Crestron TSR- 310 Review 2023 – Price, Features & Supported Device


Looking for a remote that looks, feels and works great? Want to feel trendy in this smart technology world? Are you in search of a futuristic remote?

Well, you’re in the right place. Making its comeback with a simple OS update, Crestron TSR-310 dominated the technology. The hand-held remote is customisable with a rugged design offering exceptional comfort.

The company ensures a fully wireless performance while being executed by spoken commands using Built-in Voice recognition.

Crestron TSR-310 Review 2021

Crestron TSR-310 Remote made its debut in the touch screen remote industry with a Crestron Performance UI design. The UI is designed specifically for Crestron TSR-310 to provide a never seen before user experience. While already famous among technology addicts, it integrates with Crestron Home Operating System (Crestron Pyng OS 2). 

By reducing the deployment time, TSR-310 makes your experience a lot more charming. Integrators are amazed by the quick and instant updates of the Crestron Pyng OS 2. This feature helps provide the best Crestron Performance UI.

Luckily, I had a chance to play with this remote two years ago, and it crossed my expectation level beyond a doubt. 

Leaving behind all the hand-held remotes released by Savant, URC or Control4, the TSR-310 has brought revolutionary changes in the UI. Hence, forcing these three companies to start all over again. 

Interestingly, Crestron Pyng OS 2 was not widely adopted five years ago until a simple OS update made this a mandatory item. Thus, making it different from other primitive hand-held remotes.

To an amateur, Crestron TSR-310 might be just another remote. But to someone who understands technology well, it is a lot more than that. The remote is filled with exclusive features and top-notch quality.

After using Crestron TSR-310 remote for 6 months, I have decided to jot down all the specs and benefits of this top-notch remote. The introduction, as mentioned above, is just a bird’s eye view. Read the complete article to help you better understand the remote.

To invest in a device, you have to research the model and brand in every aspect thoroughly. This is why you need to go through this review that will save you time and money in every way

What’s in the Crestron TSR-310 Remote Box?

While buying any device, you may wonder what is in the box or what accessories it comes with. Well, as I said before, I’m here to answer all of your questions. Usually, the remotes come in blister packs. But Crestron TSR-310 comes in customised packaging.

So, the unboxing of Crestron TSR-310 moves away from a typical remote box. The kit of the futuristic remote contains a remote with a rechargeable battery.

The coolest thing is that it comes with a table dock charger, hence leaving you space for your coffee. I have been using this remote for 6 months now and am still amazed by its remarkable, innovative technology.

Furthermore, this hand-held touch screen remote is available in sealed as well as open box packaging. The open box packaging is guaranteed to be in excellent condition and is available on many websites.

Even if the seal is open, the box would still contain all the accessories packed initially with the remote. An open box may be a factory second. You will still have to programme this remote with a WiFi protocol.


Key Features Table

For the past 50 years, Crestron has been providing solutions to software and hardware problems around the globe. Crestron Electronics fuels innovation in the technological world.

While constantly offering better automation solutions to change people’s lives, Crestron has come at the forefront of cutting-edge technology.

Similarly, Crestron has strengthened productivity and innovation by chartering the future of smart technology. Being backed by 90 offices, Crestron is providing 24×7 technical support services. The main aim is to reflect the lifestyle of people as well as addressing their needs. 

Hence, being manufactured by such a promising company to our future, Crestron TSR-310 remote is filled with outstanding, state-of-the-art features which are listed below;

NameCrestron TSR- 310
Manufacturer Crestron
Battery Rechargeable battery with a Table dock charging base
Design Matte surface with an ergonomic design

Backlit buttons for OSM navigation
Control SystemIntegrated AV Control
Voice Command InterfaceBuilt-in Voice control interface with WiFi connectivity
technologyInstant waking technology along with movement sensors
ScreenCustomisable and high-contrast touch screen with Crestron Smart Graphics Technology
SoftwareEquipped with built-in software Performance UI
ConfigurationIncludes Quick actions, Standby timeout and custom LCD brightness

System Requirements

We all know that the System Requirement is a limelight feature, but why is it so important? Obviously, no one wants their money to go to waste if the remote is of no use. If you buy a remote without checking the system requirements, you were probably not thinking before investing.

The Crestron TSR-310 Remote is made suitable for HomeAV Market while integrating with the Crestron home operating system at the same time. The exclusive feature of reduced deployment time comes due to the Crestron Pyng OS 2 update.

Not only this, but you also get the entertainment time of your dreams. So instead of hammering your head, start buying a gadget by reading complete research on it like this one.


Compatibility is the prime feature to consider while buying any electronic gadget. It is another small addition to our list of making our life easier. The multi-control function of Crestron TSR-310  includes television, lightning, audio and blinds. 

The hand-held remote is compatible with a wide range of devices up to 150 in number. It also supports hand-off communication in case of multiple WiFi access points. Hence, it is verified to work efficiently with wireless access points from the top manufacturers. Consequently, there is rarely an un-compatible brand TSR-310 has an issue with.

Moreover, Crestron also comes up with its own list of certified wireless access points. The list includes Luxul, Cisco, Aruba, Pakedge, Ruckus, and Ubiquiti networks. This list keeps on updating as a result of ongoing testing and certification. So, make sure to keep a check on the Crestron website.


Equipped with modern technology, the futuristic remote offers exceptional ease in terms of usage and programming. It won’t be wrong to call Crestron the pioneers of future technology. The TSR-310 comes with a built-in Performance UI software program. This software provides a preprogrammed graphical interface as well as control over the Crestron Pyng OS-2 system.

The remote compliments a customisable use in the theatres, board rooms, hotel room, homes, and many other places. The hardware provides an engaging experience with animated feedback, personalised theme and embedded apps.



Apart from the technology, Crestron has been aiming to go for innovative and comfortable designs. Excellent ergonomic design with a complete set of complementary buttons aims to ease one-handed use. The velvet and matte texture of TSR-310 helps anyone to navigate the programs easily. This is helpful in easy sliding and landing from hands to table. 

Again, the tactile buttons complement complete access for the users. It comes with a 5-way thumb pad to aid standard directional navigation. The buttons also change colour in 4 colour mode, with each button being programmable to foreseeable behaviour. These four colours for option buttons are red, blue, green, and yellow.

The high-resolution 3 inches touch screen, along with backlit buttons, provide clear visibility under any light condition. The touch screen is equipped with Smart Graphics Technology for a high contrast view. 


Crestron believes in the conservation of power while manufacturing its gadgets. The TSR-310 works on the same principle. One of the most distinctive features is the sleep mode of TSR-310. When not in use, Crestron TSR-310 lowers connectivity to the wireless access points making sure there is no battery consumption.

Consequently, this feature ensures maximum battery life and quality performance at the same time. For minimal occupied space, it includes a table dock charger. The remote is placed upright on the table dock in a fully operational state. The battery life of TSR-310 is 5.5 hours between charges and under regular use.

Most importantly, you can also get a battery replacement for  Crestron TSR-310 Remote once in a while. 3.8 volts and 80 grams battery are used for replacement. Make sure to match the model and battery part number with the device to avoid any problem.

How Many Devices Can Crestron TSR-310 Remote Control?

While I was testing the Crestron TSR-310 for compatible devices, it showed excellent performance as expected. The remote did not show any error while operating about 150 elements at once. It is a single remote that can handle a wide range of home accessories, including Apple TV, Amazon Alexa, HomeKit and Siri. The manufacturers have done an excellent job while keeping in mind that the control does not suck all the battery.

Hence, it would help if you did not consider this question insignificant, as you may want to explore the remote once you buy it. This hand-held remote is made to increase the users’ profitability and make them a part of the smart technology.


Having a comprehensive range of features inclusive of all the needs and requirements of today’s age, Crestron TSR-310 is jammed with a hallmark of qualities; here is a chunk of pros of this device;

  • Customisable remote with an ergonomic and rugged design
  • Voice recognition interface using spoken commands
  • Crestron UI control system with high-performance wireless communications
  • Helps to use in any light condition using auto-sleep and auto-brightness control
  • Saves you space with a table docs charger for a rechargeable battery


Given that Crestron TSR-310 has a wide range of features, it is impossible to consider its cons which is just that it may not be compatible with new brands. And that’s it!


Being an up-scale version of Crestron’s HR-310 remote, which is all buttons, Crestron TSR-310 has the most convenient, best features for its price. Exceeding its competitors in terms of price at $1000, it costs less money than Crestron’s previous models. But the whole article explains why you should buy this device. There are many reasons to buy TSR-310 Remote; being sleeker than other typical remotes is one.


Should we recall why I suggest this remote out of all other average remotes? And why this remote should be your favourite? Crestron provides us with many reasons to fall in love with TSR-310 Handheld Remote.

This remote has many additions to presenting it as a unique model, making it a great purchase. The colour display is big enough for you to read the layout and make the selections.

The similarity between the interface of Crestron TSR-310 and iOS devices helps a lot in navigation.

As I have mentioned all of the reasons, including the pros and cons, there must not be any doubt why you need this remote. The world is moving into a digital and smart technology phase. Do you want to sit at home and watch or be a part of it? 

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