Best Universal Remotes For ROKU Stick (2021) | Review

We all are addicted to TV in many ways either it is news channels, dramas, or reality shows. And this addiction increases the demand for one remote that can control all. You must be tired of goggling about the best universal remotes for Roku? But worry not as you have searched the right article today. 

Here you will get to know the best universal remotes for Roku on market with their detailed review. I am personally a gadget lover and always stay in search of upgraded modern versions of gadgets, this urge made me search for an all-in-one remote for my TV and sound systems. I got an overwhelmed response to my review by my readers. 

Today I am back with another high in demand review about universal remotes for Roku. My readers will get in-depth information about the best remotes on market, as I have personally used these to make sure you get credible and genuine information. This article will be a great help for your next Roku universal remote shopping. 

I have shed light on all the must-to-know aspects of the remotes including its downside. As we all know downsides are pack and parcel of all gadgets. This helps me keep the information transparent and unbiased.

I suggest you read the complete article as it will be useful while you shop the remote. Ignoring any point in the article may end up in regret and money wastage, and definitely, you don’t want that. 


I have checked most of the models in the market, but trust me they were a disappointment. This is why I collected the best ones from the market and have listed them in the article for your convenience. This article will help you find the best universal remote for Roku from the market. 

I have a good reason to list the five best remotes because each remote has features that the other one lacks. This way the reader can buy the one that fits his needs the most. Overall all the remotes mentioned are highly recommended and will full fill the need in their best ways. All of the remotes are personally checked and tested, so you can trust me and place orders blindly. 

In case you are puzzled or double-minded about which one to shop for, I have made your task even easier by mentioning the best two remotes among the five mentioned.

I have the best experience with these two and you can benefit from my experience. Here you can get a top-notch variant and budget-friendly remote both, now the choice is yours. Let’s now get to the point and start the review you all are waiting for.

Philips Universal Companion Remote


I am starting my review with one of the most selling, advance and high in demand universal remote from Philips. The remote offers high-end features that help operate all devices with a single remote.

No worry about juggling many remotes to switch on the devices. The remote has a flip feature that helps cover a greater button panel and helps operate a variety of devices. 

It is compatible with fire TV remotes; you can connect 4 video and audio devices at once thus making your leisure time fun and relaxing.

The best part about it is that this remote is compatible with all major brands on the market. The buyer does not have to worry about compatibility inconvenience. 

The code scan feature is added to search correct code quickly that helps install the remote to the respected TV or sound system. You can use it from distance, in the cabinet and across the walls. It works perfectly well, the prime function of the remote is audio control no matter which device you want to connect to. 


  • The remote has a flip and slide feature.
  • It is compatible with all major brands.
  • The voice command is strong and effective.
  • It is perfect for Fire TVs streaming. 
  • You can connect it with 4 devices at once. 


  • As it has modern yet fancy features so it is pricey. 

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Logitech Harmony Elite – Best Remote For Roku


Logitech harmony elite has cornered all the remotes in the market. As it’s an intuitive remote with powerful functionality. You can control a diverse amount of gadgets with this unique and exclusive remote.

It not only control TV and music but is beyond this basic feature. Now you can enjoy Alexa control with this remote as it offers remarkable voice command. Setting music on and off while working in the kitchen is a great enjoyment. 

It offers home entertainment combined which connects the home with a single remote. You can auto set the remote settings and can turn the lights dim automatically once the movie starts.

The remote offers both entertainment and functionality. It can control all 15 devices from Philips TV to other home entertainments. The remote is easy to operate with a coloured touch screen that offers touch and swipes both options. 

The company has offered an iOS application that can run on mobile and tablets making them your personal universal remotes. It is an easy-to-use feature that helps you operate even from your office or across town. You can control devices across the walls and in the cabinet; the IR range is long and can penetrate the hurdles easily.

The remote has an easy to charge station, which is ergonomically designed and is convenient to use. 

It works with 270,000 devices with equal accuracy and precision. The button panel is well designed with a backlit option to help the user while watching a movie in dark. Buttons have a pattern that guides the sequence of buttons to use. 

Overall I would suggest you buy this top-notch variant if you are a gadget freak. I would personally recommend my readers to give a deep thought while purchasing this remote. 


  • The top-notch variant in the market.
  • It offers diversity in use.
  • The remote over total voice command that helps use Alexa.
  • It has connected remotely with combined home entertainment.
  • It has the ability to command 15 devices.
  • The remote comes with a full-colour touch screen panel.
  • It can be charged on a compact and convenient station for charging. 


  • The remote offers top-notch features that are why it’s expensive and may not fit in every buyer’s pocket. 

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Amaz247 ARC101 Standard IR Replacement Remote


This remote is classic but reasonable, that is why it has a high demand in the market. The remote comes with a simple button pattern that makes use easy and understandable.

The company has incorporated a few key features that are attractive to the buyers thus the sale is high. The remote has no LCD or touch panel, even no voice command. You cannot use Alexa with it, but it works perfectly with all Roku editions really well. You can perform all the required functions and still spend fewer amounts compared to other fancy models. 

One of the attractive features it has is the direct channel shortcut button that can help jump onto your favourite show without clicking many channels.

The remote works really well with the TV, as well as the original one. Another convenience the company is providing is no pairing or installation, use the remote moment it’s out of the box. It works on IR phenomenon so you have to make sure there is no hindrance or blockage between the remote and TV; it won’t work well in case of any blockage. 

In case of any operation issue, you can follow the troubleshooting procedure provided at the back of the box in detail. In a few cases, the battery is not strong enough to support the function, make sure you use AAA batteries and the orientation is as mentioned.

If still, you face difficulty in pairing then restart the systems and wait for the remote to connect, this procedure is helpful most of the time. If all the efforts are still not working then you can contact the company on their helpline. They will guide you on the next SOPs to follow. 

I have used the remote and faced no issue, yes it’s a bit classic so you don’t feel fancy. It saves a lot of money, isn’t it a good option then? Every buyer reading my article is not rushing for an expensive remote so here I have listed this for readers with a limited budget. It does not work with Roku stick or Roku TV.

The remote has no jack to connect your headphone, so you can’t enjoy your own music or game with this remote. The remote does not have a volume button or power button. It has a NETFLIX button, Amazon, Hulu, and sling button. 


  • The remote has a direct channel option.
  • It is pocket-friendly with many attractive features.
  • The remote can be connected directly to the TV, without any installations.
  • It has long-lasting AAA batteries.
  • The remote is easy to use and light in weight. 


  • The remote does not have upgraded fancy options. No LCD screen, no voice command and does not connect with Alexa. 

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GE Backlit Universal Remote Control For Roku


Here I bring the review of another universal remote for the reader’s convenience. This is for those readers who search for fancy remotes that offer the convenience of use and also fulfil all purposes.

It has a clear button panel with prominent power On/Off button and you can also adjust the volume of the TV with this remote. The button panel is completely backlit with soft blue Led buttons. It controls a variety of devices for example soundbar, all TV functions, your home theatre, DVDs, and much more.

It is all in one remote at a reasonable price. The button panel offers a device control panel, complete media control. You can choose the backlit light with the button provided. You have to install the remote to start its function.

The procedure to programmed the device is mentioned in the booklet included in the box. This remote can operate a maximum of four devices. It can also operate the opening and closing of DVDs.

This remote has a wide range of compatibility and supports all the major brands, this is the prime reason I have mentioned its review in the list.

I have personally tested the compatibility of this remote with LG, Panasonic, Sony, Insignia, and many more. This remote doesn’t need any installation when used with Samsung TV.

The remote is operated with a help of two AAA batteries. It doesn’t have any charging station. 


  • Connects with Samsung automatically
  • Has soft buttons with blue backlit light
  • Comes with two AAA batteries which are long-lasting
  • Has a wide range of compatibility
  • Supports all major brands
  • Controls multiple devices 


  • Does not support voice command
  • Does not have the LCD screen

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Updated SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote


Last but not the least, here is another review of my favourite universal remote that will cure your anxiety if you have lost your original remote. This incredible remote works on both Bluetooth devices and IR devices.

You cannot connect your home WiFi to this remote. The company has offered an advanced option in which you can make your smartphone your personal universal remote. For this, you have to install the SofaBaton app that helps control all the functions with a single touch. This app is functional for all the famous brands like Philips, Samsung, and TCL, etc.

It can operate fifteen devices, so now throw away all the remotes and free your mind from juggling with the remotes. The remote comes with an OLED screen, power button and the best part is its auto sleep option that saves the battery life of the remote.

The button panel is well designed including the scroll wheel that has attracts customers a lot. The remote has a velvety touch that gives an ergonomic grip. Adding to all this macro button makes the use most convenient.

The remote is not for wireless devices. It can work well with devices inside the cabinet.

It has a voice command option that is why Alexa can be used with the help of this remote. It doesn’t have any rechargeable station instead two double AA batteries are used to operate this. It is all in one remote, highly recommended. 


  • The remote is pocket-friendly with fancy features.
  • It comes with an advanced OLED screen and a modern button panel.
  • The voice commands help operate Alexa easily. 
  • The best part is the SofaBaton application; you can install it from the Google play store. 
  • It controls 15 devices, no need for multiple remote when you have this.
  • The battery is included in the box. 


  • It does not work with WiFi and wireless devices. 

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Putting in a nutshell, I have honestly reviewed all the mentioned universal remote on public demand. All the remotes were equally good with their ups and downs as listed above in the article. 

I wish you get to decide the best universal remote after going through this article; these remotes will free some space on your coffee table now. In case you are double-minded about which one to choose among the above listed.

Let me help you with my expert opinion that Logitech Harmony Elite is the top-notch variant in the market, it has cornered all the brands with its full-colour LCD screen, voice command, and can control 15 devices. 

As my reviews are never biased and I always keep in consideration all of my readers so for those who find Logitech pricey. I recommend them to go for Amaz247 ARC101 Standard IR Replacement Remote it provides direct channel buttons, comes with long-lasting AAA batteries, and connects directly without the hassle of any installation.

This is all for today, I hope you gained good knowledge about the remote that will help you decide the one perfect for your TV and sound system.

For the convenience of my reader’s links are provided at end of every review that teleports you to the trustable online shopping page. Order now and enjoy the extravagant experience today. 

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