Best Universal Remotes For Netflix (2021) Review & Buyer’s Guide

You have landed on the right article if you are searching for the Best Universal Remotes For Netflix. Coronavirus lockdown has forced every one of us to upgrade our home devices and so did I, while upgrading the home system I searched a lot about the best universal remotes and will share my experience with you here.

I have received ample emails to review on best universal remotes for NETFLIX, so I worked day and night to bring forth genuine and transparent review for my readers.

You will get in-depth information about the top-notch variants in the market. After reading the complete article ball will be in your court and then you have to select the best among the best. 

I personally request my readers to read the article carefully so they may not miss any information provided. This will help them make a wise decision that will help them get the best remote from the market. 

I have personally used the remotes and have selected these five among hundreds available in the market. The article is crystal clear as it covers both pros and cons. You will get knowledge about every single feature, how to use it and what will affect the efficiency of the remote. 


For all those who are tired of juggling with many remotes at once, these 5 remotes listed below are best for use. Now you can binge-watch your favourite season and operate the entire device simultaneously. Those who have lost their original remotes do not need to panic as they can now get even a better version of the remote for their system. 

I will not claim that you will not face any downside with the listed remotes, it is obvious that all the remotes will have a few of their set back and you have to compromise a few features to enjoy others. But trust me all of these are the best and will give you the desired outcome. 

I have opened up my experience with my readers; this article will answer all your questions and will let you know how these are best as compared to others in the market. After reading this article you will be equipped with enough knowledge that you will not be dodged or fooled by any fake companies in the market. 

Harmony Elite Remote by Logitech


Logitech is doing wonders by introducing a diverse range of universal remotes that operate 30 plus devices. It makes your lives easy, comfortable, and fast. The company has worked tirelessly to introduce customer friendly button panel that includes a dedicated NETFLIX button. This helps the user enjoy operating NETFLIX anytime. 

The Harmony Elite is considered the prototype of universal remote controls. It has gained this position among the users because it contains a bright-coloured LCD that is completely touched and operates. I have been using Elite for the past six months and trust me I don’t want to try any new remote now.

It is fulfilling all my requirements and operating desired devices with a single touch. The best part about this remote is, whenever I want to watch my favourite NETFLIX show full of thrill and action, it helps me turn on all the speakers and home theatre with a single touch. 

You will not be juggling tens of remotes now, as the Elite Harmony is the perfect one for all remote. The manufacturers have worked on its built by adding a velvet texture to avoid slipping from hand.

The base is provided with rubber grips that help the falling and damaging of the remote. The button panel has a backlit feature that helps operate remotely when lights are switched off and you want to enjoy a theater environment. 


  • The remote is compatible with Alexa. 
  • It comes with a full-colour touch screen and backlit button panel. 
  • The Logitech remote operates more than 30 devices. 
  • The remote has a long-range reach.
  • The remote offers customized operations and comes with a NETFLIX button.
  • Light in weight and ergonomically designed. 


  • This remote is pricey, that is the only drawback you will come across while scrolling the options. 

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Harmony Companion All in One Remote Control by Logitech


I have listed Harmony all in one remote by Logitech second in the list because it is pocket-friendly and perfect for operating 15 smart devices at once. It is the second-best on my list and I personally recommend you all to keep this remote in consideration as it will fulfil your all requirements plus save your money.

The remote is light in weight and ergonomically designed to keep the user comfortable while enjoying your favourite season. Now you can binge-watch all the seasons without juggling the remotes and stressing out. 

It is an IR-based remote that has a long-range and is not affected by walls and furniture. This remote is a hub-based remote that can operate many smart devices at once; it also uses Bluetooth and WiFi to operate. This diverse connection ability makes it extremely useful and portable.

I preferred it because it can be used via mobile, so before I reach home my home theater and favourite NETFLIX season are always ready. One of its best features is the NETFLIX button; I just love this addition because I don’t need to go into setting to switch on NETFLIX. I give a single click to the button and it is activated. 

The remote comes with user-friendly features. Like a full HD bright coloured LED screen; it can support almost 15 devices with remote and via mobile as well.

The touch screen offers haptic feedback and a tap control system, a customized button panel with a backlit panel. Its box comes with numbered devices to support the use of the remote. 


  • It offers home entertainment and automatic control combined. 
  • It can be paired with Alexa to offer voice command control.
  • The Logitech helps control 8 to 15 smart devices with no delay or interference. 
  • Harmony provides an iOS application that turns the device into a remote for easy use. 
  • The remote is easy to use, no time or extra effort is required in the installation. 


  • The remote is not fancy-looking and the touch panel needs a proper push. The touch panel is not extremely sensitive. 

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I have personally used this remote for a while and trust me it’s a cool-looking remote. Even better than the top-notch variant of universal NETFLIX remotes.

Logitech has reduced the production of this remote because of high demand and pre-bookings. The company has decided to provide all the remotes booked first and then they will start producing the new one. In case of special demand you can order these remotes from the famous online store Amazon, Logitech claims to fulfil the demand of its special customers. 

The remote is available in two basic colours black and white, both match perfectly with other devices and the music system. These remotes are operated by advanced wireless technologies i.e. IR, WiFi, and Bluetooth; with long-range and work equally well across walls and cabinets.

The remote has HUB working ability with 1.5 inches LCD screen with a touch panel. It marks this remote as highly sophisticated and advances.

The button panel has a backlit and pattern to guide the user. It works on voice command perfectly, so using Alexa and Google with this remote is easy. You can use the remote for years without panicking about battery life, as it contains a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. But to keep in mind the battery is not replaceable. The company has offered a 1-year warranty with free repair in case of any damage. 

Here are a few quick pros and cons that I encounter while using this remote personally. 


  • It comes with a full-colour touch screen and a highly sensitive backlit button panel.
  • This remote is certified by Amazon to be used with Alexa.
  • It works with diverse devices i.e. 270, 000 devices. 
  • The company has worked hard to provide close cabinet control.
  • A compact and convenient charging station are provided along with the remote.
  • The media is controlled digitally.


  • Its production is limited; this may hinder its buying frequency. 

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Caavo Control Center Smart Remote


You must be wondering why I listed Caavo in the list, as it is not only a remote but a complete system. Here will help you know something big!!! Caavo is the best choice if you want a remote that operates features in addition to NETFLIX. Just imagine you spent a good fortune of money to buy a remote and that entire do is operating NETFLIX well, you will be disappointed. Isn’t it? So here is the best system to make your device using experience perfect. 

It works using IR, WiFi, and Bluetooth devices; this makes use of remote easy and fast. The device has wide control i.e. 4 plus soundbar. By using this remote I can easily operate Netflix, HBO, Amazon, and many other regularly used devices. It requires IFFT to work, it has a control smart home feature.

The remote works on top-notch batteries of 2AAA that work for almost 2 to 3 months. It is a long-lasting battery that helps you feel free and enjoy unlimited remote use. 

In short, I recommend my readers to buy this system if they are a binge-watcher and love to use devices and modern channels. This remote proved really useful to me and will definitely not disappoint you. I tried my best to provide as much important information as possible. 


  • It controls the applications automatically. You can open and close Amazon; DIRECTV is Now, etc easily. 
  • Easy use, no installation or connection with laptop or phone required. It can be paired with your TV with simple steps. 
  • Caavo offers different packages; you can select the one that fits you perfectly.
  • You can find social playlists recommended by Caavo with recommendations. 
  • Google and Alexa can be controlled by this remote, perfect for voice command. 
  • The plastic has a velvety touch that prevents falling and tripping of the remote. 
  • The price is pocket friendly is why it comes in the range of most buyers. 


  • I have not observed any downside in the system yet, but few buyers may hesitate with its reputation. Logitech has cornered the Caavo market. 

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Logitech Harmony Hub


Logitech competes with the market by bringing forth unique ideas and easy controls. They have again won the market by introducing easy to use Logitech harmony hub. Now you must be wondering how you can operate a TV without a remote. Well what if you’re mobile becomes your remote, and Logitech brought this idea to reality.

Now you can install the application on your smartphone and use TV while using a mobile. No more hustle of finding the hidden remote under the sofa or table. 

With a single touch on the screen, you get all the applications and features. The company has provided a big red button in the panel with the name NETFLIX that helps turn on the application within seconds.

It can operate up to eight applications with a single touch, no additional remotes are required. You can control TV channels and voice with the hub system. You can enjoy the voice command feature with it, Alexa and Google. This helps control diverse activities with a single device. 


  • It helps control all home entertainment devices.
  • The remote helps control Alexa and Google with voice commands. 
  • The remote is easy to use with a directional button panel. 
  • Every member of your house can install the application and use their phones as remotes. 
  • It’s a modern-day remote that everyone longs for. 


  • Individuals without smartphones may not prefer buying this system. 

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All the remotes I listed above are perfect for NETFLIX binging, you can trust my review as I have personally tried and tested all the remotes and then put forth the best among them. 

You can now just order any of the mentioned remote to enjoy your family time. All types of remotes are mentioned from expensive to reasonable ones. Now it’s your choice which one to buy. All of them are equally good with few downsides that come as pack and parcel of every device. 

Among the best mentioned universal remotes for NETFLIX, here is our top pick that will make your task easier if you are still confused about which one to finally buy:

Harmony Elite Remote by Logitech: it’s a top-notch variant with all features, a large full-coloured LCD, and excellent voice command. 

HARMONY ULTIMATE ONE: the media is controlled digitally, it controls 270,000 devices and has easy to use backlit button panel. 

Caavo Control Center Smart Remote: it is the perfect system to operate all the home devices, diverse options available, you can control Amazon and Alexa easily. The company has provided a big red button named NETFLIX. 

The article will prove useful to you; do let us know how much our effort proved fruitful to you. Trust our efforts and order the best universal remote for NETFLIX. 

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