Best Universal Remote For Youtube TV 2021 | Honest Review

Are you too looking for remote control for your YouTube TV? Well, you would be glad to know that your search is finally over! This article provides a complete guide on the 5 best remote controls for YouTube TV!     

Best Universal Remote For Youtube TV 2021

We all have undergone the experience of searching for a remote for YouTube TVs and looks like not all remotes are fit for the job. During our search, we came across merely a few that actually do the job. Therefore, we have compiled, in this article, a list of the 5 best tried and tested YouTube TV remotes for you in order to save you the trouble.

in this article, we have provided different remote controls for YouTube TVs with diverse features and dissimilar price ranges so that you may find the best remote for your YouTube TV.

Moreover, we have compiled our experience at the end of this article and provided a guide. If, in case you are unable to make up your mind about the ideal remote for your YouTube TV, give that a quick read as well. For your ease, we have provided you with two different options; one of them being a budget-friendly one with limited features and the other, being a high end not-so economical one.


Attached below is a summary of the products mentioned in the upcoming article. This summary provides a brief account of the 5 remote controls that we found best during our search for a good remote control for YouTube TV


For a further description of the above-mentioned products, check out the features as well their pros and cons under each of the products and get a clear cut image of the performance of each of them.

Universal Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control


The Logitech Harmony is the best YouTube TV remote control, especially for Roku. The one that we found best amongst the range of Logitech Harmony hub-based remote controls is the LOGITECH HARMONY ELITE. 

The distinguishing feature of the Logitech Harmony Elite is that it allows you to control, in addition to Roku, various other devices including smart home devices as well.

Another speciality of the Logitech Harmony Elite is that it allows the user to pair up multiple devices together into specific activities. It is the most advanced universal TV remote, which you can benefit from, without any custom installations.

The LOGITECH HARMONY ELITE has the capability to support up to 15 of your smart home devices. Plus, you can also connect it with smart home assistants and enable its voice control feature.

The LOGITECH HARMONY ELITE comes with a hub and a remote and can also run by means of a mobile app. The hub component of the LOGITECH HARMONY ELITE is similar to the HARMONY HOME HUB, launched back in 2014.

Its wide-angle IR Transmitter allows you to simply place it in front of your TV set. It is charged by means of a USB port, present at the back of it, with a cable and a wall adapter (included in the set).

The remote is the real game of this product. It has a sleek black design with a 2.5-inch touch screen display at the top half. This touch screen allows access to a number of system settings.

Moreover, the typing pad of the remote doesn’t come any less handy. It has a user-friendly interface with all the basic keys for the smooth functioning of your YouTube TV. The remote is charged, not by batteries, but by means of two charging contacts when it sits on its cradle.

We exclusively had fun with this one on ‘Movie Night.’ On pressing the button with that specific label, this remote control automatically dimmed the lights, dropped the smart blinds and tuned to YouTube TV. Pretty exotic right! 


  • Dramatic effect
  • Easy setup
  • Manage all entertainment and other smart home devices
  • Stylish and user-friendly touch screen display.


  • Costly.

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Universal Logitech Harmony Companion Remote For YouTube TV


Next in line is the LOGITECH HARMONY COMPANION. Although we liked the LOGITECH HARMONY ELITE, it was quite expensive (quite too much in this case) so we decided to try out a cheaper alternative with similar attributes. In this regard,

the LOGITECH HARMONY COMPANION turned out to be a good pick. It possesses many functions resembling those of the LOGITECH HARMONY ELITE, and is comparatively, friendly on the pocket. 

Resembling the LOGITECH HARMONY ELITE, it also comes with a hub, a handheld remote and can also be operated via a mobile phone app. The hub component of the LOGITECH HARMONY COMPANION runs in a similar fashion as a stand-alone hub.

It has various ports to connect multiple devices via IR, Bluetooth or WI-FI. The hub allows the user to connect devices on the other side of the wall like a PS5 or XBOX 360 and can control a maximum of 8 devices.

Its remote is also quite similar to the LOGITECH HARMONY ELITE, apart from the built-in touch screen. It includes a complete feature of home entertainment controls and can also support smart home devices and is charged by batteries.

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  • Easy setup
  • Budget-friendly
  • Works with over 270,000 devices
  • Customized multi-device activities.


  • Can control a limited number of devices 

Caavo Control Centre Universal Remote For YouTube TVs


Are you a big fan of Apple products? If you hold amongst your possessions an iPhone or a mac book, chances are that you might as well be the proprietor of an Apple TV.

Although people seem to be crazy about ATV, our personal idea is that you can get much more benefits with other services, like Roku or Amazon.

But what’s done is done! You have successfully bought an ATV and efficaciously lost its remote as well. Although people prefer the original Apple TV remote quite a bit, no one wants to spend a fairly good amount on buying a new one.

At least we don’t! So here is a cheaper alternative. Caavo Control Centre remotes worked the best for us in this regard. 

        These remotes allow you to connect up to four devices and works extremely well with YouTube TVs. 


  • Simple setup
  • Voice control
  • Family-friendly
  • Works with smart home assistants
  • Free 45-day trial.


  • Cannot work without a command Centre.

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Logitech Harmony 665 Advanced Remote Control


Not a big fan of remote control packages? No problem! Logitech brings a stand-alone remote control as well for easy operation of your YouTube TVs.

It is a classic unchaperoned, budget-friendly remote control that serves as a great alternative for many of the high-end HARMONY remotes.

Charged by 2 AA batteries, it contains a screen (not a touch-screen), which comes in quite handy, especially if you are keen on programming shortcuts. 

This cheap product contains in its plastic case, an utterly diverse world of functions, keeping in mind its retail price. That’s not all! The thing which we found the most amazing is that it can connect up to 10 devices…

THAT’S 2 MORE AS COMPARED TO THE LOGITECH HARMONY COMPANION! Peculiar isn’t it! However, one thing which was clearly a drawback is that it does not facilitate mobile apps.


  • Can connect up to 10 devices
  • Easy setup
  • Customizable LED screen


  • Bulky figure
  • Tiny screen size

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Universal Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard Control


One can get bored trying and testing the same old remote controls, and that too for streaming purposes. Well so did we. It was becoming downright frustrating operating a YouTube TV with the plain old boring remote controls, especially when you are fond of doing tons of searching while watching YouTube. 

This infuriation led us to try out the Harmony Smart Keyboard. As the name suggests, it looks and works similar to the keyboard of a laptop. With a built-in touchpad mouse, you can scroll lines and columns without having to press the up/down control keys on the remote a trillion times. 

This one worked best for us as a couch keyboard, especially the left mouse button key; which proved to be quite convenient. It enables you to operate at a distance of 10m.

The most amazing attribute is that it is wireless. Forget about the tangled wires! This smart keyboard connects to your YouTube TV using merely a wireless connection. Moreover, If you are a not great fan of the keyboard typing noise, this one should be just the pick for you. It works by means of AA batteries.


  • Wireless keyboard
  • Slim and compact design
  • 18 months’ battery life
  • Media friendly key layout
  • Large wireless range of over 10 meters.
  • Changeable batteries
  • Easy access volume control keys
  • User friendly
  • Noise-free operation
  • Hassle-free navigation
  • Budget-friendly
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to connect.


  • Not suitable for gaming.

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We promised you at the beginning of the respective article that we would provide you with our top choices from this list of best TV remotes for youtube TVs. This sheet was drafted in order to help you find the best remote control for your TV, in case you couldn’t make up your mind.

As promised, here is or quick cheat guide on which TV remote controls we found best for operating YouTube TVs:-


First comes the remote control with advanced features and high cost. The remote control that we found best for operating YouTube TVs was the LOGITECH HARMONY ELITE (number 1 on the list).

Not only was it easy to use, but it also provided us with a number of other brilliant features. The dramatic effect was spot on. It definitely was a hit for us.

If you want a high-end remote control for your YouTube TV and don’t mind spending more on it, this one should be the top pick for you.


Looks like a change in plan. We promised you to suggest you a budget-friendly option with ‘limited features;’ but the one that we personally liked best amongst all the above-mentioned products was, in addition to being budget-friendly, a HIGH-END YouTube TV remote control. You must have guessed it till now. Yes, we are talking about the HARMONY SMART KEYBOARD (number 5 on our list).

You can tell just by looking at its pros how much we liked it. There were absolutely no glitches in the actual product and since we are not such huge fans of gaming, we absolutely loved it.

Its media friendly interface, sleek design and oh-so-comfortable operations. Amongst all the other remote controls for YouTube TVs in the list, this one has to be our absolute favourite.


 So, this was a cheat sheet on which remote control should you purchase for your YouTube TVs. Tell us what you think of our choice and which one would you prefer and why!

Also, let us know if you have tried any of the above products and if you find any other product which we have left out in the above list of the 5 best universal remote controls for YouTube TV.

We would love to moderate your opinions in the comments section below.

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