Good news for all of you elderly TV lovers. Here I have brought a review of the best universal remote Flipper that is convenient for you to use. You do not need to ask your granddaughter to put your favourite channel and then wait for her mood to come to you.

Now you can operate this remote easily with its convenient to use buttons with prominent colours to guide you. 

Flipper universal remote is ideal for old-aged individuals or for people with short-sightedness. It is a bug button remote that you guys were longing for.

I have searched for various markets that claim to supply genuine universal remotes for the elderly. But after using a variety of brands I concluded that flipper is offering the best features that fit our demands. 

My email has been swamping with your emails about this review, I know you guys were anxious about how I’ll go around with the flipper remote.

Finally!!! Your wait is over now, as I have searched every nook and corner of this remote and have brought forward all the useful information that you were searching for here and there on the internet. 

You are requested to read the article from start till end, to avoid any loss because of lack of information. I have provided the point and short review in which the information is compressed so it’s mandatory to read till the end.

I made sure to provide transparent information so the pros and cons of the product are also mentioned; this will help you get highlighted information about this remote. 

Let’s not waste any more time and start the review that you are waiting for. 


I have complaints about brands manufacturing entertainment electronic or smart household devices, why a user has to juggle tens of remotes and have to understand 100 of operations to enjoy for what he paid.

Here I will mention the most affected group among us, our elderly who always have to search for help or assistance to watch their favourite show. Why no company ever brainstormed for this group of buyers, yes because they are ignorant and do not want to put in the effort. 

But all of you elder readers should take a gasp of fresh air now, as flipper universal remote is here to solve your problem in a row.

You guys will be able to use one remote to operate all your entertainment devices plus smart gadgets. Changing channel and tuning your favourite show won’t be a dependent activity now, as the bug buttons are provided to help you.

The company has used bright coloured buttons that are visible even for short-sighted individuals. 

For your ease of understating I have listed down the important features that you can go through to understand the key points of flipper universal remote.

I have covered the information regarding every aspect of the remote i.e. from its outer frame to its batteries and even the warranty. I tried my best to help you as much as I can, for this, I can go to any lengths or you can say I did go to an extra length just for you. 

Features of Flipper Remote


The remote is designed with prominent, noticeable, and easy to operate buttons. These are made categorically for this segment of users who have visual problems. With a single button, you have options to program more than 30 channels.

When you will press this single button all the programs will be displayed on your screen from which you can choose the one you want. It helps remember the controls better as all the channels are under one button. 

It has a flip panel that contains a classic 1 to 9 rubber button panel that is backlit. In the last row, you will find options to turn on the device you wish to, like TV, STS, ADD, or DEL.

The panel is kept hidden to avoid any accidental button press that might shift from TV to any other device from the option. It can be a problem for the elderly.

So overall I must admit the remote is designed for ultimate convenience. 

Convenient to Use

the prime feature of the flipper remote is the ease of use. Yes, you heard it right the remote is super easy to use with all channels under one big button.

The remote has three rows with each row having two buttons. You will see a striking red IR light on the tip of the remote that helps indicate the remote is working and batteries are working pretty well.

A big green button is the power button that helps turn the TV on or off, at its right a white round button is provided that is used to mute the remote in case you do not want to listen to audio. 

Two bug-shaped buttons that are blue in colour are channel buttons, yes only two. You must be wondering why only two, well here is the reason. These two buttons have control for 30 channels that are displayed on TV once the button is pressed and then you can select the one you want.

The third row contains two big orange volume buttons that help control the audio.

My mom loves listening to the high volume that annoys me a lot, but anyways these buttons might help her now. 

The remote has a flip option, under the flip, you will get a button panel from 1 to 9. These are provided because the company targets other users in the market too. 

Lightweight remote

the remote is made-up of plastic completely, no fancy metal detailing added so the user loves it. Your grandmother will not complain about its weight or have to lean forward to pick the remote or put it back on the table. 

Devices a Flipper controls: the remote controls only two devices i.e. cable and TV only. 

Security features: the flipper remote has a flip option under which a big button panel is provided. This helps protect the channel flip accidentally by children or even the elderly.

Big buttons provided at the top have safe-to-use buttons. These security options are very helpful 

Easy start-up

the best thing about this remote is that it’s compatible with all the major brands. You just have to follow a simple step of auto search in which the remote DTV and the TV synchronize themselves thus once it’s done the TV and remote will restart and you are good to go.

No installation required or long procedures are demanded to synchronize your devices. 

Customer-friendly offers

I just loved their customer services, trust me to know one understands customers’ needs more than this brand. All you have to do is buy the remote at a reasonable price from a leading online store. The link is provided at end of the article. 

After the purchase, you will be provided with 7 days exchange policy and money back policy in case you do not like the remote.

Most of you were asking ample questions regarding its warranty, so here is the answer to your question they offer a 1-year warranty and lifetime repair policy.

What else you expect any company to do for you, they are doing a lot to make sure the buyers feel comfortable and trust the manufacturer. 

Affordable batteries

the remote works perfectly with 2 AAA batteries. These can be found in any local grocery store without any difficulty. The batteries last long, my mom bought batteries last year and they are still doing well.

No hassle of putting your remote on a designated charging station or worrying to buy an expensive battery after every six months. 


  • Ideal remote for elderly individuals. 
  • Big bug-shaped prominent buttons, convenient to use. 
  • The remote is all plastic, eco-friendly, and light in weight.
  • A flip panel is provided that increases the security of use.
  • It requires a simple pair of batteries to operate.
  • The remote has a simple design and perfect for children to understand. 
  • The remote can be returned in case you do not like it. 


  • It is not for those of you who want a fancy remote.
  • The design is simple and classic, not suitable for contemporary areas.
  • The plastic is breakable.


The remote is affordable and perfect for low-budget customers. You can get this online from the leading online store Amazon at $39.95. No hidden charges, tax, or delivery charges included. Do not more and place your order before the product runs short in the market. 

You will find many brands online and at retail stores, that sell expensive flipper remotes as these have high demand by elderly segment customers. To save you from such scams here is the link provided that teleports you to the worlds leading online store Amazon. 

Check on Amazon


This was all for today’s article, I have provided in-depth information from top to bottom that will surely help you while you decide which one to buy from the variety in the market.

In the end, I would again like to wrap up my review by saying that this flipper universal remote is indeed ideal for your mother, grandmother, or one who finds fancy remotes difficult to operate.

The prime feature that makes it come under the spotlight of the best remote is its convenient to use bug buttons. 

I would recommend you to not miss any part of this review and especially the pros and cons. I made sure to provide you with both the bright side and dark side of this remote.

As we all know every product comes with pros and cons as this is the pack and parcel of every gadget. You will get a lot of help from the features mentioned above while making a quick decision as they are a guide map to reach the perfect remote for your elderly. 

Is a Flipper TV remote the best Choice for the Elderly?

For all those worried from frequent calls from their parents about how to tune their favourite channel. Guys this remote will solve your problems and you can enjoy your free time with no phone buzzing around you.

Flipper remote offers simple aspects and easy-to-use buttons that do not puzzle its user. I myself bought two remotes, one for my mother and the other for my mother-in-law, trust me after gifting the flipper remote my life has changed,

yes, it seems funny but trust me this is what happened.

I was tired and was freaking out with my phone buzzing around every 20 minutes, so I then started looking out for a remote that is easy for them to use, and look I found one. Well said that when you work hard to find something, the whole universe conspires to give you what you log for.

Putting in a nutshell, your elderly will love you for getting this easy-to-operate remote for them. So go and get your remote without any further delay.

Do come to me and let me know how my review helped you. You guys have no idea how much your response boost my confidence to bring more review for you.

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