Caavo Control Center Universal Remote Review – Best Remote Of 2021

Hey!! Welcome to my review where you are going to experience a roller coaster of knowledge about Caavo Universal Remote control, I know you have been working hard to get your hands on the right article that offers colossal legit information. Well, here you are at the right article. 

Ok, let’s get straight to the point, what you will find here? Well, I love to review remotes because I am a secret remote hoarder. You can say I have used a lot of remotes just to know which one fits my demands. So I guarantee you solid information with to the point pros and cons.

In case you are concerned about the comparison of Caavo with other leading brands of the market to make sure you are making the right choice. So for you, I have also added a comparison chart between Caavo and other market-leading remote controls. 

This comparison will help you make the final decision with confidence. I recommend you to thoroughly read the article and do not miss any part as it may prove harmful to you in future.

For my busy readers who can’t spare their time to give a detailed read. I have made information approachable and visible for you in my conclusion. You will find the most prominent and useful features in conclusion and I think that would be sufficient for you to make up your mind for Caavo Universal remote controls. 

Caavo Universal Remote Review

Before we get into fine details of the remote let’s get a bird’s eye view about how the remote works and how you can extract maximum features from the remote. It’s well said that more the knowledge, the better the life. So let’s see what Caavo has to offer you in return for your fortune.

Caavo is an emerging brand that is competing with Harmony and it’s expected it will supersede Harmony in no time. It offers features that are friendly to all ages from the elderly to even kids. What more you would want from a remote anyway. 

This version of Caavo Control Center Smart Remote is selling like hot cake because of its upgraded features and durability. You don’t need to worry about compatibility with your entertaining devices, as it’s compatible continuously with, Soundbars, Blu-Ray Speakers, FireTV Stick, Roku Stick, Smart Home devices and the list goes on.

I can confidently claim that I bought Caavo Control Center Universal Remote blindly, I trusted the brand and it was worth trusting them. I am in awe that I bought two for my parents. Both found it super convenient and simple to operate.

I am going to describe almost every prime features and facilities Caavo universal remote offer to you, with the claim that the remote can work for a lifetime.

At some point, I agree with them as it’s been fifteen years I have been using their remote, and guess what? I never faced even a single issue. This is one of the hundreds of reason why I thought this remote is best for my parents. 

Caavo Control Center will surely make your life stress free with its intelligent, smart remote features, that won’t let you get up from the couch to do any extra effort. All you will do after buying Caavo is enjoy.

Yes, you heard it right.

Just imagine a remote that is connected to Alexa, Google Home, TV, DVD device and the list goes on. No juggling of tens of remotes every time you start watching a movie. 

Let’s now jump to the features of Caavo Universal Remote control. 

Caavo Universal Remote What’s in the Box


After knowing the worth of Caavo universal remote the first thing that will pop into your mind will be, what I will get in the box? You might make a vague sketch of getting a lot of wires and batteries but that’s not true. Here is what you will find in the box once you unbox it.

The Caavo comes in a simple rectangular card box with a remote picture on it with Caavo written on the front side. Technical information is also written at the sides, the model number can be found on the base of the box.

You will get Caavo universal remote control once you open the box, fixed inside thermopile packing to protect it from external shock and to ensure safe shipping. 

In addition t remote you will get the following aiding gadgets:

  • Control centre hub.
  • Spotlight HDMI cable.
  • IR blasters also included.

A warranty card is also provided in the box in plastic packing to keep it safe, red colour warranty is written on the card to ensure it stays prominent visible. 

Key Features Table


Buyer’s Rating 

4.5 out of 5




260 x 150 x 83 inches 



User Documentation 





2 AA provided 

Multi-Device Controls 



White and black 

Device limit 






I must say Caavo is one of the finest designed remote that gives a luxury feel. The black colour and matte velvety look is a perfect combination.

Its buttons are made up of steel that neither corrode nor get damaged with any pricking in addition the steel buttons have a better grip and are convenient to use.

It’s an ergonomically designed remote that has an anatomical shape. Rectangular shape with even tip and bottom, easy to hold and carry along. Total of 16 buttons with a central circular rubber button. The first button you will encounter is the power button that you can use to turn your TV On/OFF. Parallel to the power button is the stop button that makes this remote ideal for watching movies on NETFLIX, YouTube videos.

Then comes the second row that contains three buttons, one signed negative used to reduce the volume, the centre one is a mute button to immediately stop the sound and the one is plus button use to increase the volume. These volume regulated buttons are placed at the top to enhance the ease of usage.

Then you will see a Caavo logo engraved in steel and placed a little before the middle, yes it adds beauty and the logo is a must. After the logo, you will come to the third row that contains only two buttons. One is the setting button that will help you adjust the setting according to your own demand.

At the left is the speaker button that helps you use voice command to operate the devices paired with the remote.

In the middle is the circular button that has four operational tips, the left and right controls the channels. Whereas the top and bottom buttons control the menu and you can go up and down with the help of this button. After the circular button is the reverse and menu button followed by the home button.

The home button will bring you to the main menu from anywhere. You can say it’s a quick reset button that prevents you from the extra effort.

The last row of four buttons controls the speed and pattern of the video. Reverse, forward and fast forward buttons help regulate the video you watch at your own pace. Last but not the least, this row operates up and down buttons with the central be channel button. If you want to visualize the entire channel on the TV just clicks the centre button.

System Requirements

One of the most important features that you have to know before buying a universal remote is the system requirement.

As you know that universal remotes vary in their function from IR technology to Bluetooth or WiFi technology. The more advanced technology goes the better remotes work and yes, the more will be its price. 

In the case of Caavo remotes system requirement is IR technology. If you consider longer run and durability then IR technology universal remotes rank at number one. WiFi technology has few limitations, one of the most prominent is if WiFi is unavailable you will not be able to operate the gadget.

So IR technology was the prime reason I wanted to recommend Caavo remotes to you. 

Yes you will find few limitations with Caavo as well, for example, FireTV Stick and Roku Stick uses Bluetooth connections to operate, but in the case of television, IR technology is used. So these are few limitations that you will come across. 

Universal Caavo Control Center being thought-full provided with an application that helps connect it to Bluetooth or WiFi operated devices.

You can get the application installed on your mobile from the Caavo websites, the application is free and takes seconds to install. 

The remote comes with an active voice control feature that easily helps you connect to all Roku, FireTV, NETFLIX, Apple TV etc. you can stroll across multiple services and choose what you want to watch. Caavo can also be connected to your system’s Sound Bar, AVR, game console, satellite, DVD and Control Centre. 

Point to keep in mind: you will encounter a little delay in opening the content. No need to panic about your remote functioning or ability. It’s just because switching the correct device to related services takes a little while. So your remote efficiency is 100% but system protocols rake time.

All in all, there is no reason you will not like this remote. It’s efficient, fine and simple to use. 


As I have mentioned earlier in the article, the compatibility of your remote is the key feature. If you buy any remote not compatible with your devices you have clearly wasted your money and time.

The good news is that Caavo is compatible with all of the major brands making it an ideal remote. 

I bought this remote for my parents for the same reason, my mother love changing her DVD, home theater on and off. So I will no more receive the calls for how to connect the remote. ‘Crickets’ wow isn’t this sound of silence feels great. 

You can control almost every device with this remote as it works on both IR and Bluetooth technology. You do not need much effort to do a pairing of Caavo with any device, as the company has provided pairing code with many devices. It just takes few seconds and a single button click to get your devices synchronized with Caavo universal remote control.

In case of difficulty finding the code of any brand. Just open your smartphone and click on the Caavo website, type the model number of the device and you will get the code immediately. 

It is compatible with smart home devices as well, like Alexa and Google Home. Just command the smart speakers to turn on the TV and play your favourite movie. Then relax on your sofa as all your work will be handled by smart devices. 

So cutting the long story short Caavo universal remote control is easy to handle and operate without any additional effort or difficulty. 


The hardware is well sorted and efficient. Till now I never received any complaint neither from my parents nor myself. If you consider the speed, range and strength of its working. I will say it’s not that efficient because it uses IR technology and Bluetooth connectivity to operate connected devices. This limits its range and speed, whereas remotes that are operated via WiFi are powerful with unlimited range.

The Bluetooth connectivity makes it better and advances than typical IR technology remotes. So I would recommend it to all those who do not intend to operate remotely from a distance. 

The Bluetooth connectivity has added one big reason to get the remote. In remotes that only operate on IR range is low that limits their functionally and no one would pick such remote. So fortunately Sofabaton has proved its worth by offering IR plus Bluetooth feature to its user. 

One of the best things about the Caavo universal remote is the two versions of remotes it offers. A stroller and a without stroller remote, definitely price vary in both cases but at least you buyers have options. I have used both of them and I am completely satisfied with their performance. But I am still using the one with a stroller as it offers better features and is quite easy to understand. 

But you have to keep the price tag in mind, stroller remote is expensive than the non-stroller one, so now the ball is in your court. 


Only 1 CR2 battery is required for its operation. That comes in the box. Now the question is how long its batteries will last? Well, the answer is it all depends on your usage, the frequency you will use the remote the more you will drain the battery and vice versa.  

The remote battery on average lasts for more than three months. The company has aided its users to keep track of the remote battery and that’s one wise step. 

If you want to check the remote battery level, follow the following steps. 

Click the Caavo button then settings and then Remote all one by one. At top of the page on the screen, the percentage of the battery will be visible. This will be useful especially in case you feel your remote getting a little slower, never tap the remote on your hand as it will disturb the inner setup and end up in a malfunctioning remote. So to avoid this common practice Caavo took an initiative and I personally appreciate them.

When you turn on the control centre and you see a red battery flashing on the bottom of the screen, this is an indication that the battery is about to die soon. Now is the time to change your remote batteries and buy a new one. At this point you will get two options; one is that you can buy new CR2 batteries from the market.

The other option is to buy a recharging station and a recharging battery, but that’s expensive. Well, this is totally on you what you prefer. 

An option named enhanced sensitivity should be disabled if you want your remote battery to last longer. If you see the word Enhanced Sensitivity then it means the setting is not selected and your battery should not drain quickly. On the other hand, if the word normal sensitivity appears on the screen, this means the setting has been enabled and your battery will drain quickly.


  • Can search all media content to find your desired content.
  • Alexa and Google voice can be used too.
  • The best ‘remote lost’ feature is also provided.
  • Simple in use.
  • Pocket friendly.
  • Comes with plug and play setup.
  • Ergonomically designed remote control.
  • Light in weight with handy size dimensions.


  • Control less number of devices.
  • IFTTT is mandatory to control smart devices.
  • Lagged response from the command.
  • The service plan is now mandatory to operate Caavo.

 How Many Devices Can Caavo Control Center Remote Control?

Whenever we plan to spend a fortune on the universal remote the first question that pops in our mind is how many devices the remote can control? And I do admit it’s a genuine point to ponder about. Why? Because there is otherwise no point to buy a universal remote. 

So in the case of Caavo, you have many devices in your control with this single stylish remote. You can control over 15 devices with the help of Caavo universal remote control at your home. It’s a big number, you know the universal remotes in the market do not support this many devices at a time.

What I like the most is I can use Bluetooth, WiFi and even IR enabled devices. What else you need? Isn’t this remote providing everything to you? 

I have reviewed many remote, you can see my blog. Most of the remotes just operate 8 to 9 devices and meanwhile stay limited on the technology as well.


But here with Caavo, you get diversity. For your clear understanding, I provide you with a list of what you can control with Caavo.

  • Smart TV.
  • Soundbars and Sound systems.
  • Cable and Satellite TV programming.
  • AVR.
  • Ultra HD Player.
  • Gaming Consoles.
  • Nvidia Shield.
  • Google chrome cast etc.
  • OTA Antennas. 
  • Projection systems. 


The remote is pocket friendly as it’s designed to help the customer get quality, features and affordability. It is offering the best price as compared to competitive remotes in the market. You get so many features with this price tag, trust me it’s a difficult combination to find in the market. 

I find this remote really useful and decent with the best price. I have been using Caavo for 2 years and its price never changed with regular inflation.

They are still selling their remotes at the same old price despite inflation in the world. For all those buyers who have a small pocket, Caavo is an ideal remote for you. 

Conclusion – Is Caavo Universal Remote Worth it?

This is all from today’s Caavo Control Center Smart Remote review. Starting from its basic universal abilities to its customized features Caavo Universal remote is covering every aspect that their customers demand.

I literally fell in love after using it for a week. Its design, price and features all are designed to help the user and support the devices it connects to. 

I love using most of my entertainment devices at the same time, while watching the movie I prefer to switch on my home theatre and turn off the lights using Google Home smart speakers.

Its batteries last longer than you can imagine, but only if you use the remote wisely with the protocol.

Putting in a nutshell, Caavo is one of the best universal remote available in the market at such a reasonable price. if you want to use a universal remote for the long term then Caavo Smart Remote is an ideal option regarding both functionality and price. 

Tip, before you buy any remote consider its compatibility with your TV. It’s the vital and basic ritual before you make your decisions.

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