Best Universal TV Remotes For The Elderly and Seniors [Review 2021]


You must have noticed your grandmother or aunt searching for a light to operate a TV remote, it’s painful to see them making so much effort, isn’t it? So I decided to help my elderly and get them a remote that can be convenient for them to use. 

This quest made me explore a huge number of remotes of multiple brands. During all this effort I learned a lot and today on your request want to share my experience with you so you can buy the best Universal remotes for your elderly. 

I have received ample emails lately about this review; I know you guys waited a lot to know about the Best TV remotes for the elderly and Seniors. Well, I must say the wait is over now as my efforts turn out productive and I have selected the top five best remotes from the market. 

You will get in-depth information about every nook and corner of the remote. From its buttons to battery I have discussed every aspect for your understanding. 

Binge-watching news or drams is one of the elderly favourite activities that they do all day. BLS has provided the statistics that individuals that watch TV mostly are over 65 years of age. So companies who have targeted these age groups have seen rising sales graph. 

Most of the remotes here are budget-friendly and updated. If you are in a hurry then I have provided prominent pros and cons about every remote. This will help you get a quick insight into the remote features. 

I would recommend you to read the article completely, do not miss any information as it may harm you in future. Lack of information and knowledge leads to wrong decisions that will eventually affect your budget and end up in disastrous shopping. 

In case you are still worried about your shortage of time and want instant information then go to the conclusion where I have mentioned two of the best remotes in my opinion. It can help you make a quick shopping decision. 

What Kind of TV Remotes is Best For The Elderly?

With age one contract many age-related conditions like osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal weakness, low vision, etc. all these conditions reduce the ability to focus, target, and affect the stability of hands and feet.

If the remote is heavy it will affect the osteoarthritis patient thus increasing his condition. In case of low vision, the individual will find it difficult to detect the right button. All these situations lead to bad TV time and this can increase their frustrations. 

To avoid all the above-mentioned conditions to occur, the best TV remotes for the elderly are those who are universal to use, have bright coloured and big buttons, last but not the least the remote should be light in weight for easy handling. If the remote covers all the above-mentioned features you can consider it ideal for your elder member. 

I myself have figured out these factors and keeping them in vie have searched the remote that I have reviewed in my article today. It was indeed a hard nut to crack but I pulled it anyway. 

One thing I would like to mention here is, in case you do not find an ideal remote for the elder member you have the option to use a remote that can be operated by you via Smartphone.   

This will help them guide you about what they want and you can operate the TV from anywhere you want. This option is difficult I know, but it’s one of the options that I figured out before I found an ideal remote for my mother. 

Coming towards the most awaited part of the article, let’s not waste time and come to the point, here is the detailed review about the five best remotes in the market. 

Universal Flipper Big Button TV Remote For Elderly


If you are looking for a top-notch variant in the market that offers ideal features and ultimate convenience then don’t think any further and order flipper big button universal remote.

This remote amazed me in many ways, you won’t believe my mother just loved it and I receive no calls from here about how to use the remote. 

It is super easy to use a remote that even a toddler can operate, well I just said that metaphorically. But trust me the company has worked with fine details and you can definitely see their efforts proving them. 

I would like to mention all the features that I and my mom enjoyed about the remote in detail, so read the review completely. The best part about the flipper remote is that it has bright coloured buttons that glow in the dark so in case of low vision elderly they won’t have to lean on the remote to understand the right button to click.

 The remote has three rows of buttons with each row containing two buttons except the first row that has three buttons.

You can see a red IR light glowing when the remote is functional, this helps the elderly judge whether the batteries are still working or not and it also helps use the remote from any angle, even the devices behind the cabinets can be operated easily. 

The second button indicates ON/OFF i.e. it’s a power button that is bright green in color with a big round shape. It is at the top and in the centre that helps you use it easily. On right a white colour round-shaped mute button can be seen, it helps regulate voice while watching TV. Most elderly listen to the high voices. 

The mute button helps them communicate with anyone around closing the voice with a single click. Then comes the second row that has two big channel buttons, these are bright blue in color and made up of soft rubber. These are easy to use and the chances of clicking some un-wanted button while operating the remote are almost zero. 

The channel button contains 30 channels each. This reduces the hustle of selecting the number of the channel, when you press the channel button, 30 channels will be visible on the screen this helps you select the one you want to watch. 

Trust me before buying a flipper for my mother I use to receive so many calls from my mother regarding how to get the right channel and so on, but now the situation has changed completely, yes it’s funny but now I have to call her to check how she’s doing. 

The third row contains a volume button that is bright orange in colour. It helps regulate the voice with no hindrance. Above I have mentioned the main button panel. The remote have another panel hidden under the flip, this flip helps secure the setting buttons to avoid any accidental click.

The panel contains a classic 1 to 9 button with a zero button at the last row in the mid. After the button panel, a row of four buttons is provided that helps connect the remote to different entertainment devices. These are the buttons you will see TV, STB, ADD, and DEL. All these will connect to multiple entertaining devices. This was all about the flipper remote, yes one important thing I forgot to mention is that it is light in weight and requires only 2 AAA batteries to be operated. 

I would personally recommend you to read the review completely but in case you need quick information about the remote then here are its pros and cons:


  • it is a top-notch variant in the market; it is considered an ideal remote for the elderly.
  • The remote is light in weight that is helpful for osteoarthritis individuals. 
  • The remote has big bright coloured buttons.
  • It has a flipper for security purposes.
  • The remote can operate 4 different entertainment devices.


  • The remote is pricey, not recommended to low-budget buyers. 

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Universal Big Button TV Remote


Here is the review of another thoughtful remote you will find in the market. I must say it can be a perfect gift for your loved one; they will enjoy it in case they have low or impaired vision. When I bought this remote I did not have many expectations but it turned me wrong all at once.

When I started using it I realized it give ample customized options that you won’t find otherwise. Starting from its small size, compact design and lightweight this remote has many more features that you must be searching for. 

The remote is convenient to handle and also comes with a stretchable high-quality fiber band, this reduces the risk of misplacing the remote and also prevents it from falling o the floor. The button panel is simple yet smart. It’s a difficult combination to find in the market, you will see only six buttons on the panel. 

Three rows have two buttons each; at the left, you will get a power button that is big and round. The right side of the remote has a mute button that helps regulate volume instantly. As the elders have hindered hearing so they listen to loud music and voices, the mute remote aids them stop the voice quickly in case of any middle conversation. 

They do not need to wait to reduce the volume first and then start any conversation. The second row has a volume button at the left and a channel button at the right, this row has plus buttons that take increase the volume and ascends the channels. The third row has two negative buttons that reduce the volume if pressed and descends the channel number if pressed.

The buttons are made up of soft rubber and have a backlit feature that helps convenient use even in low light. It’s easy to synchronize your remote with a TV or any entertainment device as it offers a quick search option that searches the code quickly and the remote is good to go. 

The remote has a unique feature termed learning mode that helps users customize the buttons according to their requirement. This helps your elder member customize their favorite channel and enjoy without juggling through many channels to reach the one they like to watch. 

Here are a few important pros and cons of this remote that will help you while making a decision.


  • The remote is small in size, compact structure, and light in weight.
  • The button panel is backlit.
  • It comes with a strong yet flexible wrist band, reduces the risk of remote misplacement.
  • The buttons can be customized as required.
  • The remote requires 2 AAA batteries. 


  • The remote is compatible with limited brands. 

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Tek Pal – Large Button TV Remote Control


I have designed my article in a way that it tappers down to the simpler remotes. And here is the review of simple yet useful remote available in the market for your loved ones with impaired or low vision. The remotes palm-sized and light in weight that makes is use possible for individuals with arthritis. 

Now coming towards the most asked part of the review, that is the button panel. The major problem with trendy remote is that they have lots of buttons that may be confusing for a slow or elder user. Keeping such aspects in mind I found the best remote with exceptionally easy to use buttons, this remote has three rows and each contains pair of buttons. 

The first row has a big round power button with prominent writing on it; this helps the user detect the right button and reduce the chances of clicking the wrong button.

At the right you will see a square-shaped mute button, both buttons have different shapes purposely as it helps differentiate between the two. Then come the second row and the third row containing volume and channel button with triangular shapes. 

This simple design is highly appreciated by most users and here I will mention my grandfather too who loved it and now enjoys watching TV even more.

The remote is operated with 2 AA batteries and works on IR technology that can penetrate furniture and walls. 

Here are a few important pros and cons that you need to keep in mind,


  • The remote is light in weight and small in size fits the palm.
  • The button panel is backlit with rubber buttons.
  • Its power and mute button have different shapes that help the user.
  • The batteries last longer. 


  • The remote does not have voice command. 

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Sony RM-EZ4 2-Device Universal Remote with Big Buttons


Sony is a renowned company that innovates its devices, gadgets, etc time to time. They introduce modern features to challenge their competitors in the market. With legit and exclusive features Sony often stands number one, but here I kept it at 4th not because it has any lesser features than the above three but because the remote is a little fancier than the above three. By fancy I mean it has buttons. 

The button panel is simple in design with prominent buttons and obvious white writing on them. These rubber buttons have a backlit option that helps operate universal remote even in dim light.

The big round green button at the right is the power button used to switch the TV on/off. The green colour helps differentiate from all other buttons, thus reducing the chance of accidental clicks. 

At the left a SET button is located with a light bulb; this is used to synchronize TV and remote. In the middle, you will see an INPUT button used to customize the buttons according to your demand. In the second row, you will see two elongated white buttons that say TV and Satellite or cable. These are used to connect remote to your concerned entertainment source or device. Sony has provided buttons that are not hidden to make things obvious for the user. 

Then is the button panel from number 1 to 9, with 0 in the middle. The buttons are big round with white numbers on them. This helps to reduce the case of a wrong button press.

On the last two rows, you will observe two colors of buttons i.e. black and blue. The blue buttons indicate volume and mute and the black buttons indicate channels and recall. A spate engraving is also done to guide the user. On the right of the volume button small sized round, the mute button is provided and the same is in the case of the channel button, a small round recall button is present. 

The remote has an anatomical design with a broad top to adjust in fingers and a narrow body to fit the palm and the base is again broad to help good grip.

The remote works on IR technology that can penetrate the wood and even walls, but the batteries should be full. Two AA batteries are required to operate the remote. 


  • The remote has easy to use rubber button with the backlit feature.
  • It has an anatomical design.
  • You will require 2 AA batteries only to operate the remote.
  • It works on IR technology.
  • The remote is light in weight. 


  • The remote has a small mute and recall button.

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Learning UniversalRemote Control with 6 Big Buttons


Here is a remarkable learning remote control with 6 big buttons. Yes!!! You heard it right only 6 buttons. The remote is beautifully designed with a unique elongated shape, it is light in weight and easy to handle. An elongated shape reduces the chance of slipping and falling. Most of the time remotes fall from the hands and it’s difficult to pick them up and use them. 

The remotes work perfectly well from 10 meters distance. The ABS material makes it ideal for elder individuals, the remote has three pits at the back that accommodates the fingers and increases the grip while using the remote. The remote has the ability to be customized according to your need, as I have mentioned it’s a learning remote.

You will find 6 buttons in a row, the first button is round and red in colour that makes it prominent. The red power button is useful for impaired vision individuals. You can easily use it to switch on or off your TV. 

The second in a row is a group of two buttons placed parallel, why is said group? It’s because the silver engraving is made to keep them together so one can understand. This is a channel button with half triangular engraving on them. So in case you can’t see the buttons clearly, you feel them and not make any mistake. After the channel button comes the group of volume buttons these are also inside silver engraving and are bright orange in colour. The volume button has engraved positive signs to increase the volume and engraved negative signs to reduce the volume. 

At the end you will see a small round button that has a sign of a speaker with a cut on it, this indicates a mute button. It is used to turn off the volume immediately without clicking the volume button repeatedly. Most elders listen to loud music and high sounds; this is because their hearing is impaired with time. So for them, the mute button is a life-saving button. 

You will see a small red bulb at the top that emits IR rays used to operate TV and other devices. This remote is compatible with all the major brands. 


  • The remote is light in weight and has an elongated design. 
  • It is anatomically designed, reduces the risk of fall or slip.
  • Buttons are present in a row; it helps remember the sequence quickly.
  • The power button is prominent with bright red colour. 
  • The remote is perfect for budget-conscious buyers. 


  • The remote comes with limited options. 

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What’s The Best Universal TV Remote For The Elderly and Seniors

This was all from today’s review. Hope you got all you were waiting for anxiously. Wrapping up my article I would like to recommend two of my personal favourite remote. Universal Big Button TV Remote and Tek Pal – Large Button TV Remote Control. Both of these gave the best results. 

Universal Big Button TV Remote: it is a top-notch variant in the market; you can say it’s ideal for the elderly as it provides all required features including learning ability, lightweight, and prominent big bright button. 

Tek Pal – Large Button TV Remote Control: you would not believe how my mother loved this one as it offers buttons with a variety of shapes thus helps remember the buttons. It’s also learning remote and fits in the palm easily. 

Putting in a nutshell. The article will guide you to buy the right remote for your elder loved one; you are suggested to read the article completely. Let me know how much my article helped you, as your positive comments help me work harder and better. 

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