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Finding a remote worth using is indeed difficult but now your search is over? You must have scrolled many pages and articles to find authentic information. Bingo!!! You have landed on the right page today. It’s your lucky day as I am obsessed with universal remotes after I have started binge-watching fire TV to kill boredom during the lockdown. 

I have reviewed the best universal remotes for Verizon Fios and their vital details in this article. I hope you guys will be happy now, as I have been receiving several emails of this review. In fact, I felt my readers were anxiously waiting for this very review.

Many readers including me have searched a number of articles, but the information provided was either incomplete or not personally tested. So after such an experience, I decided to jump into the market and personally try all the products to provide genuine reviews. 

My article will help you to get the right remote for your TVs; I made sure to provide first-hand information with details that will help you understand the remote completely.

My readers are requested to read the article till the end, so they may not miss any important or relevant information that would harm them in the future.

My article is transparent and to make sure I provide in-depth detail, pros and cons are separately mentioned that will help you while making a decision. 

I assure you that after a complete readout to my article you will be equipped well to decide the remote that fits your demands.

In case you are puzzled and indecisive then do read the conclusion, as it contains two of the top-notch variants that cover a broad range of TVs and have a high rating. I personally recommend those two remotes over all the three, but in the end, the decision will be at your disposal. 

Best Universal Remote For Verizon Fios

Selecting the five best remotes among the 100’s was indeed a difficult task for me. But I did not stop and kept on checking among many in the market. After multiple experiences, I ended up with these five remotes that were the best among all in many ways.

My effort will help you and that is what I like the most about my article. 

You must be thinking why did not I chose any one of the remotes and labelled it as the best one. Well, I have a reasonable answer to this question, I have a huge number of readers and every reader has their own demands and expectation from the remote he intends to buy.

So these five remotes have their own best qualities that differentiate them from one another. This is why I have mentioned a top-notch variant of the market that is price and a reasonable budget-friendly one as well. 

All the remotes mentioned here are compatible with a wide variety of TVs but the problem is all of them are not budget-friendly.

If you are a gadget freak then the top-notch variant is perfect for you but if you have a budget and you want a reasonable remote then you can have one. This review covers all budgets. 

This budget range will help you decide the remote perfect for you. You can get a perfect remote by going through my article. Here you will get in-depth knowledge about the gadget including its texture, colour, and button placement.

Let’s not waste time and get to the review section of our article.

Logitech Harmony Smart Remote For Fios


Starting with the top-notch variant of universal remote, you will find Logitech harmony as the first ranking on Amazon. I observed the trend and tried the product to ensure that it is as good as mentioned.

Guess what? I was amazed at its features, speed, and computability with a wide range of TVs and other devices at home. The best part about Logitech is that they have involved smartphone use, making lives easier.

It has as many features as you name, you can undoubtedly name it as the best remote for your Fios device. It is all in one remote that will reduce the cluttering of remotes on your coffee table. Now you do not have to juggle with remotes before planning a movie night with your family.

It provides access to the internet i.e. can be connected to WiFi easily. The remotes support WPA personal, AES, and encryption. 

Your entertainment systems can be controlled by a smartphone with a single touch and tap. The user can operate 50 channels; a media playback system and even a volume with the help of a smartphone.

The button panel is artistically designed keeping the user’s comfort in mind. You will get a power button at the top left, separate from all the buttons.

After the power button, you will get a row of three most important buttons that squeeze your effort, the movie button at extreme left, the music system can be controlled with a single button at the extreme right of the row, and last but not the least at the centre you will find a full-screen button. 

After the row a cubical arrangement of buttons is done, that contains forward, pause, play, and reverse buttons. This help while binge-watching NETFLIX, Amazon Prime, Disney or any of your favourite movie. A guide button is provided at the centre that will guide you about remote functions in case you are stuck or puzzled. The user will get a channel number panel at the lower side of the remote with volume, mute, and channel remote. 

The remote is sleek and slim with an ergonomic grip. This comes with a simple yet useful design and highly recommended to all my readers.

It works on IR phenomenon so can be operated with devices behind the walls and cabinets as well. It can be used with 270,000 devices. 

I have used the remote personally and found a few of the downsides too, here are they listed for your help.


  • The remote has an ergonomic grip.
  • You can operate devices by installing the application, making your smartphone a remote.
  • The button panel offers a guide button, rarely found in remotes otherwise.
  • It can be operated with devices across the wall or behind the cabinets. 


  • The product does not offer a warranty.
  • The remote is not budgeting friendly, not appropriate for customers with a low budget.
  • It requires delicate handling. 

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Caavo Control Center Smart Remote


It was hard for me to find a perfect universal remote but Caavo made my journey of finding the ideal universal remote easy. If you take my opinion then I will give the highest praise to Caavo, I have many good reasons to prove why this one is the best.

I am in so much awe of these remotes that I bought two, one for me and one for my sister. 

It works by connecting to 4 home theaters and multi-media of your house. It can connect to famous and high demand devices like fire TV, Roku, Xbox, etc.

the AVR controls most of the functions and it knows what to do on your command. The voice command option is also valid in Caavo.

The most interesting part is that you can get recommendations from celebrities and other famous people; this saves your time and effort. 

Now you can control your entertainment devices from anywhere even across the city. Isn’t this interesting? And yet convenient. This can be done with the help of a mobile application introduced by Caavo, you can control your TV completely. 

Here are the activities I enjoyed by using my smartphone switch the TV On/Off with the help of the power button provided, you can also switch the sources and turn to your favourite one, you will also be able to change channels and last but not the least launch applications.

This application helps you control what your children watch while you are not at home. So I am convinced to admit that it is a parent-friendly application.

The remote is simple yet easy to handle. The power button is placed at the top middle convenient to operate the TV. The mute button is also provided and two-volume buttons, a silver Caavo logo is also present in the middle. A round-shaped bar is if helps operate the channels easily.

In addition to the circular button, another nine buttons are provided for other functions. A Caavo device is also provided to help connect all the entertainment devices to one point. 

The remote has perfect dimensions (5.9 x 10 x 1 inch) and can fit any place. It does not come with any charging station, to power the remote two batteries are required and are provided in the package. Three types of cable are provided along with the remote. Here are some quick pros and cons of the remote that I have observed.


  • The remote can be connected to a wide variety of TVs and other entertainment devices.
  • It works well with smart speakers and has a good voice command option.
  • The remote can work perfectly with devices behind the cabinet or across the walls.
  • The AVR system is easy and effective. 
  • The remote is best in the market and reasonable to buy. 


  • The button panel is not backlit; it causes little inconvenience in dark. 

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Verizon FiOS TV Replacement Remote Control


If you are looking for a stylish and affordable universal remote that works perfectly with your TV and entertainment device then I have reviewed Verizon just for you.

It can work pretty well with all of your entertainment devices. It does not have any charging station, so you have to operate it on two batteries that work on average for 6 months. 

The remote has long-range and can well on devices across the walls and in the cabinet. It works on IR technology. So you have to make sure its battery stays in good working condition otherwise efficiency can be affected.

I personally liked the shape of the remote as it fits perfectly in hand, the slim side helps get good grip whereas the broader side sets perfectly on the palm. 

Now coming towards the most important i.e. button panel. As universal remote can operate many devices so its button arrangement has an important role.

You will observe two power buttons, one at left and the other at right. Do not get confused as they both are for different purposes, the right one switches on the TV whereas the left one switches on the musical system and other devices. This helps controlled use and was very helpful to me. 

The central thicker portion has interesting buttons and arrangements. The 8 blue buttons are at the margins and have allowed users to customize the TV.

You will observe the menu button, guide button, and information button at the top whereas at the bottom exit, widget, on-demand, favourite and options buttons are provided. 

Here I have good news for fire TV lovers; the remote has a direct FiOS option. The rest of the remote contains all the necessary buttons required to move channels, control volume, etc. you will get a user manual and how to set up the system guide. 


  • The remote works on IR technology that makes it ideal to use.
  • The remote is ergonomically designed with fine detailing.
  • Its button panel is half backlit with soft rubber buttons.
  • The remote requires two AA batteries to operate. 


  • I personally had a problem with its batteries that exhaust really quickly. 

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Sevenhugs Smart Remote


If you are tired of handling long remotes with confusing 100 buttons then I must say your worry is over. As I have covered one of the cutest, smallest, and yet useful universal remote by Sevenhugs.

There was a point in my life that I did not even want to hold a remote because of its weight and size, so I decided to search for a handy one, and here it is. 

The remote has limited options but all are to the point, with no extra buttons. The remote has a touch panel with an LCD that is totally bright and convenient to use while watching a movie in dark.

It can be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi to operate the TV and other devices. Other than Wi-Fi it can also be operated with IR technology, this gives it diversity in use. The remote can be used easily with devices behind the cabinet or across the walls. 

It has an automatic control system; once you point the remote towards the concerned device the panel shows relatable buttons and options.

If you ask me I personally enjoyed this feature, I mean it’s super easy and friendly. No more anxiety of using a remote and brainstorming to click the right button.

It comes with three circular-shaped sensors that you need to put on the walls. The remote will detect them and will work perfectly. I placed the sensors at right angles and it gave me perfect results. 

The company provides a smart remote application that helps to customize the remote as the user wishes. The touch screen makes the operation of the devices easy and fast.

It is small with dimensions 13 x 4 x 1 and is light in weight i.e. 61 grams. It comes with 2 AA rechargeable batteries and a small compact charging station. Here I have jotted down a few quick pros and cons you will encounter while using the remote.


  • The remote is light in weight, small in size, and has a simple design.
  • It has a touch screen control panel. 
  • The remote can be operated on two types of technologies WiFi and IR. 
  • It is budget-friendly. 
  • The panel automatically changes when pointed towards a concerned device. 


  • The button panel is extra sensitive. It sometimes operates unwanted features. 

GE Universal Remote For Verizon Fios


Last but not the least; here I am going to review GE Universal remote. It is a simple design, classic remote. This remote posses all the required features and works perfectly with 20,000 devices.

It is compatible with all famous brands; the remote is not ranked as first as it has no modern features, no LCD screen, or any extraordinary feature.

This is the reason it did not appeal to most of the buyers. But once I used it, trust me it does wonders in fact it worked better than many costly and fancy remotes in the market. So I explored the remote features it was fast, as it works on IR technology. You can operate it across walls and cabinets. There is no need to charge it as the battery lasts long, more than a year. 

The remote is preprogrammed for all the major brands; it can be used easily with no installations required. You can turn on/off the TV and other entertainment devices.

The metallic look of the panel is impressive and rust-free. The buttons have all the required features, it has a DVD, cable and Aux button. It does not have any button for fire TV, Amazon, or any leading feature or TV. 

The remote is long with dimensions 1 x 2 x 7 inches. It weighs 3.2 ounces and is easy to handle with an esthetic look. Here are a few quick pros/cons you need to review.


  • The remote is budget-friendly.
  • It has a metallic console that is rust-free and esthetically designed.
  • It works on IR technology that increases its range.
  • It is compatible with all major brands and can operate 4 devices simultaneously.
  • ·It is available in five colours for you to choose from. 


  • The remote has a classic design with no button for fire TV, Amazon, NETFLIX, etc. 

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So, this is all for today’s article. I have listed all I knew about these top five universal remotes. All the remotes are compatible with major brands that make them easy to operate. You can get these remotes from the leading online stores especially Amazon.

I have provided the link at end of every review that teleports you to the page from where you can order the one you like.

In case you are still puzzled about which one to buy. Then here is my recommendation for you. I personally like Caavo and Logitech.

These two offered everything I was in search of, I am sure you will be happy and satisfied if you select among these two. Here are a few valid reasons why I recommend these two. 

Caavo is budget-friendly and offers modern sophisticated features. It is compatible with a wide variety of devices that makes it perfect for use. The manufacturers have worked in detail on the button panel as well.

Logitech Harmony is recommended because no doubt it is a top-notch variant of the market. You will get all the modern features, a backlit button panel, and a long-life battery. 

Putting in a nutshell, this article is teeming with information you wish to search for. So again I request you to read the article in detail in case you have missed anything. I assure you it will help you in making the right decision. 

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