Best Universal Remote For Xfinity X1 [Reviews 2021]


If you have lost your Comcast remote and now tired of searching for the best Universal remote for Xfinity X1? Then your search is finally over as in this article we are going to share some best replacement remotes that work fine with Xfinity devices. All the products that we have shared here are tested and working fine.

However a few days ago one of my teammates was using his Comcast device peacefully and suddenly the remote stop working. That’s why he then try to find the solution for this and he was looking for any other choice but unfortunately, there was no such guide available that provides that information.

In this way, we thought to purchase some of these remotes to test if these are really working or not. After this, we tried different brands but not all were compatible. This is why we collected only a few and best remotes that were actually working with the Xfinity X1 without any issue.

In case your remote is also broken or stop working suddenly then make sure to keep reading this whole article. As after reading this you will be able to get the suitable and the best replacement for your device. Although at the end we also suggest you which one you should choose if you are still confused.

Best Universal Remote For Xfinity X1

Now we are moving towards the list of our picked best universal remote for Xfinity X1. So, it is recommended to you that read the review of each remote before purchasing it. It is because by doing this you will understand which remote suits your needs or which one you could afford.

We have provided different remotes that come with different capabilities and some of them are expensive while some are cheap. In this way when you read the features of each remote it will be much easier for you to get the right choice depending on how much money you can spend.

Furthermore, we have provided our opinion at the end of this article so if you get confused then just check out at the bottom. We have provided two different options for you like the one with limited features but is less expensive while the other with advanced features that are expensive.

So, let’s not waste further time and dig into our today’s list of best universal remote for Xfinity X1:

Logitech Harmony Elite


So, the first pick for our today’s list is the Logitech’s Harmony Elite universal remote. This remote is simply awesome and works with all Xfinity devices. It supports the RF connectivity for the Xfinity devices and even though it doesn’t require to use remote straight to the TV just like the official one.

This remote comes with the Harmony Hub that is used to control devices from behind the walls or inside the cabinet similar to the Xfinity original remote. Furthermore the remote can also be used to operate 15 additional devices that mean with single remote you can replace 15 other remote controls.

This is really an awesome feature and that’s why we have listed at the top of our today’s list. The remote is capable of doing everything that an Xfinity remote can do like it supports voice command features. That means you can use it with the Alexa or Google Voice Assistant to open or search any program more quickly.

Instead of this, you can change your channels on your device that not most of the remotes provide. It also has the ability to pair with other Infrared remotes quickly using auto-pair technology. As it comes with thousands of different brand codes in its database that makes our work much easier than before.


  • Harmony Elite supports RF technology that works with Xfinity X1 boxes.
  • This works similar to the official remote and supports operating behind walls.
  • It also comes with the voice command feature like Alexa or Google Voice Assistant.
  • The remote is quite impressive and the design is very unique as well.
  • You can change programs using the keys provided there.
  • This remote support the Volume, Power and other keys without issue.
  • It comes with an application that is used to operate devices while the remote is not being used.
  • Harmony Elite comes with rechargeable batteries that last for weeks with a single charge.
  • This can replace 15 different remotes at your home so no worries about which one to choose.
  • It supports Infrared, Bluetooth, RF and WiFi connectivity as well.


  • This is quite expensive and not suitable for those who only want to use a replacement remote.
  • Sometimes the response time could be a little bit late as if you pair different devices.

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Caavo Control Center for Xfinity X1


Caavo Control Center is out the second-best universal remote for Xfinity X1 that is pretty awesome in its own way. This is basically a device that is used to connect 4 Smart Home devices in it to operate with a single remote. It is the futuristic device that will be used in every home sooner or later.

The main feature of Caavo Center is to connect different devices to a single box and use them with Caavo Universal remote. No matter if you are using Xfinity X1, Streaming Sticks, DVD Players, Blu-Ray, DVR or any other device this remote supports each one of them.

The setup process of Caavo is way easier if we compare it to any other universal remote out there. As you just need to connect any device using the USB port or through HDMI this will detect automatically. After this, you will be required to follow a few steps to complete the process and add it in Caavo.

It supports voice search in which this can show results from your subscribed TV channels, Google, YouTube and many more. However, the voice search will cost you $3.99 per month and you get 45 days of a free trial. But the best part is you can buy it for the lifetime in just $99.99 which is quite impressive.


  • Caavo Center works with all Xfinity boxes including X1.
  • All keys are working including Volume and Power.
  • Voice Assistant to search from subscribed apps or from YouTube or Google.
  • Easy to Set up no manual pairing required.
  • It comes with an iOS app to use Xfinity X1 while the remote is not being used.
  • Can be used to operate 4 different devices.
  • Supports DVR capability and works with Firestick and Roku Streaming Stick.
  • It also supports Smart Speakers like Amazon Echo Dot or Google Smart Home.
  • The price of this device is fair as anyone can afford it.
  • Build quality is also very good and lasts longer.


  • It doesn’t support use from behind the walls features (as it is IR based device).
  • Voice Search is not free as it comes with $3.99 per month subscriptions (you can purchase it for a lifetime in just $99.99).
  • Some people might face the issue with the Setup process but still many tutorials are available on YouTube.
  • The application is only available for iOS users (maybe they develop one for Android too).

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Logitech Harmony Companion for Xfinity X1


The next and the best universal remote for Xfinity X1 that we are going to talk about is from Logitech that is known as the Harmony Companion. Unlike the Harmony Elite, this remote is quite affordable and works with all Xfinity devices whether it is Xfinity X1, Xi6, Xi5, XG2 and so on.

It also supports the search feature that is completely free and you won’t be charged for it like the Caavo Control Center. This remote can also be used to replace almost 8 different remotes at your home. The pairing is way faster and better than others and you will be provided with the manual to learn how to pair it.

Despite this Harmony, Companion comes with the support of Harmony Hub that is used to operate devices even behind the walls just like the official Xfinity X1 remote. Although this doesn’t support RF technology and only works with the IR and Bluetooth connectivity but thanks to the Hub it doesn’t require straight face to the TV to use this remote.

It can also be used with the Smart Home like Amazon Echo Dot and then you can easily Dim, turn off lights, TV and can do other things easily. This remote is compatible with around 5000+ different brands like FireTV, Roku, DVD Players, Blu-Ray, Philips Hue lights and so many other devices.


  • It is the best and compatible remote with the Xfinity X1 device.
  • The remote offers a voice search feature for Xfinity users free of cost.
  • This can be used with Amazon Echo Dot to Dim or turn on/off lights.
  • Supports all common features that official Xfinity remote provides including power off and Volume control.
  • It can be used to replace 8 different remotes at your Home.
  • A mobile app is available for both Android & iOS device users.
  • This remote supports around 270,000+ devices including Xfinity or other satellite devices.
  • It is an affordable and best choice for those who want a replacement remote.


  • It doesn’t come with the Touchscreen LCD.
  • Buttons are quite similar that could be difficult to use in the dark places.
  • There is no backlit support for the keys to use them in dark.
  • Some features are limited to different devices.

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Xfinity Comcast XR15 Universal Remote


So, here comes our last picked as the replacement universal remote for Xfinity X1 that is the XR15. This is basically an official remote manufactured by the Xfinity itself and it supports different devices including Xi6, Xi5, XG2 etc. Using this remote is very easy because it doesn’t need the setup as it pairs automatically with all Xfinity devices.

This remote also comes with the backlit support that makes it easy to use it in dark places. It also has the mic button so you can search for your favourite shows using your voice. Even though it can be also used for the DVR recording, searching for the Live TV Channels and can do other activities as well.

It can be used to easily open accessibility where you can access closed caption, video description and many more. This remote can also be used to operate a device behind the walls. It is because the XR15 comes with the capability of the Radio Frequency (RF) technology.

The build quality is this remote is not good enough but still, is considered as the best replacement remote for Xfinity devices. It is also budget-friendly and costs three times less than the ones we have discussed above. Everyone who just want a replacement remote simply goes with the XR15 instead of others.


  • XR15 is compatible with the Xfinity X1 and other devices.
  • This remote features backlit to use in the dark.
  • It supports voice feature to record DVR, open Live Channels and much more.
  • This can be used to operate the device behind the walls due to RF technology.
  • There is no need to pair this remote as it works out of the box.
  • All keys are working including Volume, Mute & Channels.
  • The price is quite impressive and way cheaper than the others.
  • No response delay while using Xfinity X1.


  • People suggested the voice command is not working properly.
  • The remote design looks way older and has an ugly design.
  • Center button of remote is quite smaller and hard to use.
  • Build quality is not good enough.

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Is There Any Best Universal Remote for Xfinity X1 Available

This is a really common question that most of you have ever asked as if there is any best universal remote for Xfinity X1 available or not. Well! the answer is yes there are few replacements remotes are available for Xfinity device that is working fine and supports RF connectivity as well.

Similarly in the above section, we learnt about several best options that a user can buy as a replacement remote. All the products that we have listed at the top are checked and tested by our team members. That means these are compatible with the X1 so you don’t need to worry about the compatibility.

Once you have read the whole review we are sure you have got the best choice for you but if you are still confused then you should probably go with the Harmony Elite. As it offers RF connectivity and as well as the Bluetooth and the IR that could be used with your other Smart Home devices.

It provides a premium look and has the touchscreen coloured display to manage paired devices instantly. Although the 15 devices capability makes it unique so you don’t need additional remotes at your home. This might look expensive but once you bought it you will never think of any other remote.

But in case you are only willing to buy a replacement remote for Xfinity X1 then you should probably go with the XR5. Because it supports the RF connectivity and works behind the walls. It is checked and worked fine from the 50 feet of distance so you don’t need to move straight to the TV to use it. The best of this the remote is budget-friendly and only costs a few dollars that anyone can afford it.

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