remote controls. There are different models are available there but the one I am going to review today is the GE-48844.

This remote has a simple and unique design that comes with the backlit support to operate it in the dark. GE Universal remote is compatible with all sort of IR enabled devices and this model supports 4 devices at a time. This can be used with various TV brands and also with Blu-Ray, VCR, DVD Player etc.

What’s in the box!

First things first, let’s talk about what you will get after purchasing this remote control. This remote has simple packing that includes your remote control and a pair of alkaline batteries.

However, this remote doesn’t offer rechargeable batteries that’s why you won’t see any other cables inside the box. Other than this GE will provide you with a Manual Guide so that will show the process of pairing and some codes as well.

GE Universal Remote Specifications

Buyer's Rating ★★★★☆ out of 5
Dimensions1.65 inches
Model GE-48844
User DocumentationYes ✅
Multi Device ControlYes ✅
ColorsAvailable 5
Device Limit4
Backlit buttonsYes
Price Check

System Requirements

This remote control works only with IR based devices, unlike Harmony products you are not getting WiFi or RF connectivity. In this way, it can be used with all major TV brands such as Vizio, Samsung, Sony, TCL, LG and so on.

However, if you are willing to use it with FireTV Stick or Roku Stick then unfortunately this is not what you need. It is because both devices use the RF connectivity that is not supported by this remote control.

Although if you have FireTV based Television or Roku TV then this will probably going to work and it is quite easy to pair this within a few seconds. To pair it you just need to get the code from the Manual Guide provided within the box and then you will be able to control these devices easily.


Before making any decision while purchasing a universal remote there is one common thing that should be considered which is compatibility. It is because this helps us to understand whether this is the best choice for devices that you are using or it is the worst thing to choose.

However this remote works fine with almost every major TV brands as they include their codes in a user manual that you will get within a box. Another thing that I noticed after using it with my TV is that it doesn’t require a setup process and I was able to fully control my TV without any problem.

The reason behind this is because the GE Universal Remote is already paired with many TV models and even if it is not paired then you can set it up instantly. It can be also used to control over 4 devices for a hassle-free experience as we don’t need to carry out 4 different remotes for each device you own.


Talking about the hardware then this remote is not powerful as compared to others because it only uses IR technology just like any normal remote control. There is no compatibility of a Bluetooth, RF or WiFi connection that means it is quite limited because you can only use it with IR enabled devices.

This is a huge downfall of this remote control because most people nowadays are using RF or Bluetooth enabled devices. Instead of this IR has a lower range as compared to Bluetooth and to use it you need to face the remote straight to the TV. This is not a bad deal for most of us because what we can expect from this price?

Another thing that should be considered is unlike Harmony Elite this GE Universal Remote doesn’t offer a touchscreen or any LCD to check connected device. However, with this remote, you will probably be going to get the backlit support so you can use it in dark places.



I have used several universal remotes but this one feels more comfortable and is better than most of the cheap remotes. GE remote has a simple rectangular design that makes it easy to carry and use without any issue. All the buttons are placed nicely just like any normal remotes and they are easy to access.

Despite having a comfortable design this remote is made of very good plastic that lasts ages and even if you have kids at home you don’t need to worry about it. This amazing remote also comes with various colours options so you can choose your favourite remote in your favourite colour.

There are five colours choices are available from where you can choose includes Silver, Brushed Black, Gold, Graphite and Rose. With this remote, you are not only saving money but also can get a matching choice for your furniture so it looks even beautiful while using it on your couch.


The GE Universal Remote requires 2 AAA batteries that you are also going to get along with the box after purchase. It also supports rechargeable batteries but you need to purchase them separately. Instead of this you there is no charging port in a remote that means you should buy a charger as well.

When we talk about the battery timing then you will probably get 6 to 7 months of battery backup. Although if you are purchasing a backlit enabled remote then it probably consumes more batteries than a normal one. Overall it has the best battery backup as it may work for a year without any issue.

However, I noticed there is no such button available to disable backlit for a certain time or whenever you are not using it. This is a drawback that I didn’t like about the GE Universal remote. Instead of this, there is nothing wrong with it unless you are concerned about battery life as it will drain very often.

How Many Devices Can GE Remote Control?

It is a fact that whenever someone tries to buy any universal remote they probably want to know how many devices can be operated with a single remote. So, this amazing and price-friendly remote will control over 4 devices that include almost all TV brands, DVD Players and so on.

This remote has a separate button for each device that will help you to choose the device that you are willing to use. Using this is quite simple and within a few minutes of usage, you will understand how to use it properly. Even though you will find an open and close button for Blu-Ray that works perfectly.

Some buttons are not working properly on TV brands that are not popular but if you are using a popular brand then you won’t face this problem. This remote works with Android-based TV boxes or Sticks that supports HDMI-CEC but the features are quite limited.


  • The GE Universal Remote is an affordable replacement remote.
  • This remote can be used for 4 devices.
  • You can use it from a long distance without interruption.
  • It has an automatic code learning feature and is ready to use for various brands.
  • This remote works fine with DVD Player, Blu-Ray, Roku TV etc.
  • It uses a pair of AAA size batteries.
  • Backlit helps using it in the darkroom.
  • A dedicated button to open or close Blu-Ray easily.
  • It is quite easy to pair with other devices.


  • It doesn’t support RF, WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity.
  • There is no touchscreen or LCD display.
  • Backlit consumes more battery than without it.


There is no doubt that the GE Universal remote is an amazing and the best replacement for various brands. Despite being an awesome remote GE also comes with an outstanding price tag. This remote will only cost you around 12 bucks that provide some advanced features and also have backlit support.

Within just $12 you are getting various advanced features that an expensive remote provides like the support of multiple devices including DVD Player, Blu-Ray, Roku TV and so on. Even though sometimes you may get it at a lower price because of some events like Black Friday etc.

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Conclusion – Is the GE Universal Remote Worth It?

That’s it for today’s GE Universal Remote review as I have provided every necessary information that you need to know about this universal remote. After using it for a week I just fall in love with this remote because it has a nice and clean design which makes it easy to carry and the material is good as well.

Other than this it also has the backlit that even makes my life better because I used to watch movies in dark and with this, I didn’t face any problem in finding a specific key. This is also easy to use as I face some problem with it for the first time but after reading the manual guide it took only 10 seconds to pair my TV.

GE Universal Remote uses AAA type batteries which are easy to find and even though you can use rechargeable ones within it. Overall this is one of the best and my favourite remote that you should also buy because it only costs $12 and within this, you are getting some excellent features.

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