Best Samsung Smart TV Universal Remote Controls


Is your remote is broken and now you are searching for the best Samsung Smart TV universal remote control? In that case, we have a piece of good news for you as we have checked several remotes and found some of the best and working for you. Now in this article, we are going to review each of them so you can find the best and suitable for you.

However, it is simply recommended to read the review until the end so you don’t miss anything here. Once you learnt about the features and the compatibility this will be much easier to get the suitable choice for you. All remotes provided here are best in its own way and some of them provide advanced features.

Best Samsung Smart TV Universal Remote Controls

So, when we search online for the Samsung Smart TV universal remote controls we get tons of search result. But the problem is not every remote is useful or supports each TV. This is why in this article we have checked different remote controls that works pretty fine and supports almost every TV.

To get a suitable and working remote don’t forget to read the review of each product that is listed here. Although if you don’t do this you might not be able to get a working product for you. Even though some of them may support different TVs as well so you can use it with other TVs on your Home.

So, without wasting further time just check these best Samsung Smart TV universal remote controls:

OMAIC Universal Smart TV Remote Control


This is the first remote control that we talk about as it supports almost all models of Samsung Smart TV. Using this remote is way easier and the best part is you don’t need to set up if for the first time. It comes with a unique design that is way better that we get with the TV itself.

OMAIC universal supports the models like BN59-01259E BN59-01259B BN59-01260A BN59-01241A BN59-01265A BN59-01259D BN59-01266A BN59-01242A and even more than you can check on the Amazon. This is really good and awesome to have it if you want to change the way of using the normal remote.

Despite this, it comes with a volume controller, channels buttons that are changed as now you can move it up or down to change the channel. It is better than having two buttons for channels and two for volume keys so using the single key you can up and down volume or channel whatever you want.


  • It supports both Smart and normal TVs.
  • No Setup or Sync required just insert batteries and start using it.
  • The price of this product is normal.
  • Made of the long-lasting material.
  • Can control the TV from 8 meters of distance.


  • It has fewer keys so some people may not like it.
  • Doesn’t work with other brands.
  • Sometimes keys response slower as expected.

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Gvirtue Replacement Remote Control


Gvirtue is yet another best Samsung Smart TV Universal remote for replacement. It has the same old design that we get with the stock remote comes out of the box with the TV. This is compatible with various TVs whether it is Smart TV, LCD, LED TV or another type of this TV you can use it along with.

There is no need to set up this for the first time just insert the 2 AAA batteries and you are good to go. However, when you purchase this remote you won’t get the batteries along with. In this way, you need to purchase the batteries from any local store and just insert these and you are good to go.

The thing that makes this remote different from the above or the stock one is it has some dedicated keys. These hotkeys include Smart Hub, Family Story, 3D, HDMI that only works with compatible TVs. Overall the remote is best and affordable and the material used is average and it is light in weight.


  • This remote is a quite alike official.
  • It supports HDTV, LED, LCD, Smart TV etc.
  • Comes with Hokeys like Smart Hub, Family Story, 3D, HDMI.
  • It is made of good material that lasts longer.
  • Response time is better.
  • It is easy to use just insert batteries and you are done.


  • Response time with Smart Hub is quite slow.
  • This remote is average so don’t expect best with it.
  • Number keys sometimes not work properly

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SAMSUNG TV Remote Control BN59-01199F


This is another best remote for Samsung Smart TV that works pretty fine and is quite like the stock one. It also includes a Smart Hub button that only is used on supported TVs. talking about the design than this is smaller than the original remote and also the keys are closer to each other.

Which is not a big deal for many users but if you think it is the same remote then you may get disappointed. Instead of this, you can use this remote without pairing it with the old one. However, some people have reported that it is not working for them which is quite sad as the product is really good.

This remote made of poor plastic that may get broken when it falls from a height that is really bad. But still, it is quite an affordable choice for those who want a cheap remote. Also, keep in mind before you made an order about this product make sure to check the compatibility list.


  • This is a replacement remote that looks the same as the official one.
  • It is small in size that is more comfortable to carry.
  • No pairing is required works in just a few seconds.
  • Supports Smart and a normal TV with all keys.
  • Fast response time to open or close programs quickly.


  • Made of a poor plastic that may break after falling.
  • Keys are attached together that makes is a little bit hard to use it.
  • To use this remote you need to point it directly to the RF or it won’t work.

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Philips Universal Remote Control


The next product that we are going to talk about is the Philips Universal remote control. This is one of the best remote that doesn’t only support Samsung but it can be used with other like Roku, LG, Vizio, Apple TV. It doesn’t use the Bluetooth technology but rather supports the infrared connection.

That means there is no need to pair it with other remotes as this can be used out of the box. Despite this Philips, the remote can be used with different devices like VCR, DVD, Satellite, Receiver and much more. This is considered as the universal remote for 10 different devices that’s why you can call it 10 in 1.

Furthermore, this supports around 800+ brands of different devices so no matter what you are using one remote is enough for you. It comes with the master volume control that is used to lower or up the volume of different devices.  This remote is affordable and is best if you are willing to use multiple devices.


  • It works best with all Samsung Smart TVs and normal TVs.
  • The remote has a premium look and easy to carry.
  • This remote supports around 800 brands.
  • Can be used for DVD, Streaming Players, Blu-ray and other devices.
  • The price is also good and anyone can afford it.
  • No need to type code for the device as it supports auto code detection.
  • Pairing device is fast and works instantly.


  • In some TVs Pause and Fast Forward doesn’t work properly.
  • Pairing this remote is a little bit difficult.
  • Some people have reported it is not pairing well.

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GE Backlit Universal Remote Control


GE is not a very well-known brand but this remote is really awesome that can be used for different brands. As the name suggests this remote comes with the backlit supports so you can find keys easily even in a dark place. The light is not disturbing because it has a soft blue light that visible keys in the darkroom.

GE remote supports several brands like Roku, Apple TV, Vizio, LG, Sony, and so on. This works pretty fine with all Samsung TVs whether it is smart or a normal TV. Just like most remotes that we shared above this doesn’t require set up as well you just need to insert 2 AA batteries and you can use it to operate your device.

The best thing that makes this remote unique is that it supports 4 devices at the same time. This is really awesome feature and would be best to replace several remotes Despite this if you are willing to use it on the Roku or Firestick then, unfortunately, it won’t work with them because it only supports the infrared connection.


  • It is ready to use remote for Samsung Smart TVs.
  • This can be used to operate 4 devices at the same time.
  • A dedicated button to open or close the DVD using the remote.
  • Compatible with other brands like LG, Vizio, Sony
  • Comes with Backlit to use it at night.
  • It comes with a manual to learn how to setup.
  • Works with soundbar, DVD Players and Streaming devices.


  • The back button is not working as it is used as the Exit.
  • It doesn’t support streaming Sticks.
  • If you are buying it for Apple TV than it won’t work with it.

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SofaBaton Universal Remote Control


In this reviews section, the product that we talk about the best Samsung Smart TV universal remote controls is the SofaBaton U1. This is a newly released product that is getting too much fame and is being used by thousands of people. So, this remote is the simply awesome and best choice to those having several devices at the home.

Using this remote you can control up to 15 devices at the same time so no matter if you are using Smart TV, Streaming Stick, DVD or receiver this will work with every device. Other than this it comes with the OLED display that is used to check which device you are using and if you want to switch between devices just use the wheel.

This makes our life much easier because instead of having 15 remotes a user can just have SofaBaton U1 at home. The best part of this remote is that it supports infrared as well as the Bluetooth connection. You will also get an application to pair devices fast or use them while you are not using the physical remote.


  • SofaBaton supports all Samsung Smart TVs.
  • Pairing this device is way easier with the automatic program.
  • It comes with thousands of codes in the database.
  • This remote supports Volume and Mute button as well.
  • Can be used to operate 15 devices at the same time.
  • An app that is used to control devices without a remote.
  • The slider is used to choose from one device to another.


  • Price of SofaBaton is quite high.
  • It doesn’t come with the backlit support.
  • Macros are a little bit harder to understand for beginners.

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RCA RCRTBL04BE Universal Ultra Slim


The next remote that we are going to talk about is made by the RCA that works pretty fine with different brands. RCA supports Samsung Smart TV and even works with other devices as well. It can be used with different devices including DVD, Cable, Satellite, Streaming Devices.

A user can operate 4 devices at the same time but if you don’t like it then you have an option to choose remote that supports 3 devices. It is the best thing that a user gets with the RCA as you can choose remote compatibility with 3, 4 or 8 devices at the same time so if you don’t have many devices than you can save money on buying it according to your need.

In case you want to use it with the streaming stick then, unfortunately, it won’t work as this only supports the infrared connection. At this point, the devices with infrared can be connected with this. RCA provides the long-range device support and you can use it from 14-feets without any issue.


  • Fully compatible with various Samsung Smart TVs.
  • Can be used to operate 4 devices at a time.
  • Backlit to use it in the darkroom.
  • It is slim which makes it easier to use.
  • Can be used with various devices like Roku, Apple TV etc.
  • Comes with a lifetime limited product warranty.
  • It is easy to set up with every device.


  • The back button is not working but it works as Exit.
  • Some people face issue while pairing it with norma TV
  • Input button might not work properly.

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Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control


Now comes the last and the best Samsung Smart TV universal remote controls which is Harmony Elite made by Logitech. This remote is the best in all ways and different types of devices. It can be used to control up to 15 devices at the same time whether it is TV, Streaming device, VCR, DVD etc.

Harmony elite supports the infrared connection and as well as Bluetooth and WiFi that means it can be used with streaming Sticks like Firestick or Roku Stick. It comes with a coloured touchscreen display to easily toggle from one device to another or for a one-touch activity like watching Movies, or dim/full lights.

With the harmony hub, you can even control your devices while you are outside homes like Consoles, TVs or smart bulbs. Even though it is compatible with the Alexa Smart Home as you just need to have an Amazon Echo or other device. Then using this you can watch, rewind, fast forward action using voice commands.

This remote is simply awesome when comes the compatibility as this supports almost all Samsung Smart TVs, and even it can be used with normal TV because of the infrared connection. If you are looking for an all in one remote then harmony elite is the best choice for you that replaces 15 different remotes.


  • Works with all Samsung Smart TVs including normal TVs.
  • Pairing is way easier and faster as compared to other remotes.
  • It supports 15 devices pairing to use them simultaneously.
  • Supports WiFi, Bluetooth and Infrared connectivity.
  • Coloured Touchscreen to choose devices instantly.
  • Create activity to like Watch Movies, Sleep and so on.
  • It supports streaming Sticks like Firestick or Roku.
  • Mobile app to operate devices while away from Home.


  • The price is too high for those who just want a replacement remote.
  • Sometimes the response time might be slower than expected.

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These are the few best Samsung Smart TV universal remote controls that you can use as the replacement remote. All of them are best in their own way and some of them quite alike each other. Although some of them support both Smart and normal TV while some only support Smart TVs. That’s why it is better to read the reviews about each product before you make your mind or give an order.

However, if we talk about our suggestions then it is better to go with the OMAIC Smart TV control. Because these products are made of long-lasting material and work with all TVs. The price of this remote is affordable so anyone can purchase it and the best part is using it way easier. You just need to insert the batteries and then you are ready to go there is no need of pairing it or sync it with an old remote.

But in case you have more than 1 product at Home then you should simply purchase Harmony Elite that supports 15 devices at the same time. It also supports Alexa integration and also works with many streaming devices and streaming Sticks including Firestick and Roku as well. This is the best choice to control all your Smart Home products even if you are away from home using the remote application.

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