About Us

Welcome to our website UniversalRemoteGuide.com

We are a small group of people who are working on different sorts of blogs like How-To, Product Reviews, Tech etc. This is our new blog where we help consumers to get the best and suitable replacement remote control for their devices. Our team saw many people are having issues finding a remote but unfortunately, there is no such website out there.

One day one of our team members find that the Remote for Firestick (a streaming stick) is not working. So, he tries to check online about which is the best replacement remote for FireTV device. Unfortunately, it takes few hours in searching but nothing came out and there was no such informational guide out there.

That’s why he gave an idea to us about reviewing some of the best universal remote to help others who are searching for the same. This is how we develop this website and are managing it and bringing new and cool reviews to those who are struggling to find a suitable and working replacement remote.

Our Goal

UniversalRemoteGuide.com has only one goal which is to help our visitors in finding the best and working remotely. Since we already work on many reviews website we have a lot of information regarding this.

The information provided here is completely free and we never ask our visitors to sign up or pay money to access any content. In this website, we are going to review some famous remote brands like Logitech, GE, Inteset, Caavo and many more.

To write a review our team go through different phases like. We have purchased some of these remotes to learn more about them like durability, compatibility and set up process. One of our team members check everything about that specific remote and after using it for a few days he provides information to another member.

Then another member whose work is to write content simply put that information in a nice way that a visitor doesn’t get confused. Also, he provides with the advantages and disadvantages of the product that makes it even easier to get a suitable replacement remote without making mistake.