Are you still worried and tired of your broken remote? Are you still struggling to find the best universal remote for Bose? Well, you have landed on the right page, as today this article brings ample credible information about the best Bose remotes on the market. 

Our readers were anxiously waiting for a genuine review on Bose remotes. Now your wait is over as we have bought many Bose remotes and selected the top ones for you. Our team has worked tirelessly to provide you with the in-depth information you have been searching for on the internet and fail to get the answer about.

The readers are requested to read the complete article to get detailed knowledge. We have provided information about every nook and corner of the remote, so don’t even miss a word otherwise you may end up acquiring incomplete information that may harm you later.

Our team has worked with honesty and jotted down not only the pros of the remotes but have also shed light on the cons of the remote. This complete review will help you decide the best remote out of the best. At end of every product, a link is provided that will teleport you to the leading online store from where you can check the prices. 

Best Universal Remotes for BOSE Speakers & Soundbar

After extensive research and personally checking many models and brands on BOSE speakers and sound systems, our team picked 5 of the best in the market. If you have lost the original remote then no need to panic anymore, here in the list below you will get a well-functioning replacement remote for BOSE speakers and sound system.

As you know all the gadgetry comes with its ups and downs. So same is the case with these remotes mentioned below. But all of the listed remotes work really well as they are tried and tested by our team members, so pick one blindly as you can trust our efforts.

Our sole duty is to provide you with ease and convenience in buying the best remote. So we have gone the extra mile and in the end, have recommended two of the best remotes on the list. You can consider them if you are still unable to make a decision. 

Caavo Control Center Smart Remote and Home Theater


The best fit universal remote for Bose sound system is Caavo, well we will prove with the logic that why we refer to it as ‘best fit universal remote”. It is all in one remote that makes it perfect for all the devices you are operating. You can operate any of your smart devices with a single click, with no hassle of switching remotes for every smart device. 

Smart machine vision is incorporated in the remote that handles complicated tasks easily. The remote is operated on voice command thus you can switch on/off your TV, Alexa etc devices with convenience. With a single command, the control centre will take you to the desired channel on TV. The automatic system is installing in the control centre that detects the devices around and connects to them. 

You will be free from managing multiple remotes for every gadget. The remote is easily compatible with Bose sound system, no complicated downloading or installations are required. For your quick guide are few major pros and cons that you can go through to know either this remote will be helpful to you or not. 


  • Long-range and can even approach gadgets behind cabinets.
  • The remote can be operated with voice command; even Google and Alexa can be operated with this compact remote.
  • The Bose sound system offers better sound quality as Alexa is integrated. 
  • The remote comes with a touch screen LCD with subtle colours.
  • The remote can operate 25000 devices from 5000 plus brands.
  • The remote also offers a customized harmony application. 


  • The only problem so far is its price tag. Its expensive so may not fit most buyers’ pocket.  

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Logitech Harmony 665 Advanced Remote Control


This remote is what you have been dreaming about; it can operate all BOSE sound systems with a single click. Now you do not have to hop from one remote to other just to operate the targeted BOSE speaker. It can be programmed easily with no hindrance of installation and other formalities. The remote has the ability to deal with 10 AV components. This remote has an LCD screen that makes understand functions convenient, not only will this but you also get voice command option. 

It functions on IR technology and controls all the devices around, with no worry of Bluetooth or WiFi connection stability with Logitech Harmony 665. It has an easy to use the backlit display with a soft and quick responding button panel. In case you’re remote fail to respond against any action, just use the help book where you will find a long list of problems you can come across with their quick solutions. 

The company offers customer friendly services. Here is the link provided which will teleport you to the page from where you can order it. Make your life easier with one of the top universal remotes. 


  • It can operate 25 devices at a time.
  • The remotes work really well with its touch screen LCD.
  • It has a help option in case you are stuck at any point. 
  • The remote has pocket-friendly prices. 


  • It works with IR operated devices only.
  • The devices should be in line to operate well. 

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Logitech Harmony Companion


It has been working much better as a universal remote for BOSE sound systems. This remote can support more than 15 devices with easy to use button and touch screen. It is categorically designed to operate automatic appliances and entertainment devices. You can even use remote with your devices behind the cabinet, no hassle to bring the devices out or open the cabinet just to operate them. 

The remotes work perfectly well with Alexa as it has a voice-command operation, this helps you work without hindrance. It comes with a long-lasting battery of 72 hours, you will need to charge the battery in a charging device provided along with the remote. While you are out and about and are worried about the operation of your device at home, then this remote will be a great help as it has good compatibility with mobiles. 

The designed is well researched to keep it comfortable in hand, light in weight with a velvet touch to reduce the chances of fall. The company provides two years of warranty. This remote is specially designed for theatre or large home sound systems as its pricey and has commercial use features. You will enjoy its customizable colour option and can match it with your home thee, furniture or anything you wish for. 


  • The remote is perfect for theaters or commercial use
  • It can operate up to 15 plus devices
  • The remote is compatible with mobiles and can be even you are away from home
  • It is ergonomically designed with a full bright LCD screen


  • It is pricey so usually not fit for domestic purpose
  • It can be tricky to use with mobiles due to manufacturing errors 

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Bose Soundbar Universal Remote


Are you tired of the cluttered table? And searching for the remote that operates which device? Then here is good news for you as BOSE Soundbar universal remote that will operate all of your devices with a single click. It can be operated easily as the buttons have an understandable marking on them. The backlit panel is designed in a way that it will show you the required button to use at the concerned device. So you don’t have to keep on searching for the pattern to use at every moment. 

The remote has high-quality built-in properties that look showy on our coffee table. The ergonomic design feels good in hand with no chance to slip due to rubber grips. It comes with a good battery life of 3 days and the battery is rechargeable. It can be connected with two of most selling BOSE soundbars i.e. Soundbar 500 and Soundbar 700. This makes it a little obsolete in the market. 

You can use it with devices even behind the cabinets, it has strong penetration IR rays that can reach long-distance and even behind the walls. It has a high rating in the market and after well trying and testing we have brought it forward to our readers. The link provided here is to help you get this perfect remote from leading online store.

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  • It is a multi fictional remote
  • The button light is automatic to help guide the user
  • It comes with voice command control system
  • The ergonomically designed remote is easy to handle


  • It is compatible with BOSE 500 and BOSE 700 only

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Universal Replacement Remote Control for Bose Sound Touch Wave Music Radio System


Last but not the least; here we have advance universal remote control system form 1st to 4th generation BOSE sound system. This remote can operate a huge variety of BOSE devices and sound systems. This is one of the smartest remotes. You can use any device from 10 meters, the IR has long-range and provides great access to all the devices. No wall or furniture hinders the operation of the remote. It is an expensive remote but it’s worth buying. 

The remotes connect easily with BOSE sound system with no installation required. It is light in weight with a 1.13-ounce weight that is perfect for use. It has a battery that lasts for 30 days. The button panel is simple with aluminium covering, no backlit system is provided. It is a simple remote with no voice command system. The markings on the buttons help the user understand the operations easily. The link provided here will help you buy the remote from leading online store. 


  • This remote is compatible with 1st to 4th BOSE sound system generations
  • It has a simple design and is easy to use
  • The buttons are designed to guide the users


  • It is not a fancy remote. 

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All the universal remotes mentioned above are perfect for use with BOSE sound system. These are personally tried and tested before bringing forward to our readers. 

Among the best mentioned universal remotes, here is our top pick that will make your task easier if you are still confused about which one to finally buy:

Logitech Harmony 665 Advanced Remote Control: it is an affordable remote, the LCD screen and automatic light panel helps the users a lot. 

Bose Soundbar Universal Remote: it is a simple yet elegant design loaded with features. 

Caavo Control Center Smart Remote and Home Theater: if you want a proto type remote then Caavo is the best option. It has everything you expect in any universal remote. Automatic large LCD, backlit button panel, sound command technology. 

The article will prove useful to you; do let us know how much our effort proved fruitful to you. Trust our efforts and order the best universal remote for BOSE quick. 

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