Best Remotes For Nvidia Shield in 2021 [Top Picked]


Have you been searching on the internet about best remotes for Nvidia Shield TV? If so then we have listened to you as in this guide we have come with the best replacement remotes that you should surely buy. As after looking on the Google we found many people are facing the same issue.

Like they cannot find any replacement for their android TV as unlike Google Chromecast with Google TV, Roku or Firestick this device is not popular enough. This is why people are struggling to find it but they didn’t get any results or even some guides are available out there which doesn’t work as we expected.

That’s why one of our team members suggest writing a review on this and now after checking a few remotes we came here. Just make sure you are reading this review until the end. As if you miss anything here then you might not be able to get the suitable choice for you as you need to read about each remote in this article.

Why Choose Nvidia Shield Replacement Remote

Before we move towards the article there is a simple question that you may be thinking like why you need a replacement remote for Nvidia Shield TV? Well! Nvidia Shield TV is best in every way but the reason why you need a replacement remote is the official one is not responsive for every user.

That means if you press any key this will take a few seconds to apply that action which makes it annoying while watching your favourite shows or simply playing a video game. Although Nvidia team also tries to fix the response issue with an update unfortunately nothing happens and the remote is still the same.

Since it comes with the high price tag and also has the best specifications as compared to Chromecast, Apple TV or even Firestick. But this issue is worst that many people don’t like it because it makes our gaming or using experience very bad. This is why we came here to provide our visitors with the best remotes for Nvidia Shield TV.

Best Remotes For Nvidia Shield

Now, as we know the exact reason and if you are also having the same problem. Then don’t worry we are now going to learn about some best remotes for Nvidia Shield TV. Don’t worry about the pricing we never carry expensive remotes but all of them are affordable and anyone can buy it.

Other than this some remotes might be expensive because they have different features and some advanced options. Although it is recommended to only buy the one that suits you better. You can do this simply by reading about each remote that we are going to discuss in the below section.

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Also, keep in mind that at the end of this guide we will share our opinion as well so if you don’t want to read the whole article. Then you can simply move to the bottom and check out the conclusion that could save some time. Although it is still recommended to read the features and learn the price of each remote by yourself.

Ok, so without wasting any further time let’s move to the best remotes for Nvidia Shield TV:

Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control


The first remote that we are going to talk about in this list is the Logitech’s Harmoney Elite. This amazing remote control works great with the Nvidia Shield TV. It is because Harmony Elite supports Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity with the device and this is the same for the Nvidia that uses Bluetooth instead of IR (Infrared).

Other than this Harmony Elite offers voice command feature to open any App, Video, Music or do other tasks without using the remote buttons. Despite this, you can use this remote on other devices like Google Home, Amazon Echo Dot, Soundbars, Consoles and many more.

This is just an all-in-one remote that can be used with the 15 devices at the same time without issue. It offers an application that can be used to operate Nvidia Shield even if you are away from the Home. This is only possible because of the harmony hub that you get along with the remote control.

Instead of this talking about the quality than it is made of premium plastics that last longer and you will get rechargeable batteries that provide the best battery life. Although even the remote is in charging you don’t need to worry about it because you are getting the Harmony app to control a TV or other devices using your mobile.


  • Works best with Nvidia Shield TV and other streaming devices.
  • Supports Bluetooth & WiFi connectivity for best response.
  • No button press delay while using with the Nvidia Shield TV.
  • Provides Harmony Hub to operate devices while away from Home.
  • Works with all Smart Home devices.
  • Can be used to operate 15 devices at a time.
  • Touch Screen to toggle between devices you want to use.
  • Android & iOS app support to use it while on charging.
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery.


  • The price of this remote is quite expensive.
  • No keyboard layout to play games on Nvidia Shield.
  • Doesn’t offer shortcut keys like Netflix etc.

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WeChip W1 Remote 2.4G


The next best remote for Nvidia Shield that we are going to discuss is the WeChip W1 which is the latest model. This is simply an awesome remote that is not only used to open or close the program. But instead, WeChip W1 comes with the built-in keyboard and the mouse feature as well.

It makes it easy to use the apps that are touch-based or to play games on a bigger screen with Nvidia TV. This remote support the right and left click and also cursor can be used on 4 direction using the navigation keys. Also, it comes with only 45 keys but you can use Alt or Fn keys to use punctuation or symbols appears on the keys.

Talking about the compatibility then WeChip supports Nvidia Shield TV without any issue as you just need to use the USB receiver that you get with the box. Once it is connected there is nothing to set up as this just plugs and play device once you insert the receiver the remote will start working automatically including keyboard & mouse.

Despite this, you get the auto sleep and wake feature so if you are not using the remote this will go in sleep mode automatically. It is the best option that helps in saving huge batteries and its life as well. This requires few hours of charging and after this, it can be used for a few weeks without thanks to its auto sleep features.


  • Works great with the Nvidia Shield with a fast key response.
  • Built-in mouse to use apps or games supports touch layout.
  • It has 45 buttons keyboard for instant typing or gaming.
  • Use of Alt or Fn to punctuate or use special characters.
  • Supports wireless connection using Dongle.
  • The fast connection just plug and play no drivers or set up required.
  • Auto-Sleep while not using this remote to save battery life.
  • 4 hours of charging provides weeks or even months of usage.


  • Doesn’t support multiple devices like Harmony Elite.
  • To use it on Firestick you are required to use female OTG.
  • The power button is not useful for Nvidia TV (as it is for IR learning only).
  • Doesn’t support Voice command as it has no mic.

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T6 Mini Wireless Keyboard Air Remote


The next remote that we are going to talk about in today’s best remotes for Nvidia Shield is the T6 Mini wireless Air remote. As the name suggests this is another remote just like the WeChip W1. It offers 4 in 1 functions like Touchpad, QWERTY keyboard, 6-axis Somatosensory Mouse, and infrared remote as well.

T6 mini is the best replacement remote for Nvidia Shield TV because the response is way better than the original one. Except this, the QWERTY keyboard helps in typing anything much faster as compared to the on-screen keyboard. The touchpad in this remote offers multi-touch functionality in which you can right and left click and do other gestures as well.

In case if the touchpad is not useful then you can simply change it with the Air mouse that supports 6-axis movement for better user experience. Even though the thing that I like the most about T6 mini is that you get the compatibility of backlit support as if you are using it in dark places you don’t face any sort of problem finding keys.

Another best thing is that it can be used to change backlit colour and you can choose from 7 different colours. It comes with the rechargeable batteries that last longer. You just need to charge it for 4 hours and then use the remote continuously for a few weeks without any issue.


  • Works great with the Nvidia Shield TV.
  • Fast navigation or other keys response.
  • Open apps and channels much faster.
  • It is a plug and play device no Set up is required.
  • Supports backlit keyboard to use in dark rooms.
  • Change the backlit colour from 7 different colours.
  • Multi-functional Touchpad and 6-Axis mouse to use touch-based apps.
  • QWERTY keyboard for fast typing or searching a show.
  • 4 hours charging lasts a few months.
  • Supports IR (infrared) devices as well.
  • Works with PC, Laptop, Roku and other devices.


  • Alt keys won’t appear when backlit is on (in dark).
  • No voice command feature is available.
  • It uses Dongle connection instead of Bluetooth.
  • No Auto-Sleep to save battery life.
  • Backlit consumes more battery than usual.

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Caavo Control Center Smart Remote


The last product that we are going to talk about is completely different from the ones we talked in the above section. Caavo control centre is the latest and the unique universal remote control. It has the box type designed box that is used to connect all the devices that you want to use with it.

The best part is Caavo supports almost 4 devices at the same time whether it is Nvidia Shield, Soundbars, Satellite, DVR, or even the Google Home or Alexa Echo dot. This is simply an awesome universal remote to use different devices at the same time without using 4 different remotes.

The response time in Caavo Control Center is much better than the official remote and even it offers the quick open feature. You can also use the voice command feature to open an app or play a movie. Just press and hold the mic button and it will open the search results from different subscribed services including YouTube.

The setup process is also very easy as you need to plug all devices in the port of Caavo control. Then it will start searching for which device you are using and it shows in the list. By doing this you can connect all 4 devices with Caavo and then you can use all of them using a single remote.


  • Best choice for the Nvidia Shield.
  • Fast keys response to open apps much faster.
  • It supports 4 devices at the same time.
  • Works with Google Home & Alexa Enabled devices.
  • Voice search features to find Movies or Shows from all subscribed apps.
  • The voice command can be used to find songs or other stuff on YouTube.
  • Use Soundbars, Satelite or other devices with Caavo.
  • It supports 4K Ultra HD and Dolby Atmos audio.
  • Set up process is easy and takes 10 minutes to set up all devices.
  • An app is used to control devices while away from the Home.


  • Price is a little bit high.
  • The app is only available for iOS devices.
  • Some people might not like the Wired connection.
  • Key response is slow on Apple TVs.
  • No Rechargeable batteries as it uses 2 AA batteries.

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This is the list of our today’s best remotes for Nvidia Shield TV that we have discussed in this article. All of them are best in their own way so make sure you have read the review of each remote from the above. Although in my opinion, I would simply suggest going with the Logitech Harmony Elite Universal Remote.

Because it not only supports the Nvidia Shield but it works with 5000+ brands and can be used with 15 devices at the same time. This is really great and the remote offers touchscreen LCD to toggle between devices or to create an activity whether to watch Movie or sleep.

However, most of you may find it expensive that’s why another suggestion I will give you to use the Caavo Control Center. Because this remote is completely different and offers the best feature that you can expect. It can be used with 4 devices at the same time and supports 4K Ultra HD, Google Home, Alexa voice assistant.

This is itself an awesome device that is quite easier to Set up and is best for those who are using smart home devices. It also offers a free application to manage devices while you are not using remote. Caavo is simply an awesome device that everyone should have because the price is not as high as compared to the Elite.

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